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    Agel Holds Official Grand Opening For Portugal

    The Portugal Grand Opening occurred at the EU Conference, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal at the Camp Pequeno bull fighting bowl on May 2 and 3. Over 1,000 team members and prospects from Portugal, Israel, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, France, the US and other surrounding markets attended the event.

    The Agel product HRT was launched in the European Union market during the first day of the event. In a surprise announcement, those in attendance were notified that Agel can now operate legally in France. General Manager of the EU William Amzallag made the announcement.

    Both days were filled with training by the Diamond Directors in attendance, including Triple Diamond Director Randy Schroeder, Double Diamond Directors Ann Feinstein and Bruno Grilo, and Diamond Directors Francisco (Chico) Nunes, Maria Tavares, Pepe Moura and Shai Samuel.

    In a rare appearance together, Agel's CEO Glen Jensen and President Craig Bradley attended the event. They both shared inspiring messages with the EU team members and concluded with an evening of recognition.

    "Having just returned from the Portugal Grand Opening, I am greatly impressed by the depth of leadership and the amazing progress which has happened there" said Glen Jensen, CEO and founder of Agel. "I believe this official opening will set Portugal on its way to continued growth and development of the entire region."

    For a video recap of this event stay tuned for the next Agelive Episode, coming soon to the Agelive Newsroom.

    For this story and more, visit the Agelive Newsroom. Or visit the Agel website at
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    Wow, I lived in Portugal for 2 1/2 years. That's my home!

    Somos Campeoes! A Victoria eh Nossa!

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