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    There Has Never Been a Better Time To Be Agel!

    I have said that phrase over and over but the fact is that it has never been more true than after this past weekend. GO DIAMOND in Austin was the single most important event in Agel history for a number of very good reasons. All of which are designed to take Agelites from where they are presently... to Diamond.

    For those who were not there this will be a short recap of highlights. Actually, if I were to list all of the great things that happened I could write a short novel so I will give you some of the ones that stand out in my mind.

    Randy Schroeder's team is now working with Randy Gage and Eric Worre on major events and training materials. This is great news for us since this now gives us access to the incredible wealth of knowledge that his team has to offer and makes us as a field that much stronger.

    We are now entering Wave II of Agel's growth. Those in Agel at this phase of our existence may be the single most important factor in our long term success. Factors and figures were all discussed. Some were mind-blowing. We have momentum that is downright scary at this moment in time. It's time to get busy!

    We are opening a brand-new market.... The United States of America! Our international growth is out-pacing the market right here in our midst. It's time to go after the "low-hanging fruit" (thanks Art Jonak). We have a code-name for this but I can't mention here.

    Our new training materials are the best I have ever seen!

    We have launched an Agel primer entitled... "Your Agel Business Plan". This booklet CD combo is the first thing a new Agel team member will get and is a COMPLETE step-step system on how to get started right written by Randy Gage. I have never seen anything in any other company so comprehensive as this.... it's AWESOME and will foster duplication better than anything we have had thus far.

    Randy has also put together an in-depth training album entitled "Duplication U". This is an Agel specific version of his acclaimed "Duplication Nation" which retails for over $350.00. But get this... it will be available to all Agel team members for only $18.00!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!

    The mag-paks are now going to have a dual disk included. So they will have both the Secrets of the multi-million dollar producers as well as the Agel Phenomenon DVD!. An all in one prospecting tool unlike anything else in the industry...PURE POWER!

    Also, there is now a compensation plan incentive for team members to reach Director. This new provision is going to multiply our efforts to get to Senior, Corporate and Diamond Director Status quickly since to get to those levels you need qualified Directors in your line. It's GREAT news all the way around!

    Thank you to Art Jonak for making a guest appearance at Agel GO DIAMOND and spending time with me and my team. He did an impromptu Q & A and it was All platinum advice... I now consider him my second mentor.

    And a HUGE congratulations to all my team members who attended. So powerful was this event that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM signed up for Mastermind on the spot taking place in June in Miami Florida.

    There was way more than is mentioned here and as time goes on I will post more. But these are some of the things that stick out on my mind. It really was information overload.

    One quick funny story. After all 2000 people filed out of the main auditorium on the final day of the event I had my team circle up for a final action plan once we all got back home. I let one of my leaders officiate the circle up. Well all of a sudden one more person pulls up a chair to listen to my new Senior Manager.... Randy Gage! He just sat there just like any other team member to listen to Jon... what a priceless moment! Jon could hardly speak!

    The 80's costume party was a GAS! I have pics.... will get some of those up soon! Randy Gage dressed up as SLASH!

    There has never, ever, been a better time to be Agel.

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    wanted to share this exciting message with everyone from an attendee of GO DIAMOND that I just got this morning.

    To The Team,

    All this talk of going diamond reminds me of a story I heard called Acres of Diamonds. I'm sure most of you are familiar. For those of you who are not, here's a brief recap:

    Africa was in the middle of a diamond rush similar to the gold rush in Alaska. Hearing about all the riches diamonds would be able to afford him, an African landowner sold his entire farm and set out in search of diamonds. He searched for years and never found anything. He died penniless and broken. Later, the man to whom he'd sold his farm found a shiny rock in the creek bottom he'd now owned. As it turned out, that rock was the biggest diamond ever found. The creek was full of similar stones. That farm ended up being the largest diamond mine in Africa. The first man had owned the land and gave it away for next to nothing because he was too foolish to see what he'd had. He didn't take the time to learn anything about what he wanted so badly and, as a result, he never realized he'd had acres of diamonds all along.

    Listen, guys. Don't repeat this man's mistake. We need to realize what we've got here. It's a simple as this: AGEL PRODUCES DIAMONDS!!! We've got everything we need to harvest the rewards this company has to offer, but TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. We have NO TIME TO WASTE. We have the tools, the training, and the team we need to bring all our goals to fruition. Learn them and THEN IMPLEMENT THEM! If you're gifted in procrastinating, then use those skills and put off procrastination for another day. It can wait! Now is the time for rapid movement and growth. This train is leaving with or without you and you've already bought your tickets. ALL ABOOOOOOOOOOOARD!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am Wil, and I AM AGEL!!!!!!!!!

    Wil Sanchez was an attendee at "GO DIAMOND" who upgraded to Executive on the spot after seeing the power of Agel. Wil is an MLM Rockstar in training.

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