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    Does anyone remember Alpine which was a huge success with air purification system which is now called Ecoquest selling essentially the same systems. Well, Bill Converse who had originally developed and patented this clean air system has just launched new company called AirRESTORE. I have one of original air systems, but gave it to my daughter for she had severe mold problem.

    Long story short, air quality is consistently getting worse as allergies and asthma continue to worse at the same time. As one who had suffered severe allergies for years, I know this technology works, but there were some down sides to original unit, costly, noise was not acceptable, size was too large and it consumed a high rate of electricity. Of course, if you had allergies or asthma it was a small price to pay, never mind if you had mold or odor issues in your home from cats, dogs, birds or other pets.

    This new technology is light years more advanced than the original, and having been able to evaluate it for the past few weeks, it is far superior to old unit and at a fraction of price, size and energy consumption. With the new units being smaller, more efficient and more effective at eliminating odors, pollen, dust, chemicals in air from carpets, smoke fumes, kitchen food odors and mold, this is something everyone whose immune system is compromised should know about. Living in an environmentally friendly green home is essential to ones good health.

    Wealth Without Health Is Worthless,
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    With so many products which claim to clean the air, finally, a system that works as promoted. No more allergies and a good nights sleep with no stuffed nose and dry throat. No more pet odors, no mosre kitchen cooking odors, just a clean outdoor like fresh air, so easy to tell the difference that no one has said they couldn't feel the benefits or purified air.

    Wealth Without Health Is Worthless,

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