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    I have an Aunt who has been in Your Travel Biz (YTB) for years and now the company has gone into another area called Aisle 19. From what I gather, this is a business that anyone can join just to use personaly and earn like 2% cash back on everything purchased in any of the websites found through their link, such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc, etc, etc up to around 600 stores. You can also join to use it as a business for yourself and earn the same percent the people under you spent. I know it is free to join, but I am wondering if there is a fee to join and or a monthly fee if you want to use it as a business to get others to join? Does anyone know how this works and has anyone had any success and can verify that there are no major issues with Aisle 19? I do order online A LOT and I think I would benefit from joining, I just want to know more before I do.

    The site is...
    But what is bothering me is that when you get to this site, it tells you NOTHING, you just click to join! No details at all! The site my Aunt gave me at least had a video, but STILL no details, the video only talked about getting cash back if you purchase through ailse19. Anyone have any experience with this company?


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    Hi Julsy,

    If you trust YTB you might either email them or aisle 19 with specific questions.

    Make sense?

    ~Newbie Shield~
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    Yeah- I watched several of their videos today- sounds pretty good-davg
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    Sounds very similar to my power mall. Many buy online so I suppose it could be a good thing, the name is odd.
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    YTB did add Aisle 19 into their fold on Jan. 10, 2009. They have since converted their usage of it to the new Shop YTB. Go to your Aunt's travel website and in the top right you will see a blue box with the new logo for Shop YTB to click on, watch a video about it, and then create a free account for yourself. It provides you with your own "shopping mall" of over 400 (and growing) stores. Each store displays what they offer for cash back on every item you purchase - and it varies. Once logged into your mall, at the top you can click All Stores to be presented with an alphabetical list to select one and open a list of stores that begin with that letter. Or you may click on the type of store on the left to be presented with a list of store names for that type. At the top is a menu item called Tell-a-friend. That function will send an email to your friends providing them with a link to the Shop YTB front end to also watch the video and create their free account. Your Aunt will now earn commission on everything that is purchased from your Shop YTB account, as well as your friends accounts. In order for YOU to earn commissions like your Aunt does, you need to purchase a travel website!

    I cannot tell you enough how fantastic this opportunity with YTB is. I have had my travel website for 15 months now. By taking their online training I have been able to give myself a 15% pay-raise on the commissions that I earn from my travel website. If you want to know more about this opportunity, please go speak with your Aunt and listen with an open mind. YTB is a publicly traded/approved company through the SEC. They are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) which takes 2 years of scrutiny by them to be included. They are for real! I retired in June 2008 after 37 years in the utility business. I cannot tell you what a difference owning my own home-based business with all its tax benefits is providing to my household.

    YTB is always looking out for the best interest of its agents. We have a "bill of rights" that they will never decrease our benefits in any way as the company moves forward. This is not like all other corporate businesses. The founders are real, down-to-earth, honest people. Run - do not walk - to your nearest phone and call your Aunt to ask her to see the new YTB "Welcome to Your New Office" DVD that will provide you more information about owning your own travel store. Or contact me and I will be glad to provide you the same information. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!
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    To be a part of the business costs, $19.95 a month. It's a part of escapeinternational. They do have webinars and sales meetings. I sat in on one once, it was like Madden meets internet sales marketing, with diagrams that confused the heck out of me. I'm sure it's profitable for someone.
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    thanks for the post

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