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    They are trying to fool us by renaming HFCS. [​IMG] They need to get rid of it all together not rename it!! Wanted to let everyone know about the change so we wouldn't buy this one either wanted to get this out to everyone before it gets buried on msn.
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    I saw their commercial on TV!

    They made it sound healthy and good.


    Thanks for sharing! =].

  3. Typical FDA boondoggle where they will kiss the asses of big business, and HFCS is BIG business for sure. It makes me sick to see the corruption in the FDA which are nothing but puppets for big business. Now FDA is attacking MMS because it works where drugs do not, well documented, so safe not one complaint of illness, yet it is being banned just like so many other natural health alternatives have over the years.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
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    I just thought I would let everyone know that I bought a loaf of French Bread yesterday and guess what it is showing the new name for HFCS.......corn sugar. [​IMG] Instead of taking it out of the food like we want they thing they will be sifty and change the name and think we won't figure it out. Well guess what I am one who is warning people [​IMG]
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    Some interesting points.

    They're correct and incorrect. It's no less healthy than any other fructose sweetener. But not all sugars are created the same, unlike they'd like you to believe.

    - Glucose
    - Fructose

    Calling High Fructose Corn Syrup "Corn Sugar" is nothing more than a bold lie.

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