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Discussion in 'Agel' started by promagi, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. promagi

    promagi New Member

    My name is Bob Gallo and I am an International Team Leader with Agel Enterprises. I was personally sponsored by Randy Gage and have created a team that now spans 5 countries on four continents.

    My goal here in this forum is to educate people on the Agel opportunity. Also to answer any questions pertaining to Agel Enterprises, it's products and how they relate to you and to network marketing as a whole.

    I hope to hear from you and look forward to some great discussions.

    To our continued success!

    Bob Gallo
    I AM AGEL!

  2. agelforlife

    agelforlife New Member

    Hi Bob,

    Just finished the previous thread...took a few minutes! Am also going to Orlando and excited for Mastermind. After reading through everything, would enjoy a chance to meet, chat, 'pick your brain', enjoy the conference! Continued success with Agel.

  3. pepper

    pepper New Member


    I tried to reach you at your email which you posted in the earlier thread with a couple questions I had about Agel. It did not work. See my post in the other Agel thread. Thanks!
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    What are the products used for?
  5. proamo

    proamo New Member

    Hi pcwork.

    Agel's products are nutrition in gelform.

    MIN : Vitamins & Minerals
    FLX: Joint mobility and maximum flexibility
    OHM: Energy
    FIT: Weight control
    UMI: Immune system
    PRO: Proteins

    And they taste GOOD [​IMG]
  6. ProMarketer

    ProMarketer New Member

    Hi folks,

    Last night Agel had it's most current Virtual ABB (Agel Business Briefing) and by all accounts it was a huge success!

    Randy Gage moderated an "all star line-up" of the best and brightest leaders in Agel. Each contributed how they have attained unprecidented levels of success in Agel over the past year and a half. Each story and explanation of the Agel opportunity was more compelling than the last.

    One of the highlights of the evening was a visit from Agel President Craig Bradley . Craig brought an integrity and enthusiasm to the call that lifted the spirits of both active team members and guests alike. We are so very proud to have people like him at the helm of this juggernaut.

    Randy then spoke about our upcoming mastermind event which will feature both Robert Kiyosaki as well as Paul Zane Pilzer LIVE IN PERSON! He also spoke about the importance of Agel team members to attend for "insider" training that is guaranteed to "blow the lid" off of their business.

    As a result, I spent nearly two hours "after" the call doing three-way calls with excited prospects eager to lock-in a legacy position.

    It's such an exciting time to be involved in network marketing and an even more exciting time to be involved with Agel.

    More than ever....I AM AGEL!

    Bob Gallo

    Diamond is a Decision
    "Randy Gage"
  7. agelbuzz

    agelbuzz New Member

    Hi promarketer,

    So delighted to hear from you!

    Agelbuzz here and I'm an Agel A-Team member in Asia.

    Can't wait to be part of this exciting mastermind event, it would be a great experience to get in touch with all these Masterminds of Agel!

    I Am Agel
  8. Jena J

    Jena J New Member

    Bob Gallo,

    hI, ARE you the Bobby i used to hang out with in Brooklyn? long time no see. glad Agel is working for you, is there a reason randy schroeder isnt on the board anymore?
    he talks a good talk, but the stint in re-hab must have affected his sic normal speech powers. regards Jena
  9. rubsync

    rubsync New Member

    Is it safe?
    Does it have side effects?
    Tell me more about it.
    I'm pretty much interested about the products!

    [Link removed - Admin]
  10. rymer

    rymer New Member

    Hi Bob, love your posts.

    How does the Agel opportunity compare to Xango? I have a lady in my area talking to me about the Xango product and business and am curious what your thoughts are.

    thanks so much, ry
  11. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member


    I am not in Agel but I know a lot about Randy Gage. He is one of my favorite people in the MLM industry.

    He is such a great coach.

  12. Curious,

    Does anyone in Agel know the story as to why Dr. Ann De Wees Allen left company, just doing a little research background on her.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,

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