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    Hello everyone

    I have read a lot of programs about how to make money on the internet that involves you paying into a program. I would like to ask this question.....why not have a different system?

    Why not have a program that is taught free of charge and in which the 'tutor' guides you. After all, if a program is a good as the tutor says it is, then this shouldn't be a problem. Once you are earning then you would pay an ongoing 'royalty' fee. Residual income for the tutor.

    I am desperately in need of some extra cash but I honestly cannot afford some of the programs that I have seen. If I am able to earn some extra income through a free program then I would be able to use that income to pay for the 'royalty'. Everyone is a , for the extra cash, and the 'tutor', for showing me how to earn it.

    I understand the logic that if you use your own money then you will work to get it back, where as if its not your money there is no incentive to do anything, but for people like me who do not have the start up costs required then it becomes impossible in any case.

    I don't have the answers of how this scheme could work in practice, but I am sure the obstacles could be ironed out and profit all concerned.

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    Most MLM schemes work this way, but if you offer information for free, many people do not value it

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