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  1. sasie0ne777

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    Hello all, I just wanted to give everyone my opinion on points to shop. These guys really seem to have their stuff well together, I get credit on this site more then any other site i have messed around with. customer service is great, i know , had to deal with them alot. and it really works, i just got enough points to place my first order. Cant wait.
    Points2shop is # in my book!!
  2. GirlTalk

    GirlTalk New Member

    Same here, I like Points2Shop and I also like Swagbucks! Swagbucks doesn't have the assortment of prizes that Points2Shop has, but it's a really good site especially of you don't do a lot of surveys. I got several egiftcards from there too!
  3. payment proof

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    Points2Shop has been around for quite some time, as evidenced by this very old thread. ;)
  4. talfighel

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    This is an old thread.

    Almost 6 years old.

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