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  1. Anyone using or know about this new to the NA market health and nutritional company with cutting edge pain technology. A friend sent me the Health-Wand to try on my bum knee from an old motorcycle accident knowing I could not play a full 18 holes or tennis, even running for any distance, so I was his test case.

    Long story short, I can tell whenever it is going to rain from the pain in my knee, so the timing was perfect, I said it was going to rain, and it did, and he overnighted this new Health-Wand to try out which I immediately did. I understand the technology as I have worked in the alternative energy industry for years dealing with scalar energy and electronic oscillator frequency modulation and emf effect, so I was open to testing this for health reasons, and in my case, pain management.

    Well, this got my attention, I have been paid free for three days, two of which was rainy ones. I walked a mile which usually brought on two days of pain, so I was amazed, so tomorrow I go for a long walk to really test it as I am always a bit skeptic with health claims. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this technology yet and what their benefits have been. Anyone, I know it is only a couple weeks in NA, but hopefully I will hear from others.

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  2. bzimm

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    I was wondering when someone was going to post about it in one of these forums. I've got a wand, pendant and bracelet, and just like you I was completely skeptical to say the least. My uncle and father, who are both pure country boys will call B.S. on something in a heart beat, both used it and were shocked. My uncle has really bad sinus problems that he takes sinus steriods for and after using the wand, he hasn't taken the steriods for about 3 weeks. My dad had a bad knee and pain in his back, same thing. Used the wand, his knee is still a little sore, but nothing compared to what it was and his back doesn't hurt at all.

    So, after hearing their experience, I bought my own as I also had knee problems from a car wreck and football battle wounds and my wife had migranes. I used the wand on my knee for about 4 minutes or so and it doesn't really hurt at all anymore. My wife's migranes were pretty regular, but she hasn't had one in about 2 weeks now. So, I don't know the exact science behind it other than it reminds your bodys cells of source and there is no pain at source. At least thats what the company says. I personally don't care exactly how it works since it's not something that I have to ingest or drink.

    I joined the business side as well since once word gets out I think it is going to explode. Imagine getting in on the ground level of something like Monavie when it first started. I think this could be bigger. I don't do MLM's, I do very well online with out them, but the ground floor level this thing is at in the U.S., it was just to good to pass up. You can listen to a recorded conference call at the link below. There are also live calls too 8 times a week. If anyone wants any info on it, there's the link below or just send me a pm.
  3. Great,

    Thanks for your input as well, it seems to be so positive that I have seen even worse skeptics than me see the same results, and because it happens so fast, it is hard to ignore. With all the other products being hyped, this one is just try it you will like it, and they do, I am still batting 1000% with every single person trying it on pain getting relief. Very powerful if results are like ours have been so far, good luck.

    Success to all,
  4. Jasper

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    Please keep us informed on your results. When did you get your distributor kit? I have ordered a wand but as yet not received.
  5. Interesting,

    I pushed the envelop and walked two miles today to test my knee, just got back an hour ago and no pain, but tomorrow is the real test for I always felt the worse of overdoing it the next day, plus another snow storm is coming in. lol

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    Hey James, is there a website with just the products for folks that are looking at buying the wands etc, without doing the business?
  7. mountainmom5

    Hi MountainMom,

    You can visit any site, they all have purchase only option, so you will not have to pay the $49.00 distributor price, but you can upgrade at any time. Sure are getting a lot a rave results so far, my own bum knee is 80% better, just slight pain after walking for two miles yesterday, and this would be my maximum and I pay for it for two days, so this is first, and I only used Health-Wand once to evaluate effectiveness against a long term pattern I have had with knee, so after tomorrow, I will use it again on knee and keep everyone posted.

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  8. bzimm

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    Any of the websites you can see the products on. Just go to the "products" section. If you have questions, just send me a pm.
  9. Update:

    Well, it has been three weeks, three snow storms, shoveling, and a couple 2 mile walks, and no pain in my knee, and having only used Health-Wand for one fifteen minute session, then I lent it out and have yet to get it back, I am convinced judging from my own experience, and everyone elses, this is a product anyone in pain has to try, so find someone who will lend you Health-Wand to try like it was passed onto me. Pay It Forward, it works.

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  10. Update:

    Four weeks, and another snow storm, in fact, we expect snow all week on and off, and my knee would be screaming given this weather pattern we were hit with in th NE this year. I just got back in from shoveling again, so I have been stressing my knee to the max, and still no pain has returned. I passed on my Health-Wand to others and never got it back, so show and tell is working for me, as it is for most to date, and I still cannot believe it. lol

    Success to all,
  11. Amazing,

    I just discovered another market, pets, and people love their pets and will do anything to help a pet with health problems. A friend has a 13 year old dog which has canine degenerative myelopathy which technically is partial paralysis of hind legs. When you watch the before and after video, it will convince even the most skeptical that this technology works. Pets don't lie, fake it or are impacted by the placebo effect, and when this little dog who could not stand up was wanded, and just a few minutes on each hind quarter, the dog got up immediately and didn't even look like it was limping. Didn't run, but walking was enough to be convinced. This is going to be huge for pet market.

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  12. tvance

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    I'm new to this forum and interested in this thread...

    I have just signed up for the Zero Point energy tools. I have not received my wand yet, but I know how it works! Since I've been an energy healer for 25 years I see how this works. I can compare the wand to the Reiki energy at a very high level (zero point) that flows out of a few of the Reiki Masters' hands. Just because a person is an energy healer very few can do "instant pain release" without years of clearing themselves and training. I do this zero point flow of energy! It is great!

    I like the idea that a person can join Amega company, sell the zero point energy healing tools and immediately make money! How good can it get?

    I will be glad to help anyone get started or understand how the zero point tools work.

  13. Welcome,

    Good forum for sure, many helpful expereinced online marketers, so good place to learn from. Nice to see someone who understands zero point fusion energy, I had knowledge from a technical side dealing with frequencies to unlock hydrogen fusion power, so this was a new twist using it for pain and health therapies, but seeing the same benefits of magnetic therapies before it became mainstream, I tried Health-Wand with open mind knowing you can never say never. lol

    Having seen dozens personally see results has gotten my full attention for seeing, or in this case, feeling the results is a very powerful reason to pay attention to this technology. With this many seeing the results, and most almost immediately, you have to take this seriously, so it is nice to see how many professionals joining Amega.

    I have several who are also waiting on delivery because of customs hold up, but this was resoloved, so we should see faster deliveries in next few weeks. The volume of sales is truly amazing, and having seen it all when it comes to health, usually you see nothing close to this kind of explosive growth in very first month. Bottom line, it is working for most people, and unlike all the other health and nutritional products, usually if ever do you actually feel any benefits. It makes it very difficult for most to sustain sales growth when nutrition attrition hits the average person before they even break even.

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  14. BillyMarkham

    BillyMarkham New Member

    ""Amazing" testimonies mean nothing to clear-thinking people who have been around the block. They use all the same setups as other products based on placebo effect.

    Their explanations are a mish-mosh of science and spirituality, and having a firm grasp on both, I can honestly say they are bull$h!tting on both ends -- typical "quantum woo" marketing.

    I found one forum where they do the same "lemon test" and other parlor tricks that Nikken uses -- and no offense to their products, but that's a dishonest way to sell a product even if it does work. And when you watch these flood of videos, you usually see them using suggestivity in the extreme.

    If it does work, they wouldn't have to hide the fact they are making thinly-veiled, unverified medical claims out the wazoo. One friend of mine (marketing these things) even posted on facebook that he couldn't even talk about some of the amazing results publicly. Gee, I wonder why.

    The most interesting proof was a video of someone using it on a dog who wouldn't use his hind legs. However, since the person using it expected the dog to react one way then the other, animals pick up on these and trust their owners when they are expected to overcome their pain and when they don't have to. It's in their voice, posture, whatever, and my wife (a vet nurse) sees this sort of phenomenon all the time.

    I dare anyone to do a REAL test using a fake wand by someone who doesn't know it's fake redoing the exact same "experiment".

    But the most annoying thing is that I've been trying to find objective dialogue on this product, but like many new MLMs, they locked down the search engines with spam.

    My conclusion: if you judge whether or not a product is a scam (fraud, snake oil, etc.) by the way it's being marketed and having extraordinary claims with absolutely no proof beyond anecdotal setups, then YES, this product is totally bogus, and a crime to sell in the truest sense.

    I also saw on a few forums that people's defense for selling it is that it's "non-intrusive" and therefore harmless even if it doesn't work. Except for a high price tag, and people going off meds or not seeking more rational, proven treatment because they are convinced they feel better or the underlying problem is gone.

    Heck, someone said they used it on an elderly gentlemen who swears his eyesight improved over a couple days to where he can drive again. I just hope he went to an optician to actually have it measured before they handed him the keys.

    If this is real, then it would have already been in a journal of something, be it physics or medicine. A Zero-Point-Energy breakthrough by a company who can't show credentials?

    Until someone does a responsible, third-party study instead of taking a company's word for it (even if they are building an expensive shiny building in the Far East and are therefore somehow more "credible") it is unethical to sell this product, if not illegal. They are putting people at unnecessary possible harm for profit, and "seeing" and believing it themselves does not exonerate them from that responsibility."
  15. teamzeropoint

    teamzeropoint New Member

    Well for anyone who is skeptical there is only one way to find out.. either pick one up for yourself or go to a demo. You can ask someone at the demo to play around with their wand for a bit. I went to a few demos to check it out expecting to see a hyped up product with no real results...I was wrong. I have been around this industry a long time and have almost seen everything. This was has me shaking my head... I still find it hard to believe the results I, my friends and my family all experienced.

    I am now working closely with the master distributor and have done a complete 180 turn due to this product. I know the VP of the company and know he wouldn't be part of something that wasn't the real deal. I'm excited for the first time in a while about a health product and am launching my business this week for anyone that's interested in being part of something amazing. I have worked with the best of the best in network marketing and this is going to be fun... to say the least.
  16. BillyMarkham: I dare anyone to do a REAL test using a fake wand by someone who doesn't know it's fake redoing the exact same "experiment".
    Always nice to see another skeptic. lol I started off calling this voodoo, and although many believe in voodoo, for the most part it relies on same placebo effect as almost all nutritional and health related products rely on. As to your quote, I did just that, I purchased one from China, and one out of Malaysia to see if it worked the same as I had personally experienced, and no, it did not, in fact, you can instantly tell if you place all near your eyes, the Amega makes my eyes water, the others did not, never mind the lemon test which may or may not be a valid test, but whatever changes the taste of lemons, you can't fool everyone, and I tried this test letting four people test all three wands, wrapping the ends with tape to cover logo, and as one of knockoffs was shorter and lighter, those I was presenting test too were not aware of difference.

    It always comes down to one thing as I see it, either it works for you, or it doesn't, and when a product doesn't work as promoted, everyone knows about as bad news travels faster than good news on or off the internet.

    Simply put, it got my attention as it solved an issue which I had for years, consistant as the day is long, and I saw results, not relying on others, not relying on lemon, but what I personally experienced, and I really don't concern myself with testimonies from distributors, my friend sent it to me freely to try it knowing I couldn't play golf like I wanted without paying for it with several days of limping about.

    I see this as the reason why it is working in almost all people to date, the pay it forward concept works extremely well with a dubious technology like this, you just don't know until you try it as I did. And no, I was not a distributor at first, just a person who never says never being in the mindset as an inventor working in hydrogen fusion plasma energy research, so I have seen plenty of unexplained results in my life, so I am not the placebo type personality.

    I would agree with one thing you have stated, there is not enough third party unbiased peer reviewed science backing up claims to date, at least none of substance, as in, be a recognized medical or science lab, but one can see visible results or changes in matter which is exposed to this wand, whether positive or negative, I don't know, but time will tell.

    Look how long it took for western doctors to acknowledge acupuncture as a useful medical cure for pain which results were also thought to be a nothing more than the placebo effect for decades. I had one person not feel any improvement, so given backorders due to customs, I asked if he would sell it to me rather than send it back for refund and waste shipping and restocking costs. I asked for two weeks, and he finally said, no, he has been sleeping better than ever, and did sense he was feeling less pain from arthritis which he thought may be reason he is able to sleep through the night, so I am still waiting to see what percentage it does nothing to.

    Again, time will tell, so please, everyone who has tried this and have seen no results, please post here or this thread will get pretty boring with only positive posts. lol I scan all the forums, and I find it strange that there are not more skeptics other than the above making the rounds on different forums posting this exact same copy, come on, there has to be more negative skeptics than this out there on the internet.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
  17. BillyMarkham

    BillyMarkham New Member

    Let's not forget the fact that the way this product is being promoted is completely dishonest and unethical.

    Watched an online video yesterday where another Amega Wand storyteller made a statement that the Amega wand "works better than perscription medicine for pain, with no negative side-effects." Went to a local demo of this thing and listened to a former roofer tell us about how the Amega wand cured his diebetes and a sports player claim that it fixed his knee and he can play again (he also told us about the last 6 months of physiotherapy, acupuncture, special dietary and exercise program for his knee, but for some reason he attributed his well-being to wand and only).

    Later, I sat down for dinner with one of my acquaintances that has already invested $1,000 into the Amega hustling business and he failed to present me with any evidence of the thing working other than the sham tests that these guys stage. After I had demonstrated to him that all of the same results can be obtained by using a fork, he had one last piece of proof for me: it works for him. Great, I said, keep it to yourself then and stop lying to people.

    Which leads me to my next point. Why ARE people buying it? Why ARE people ignoring such gaping holes in rational thinking around this product? My question was answered when my acquaintance took me on a tour of what amount of dollars he stands to make once this thing balloons. And it's alot. The perfect motivation during a recession. That is the bottom line, frankly. All hail the $!

    Who is this product and these demos aimed at? Two groups of people: people that are in pain or have other (sometimes severe) health problems, who do not have that much money, who are desperate and are looking for solutions; and the people who see how easy it is to exploit that, turning out a fat profit from the first group.

    If the Amega wand works for you, that is great. But the next time you are waving it around ponder the fact that you do not know who is behind the whole thing, you do not know what it is made from or how it is made (and no-one will tell you). Think about the fact that every day that same kind of Amega wand is being waved at lemons and wine, being used to lie to people in order to profit. Think about all that money that is being made from gullible and desperate people. Think about how this MLM company is proudly doing it better than most snake oil salesmen, perpetuating greed and nothing more.
  18. Interesting,

    No matter how you want to spin your opinion, placebo effect only works on a few people, and I have researched hundreds of health studies over the years, and in every case, the placebo effect has impacted about 17% of those involved in different blind studies, so yes, placebo effect is real, and the mind is a very powerful factor in this, but come on, I am hearing and seeing so many positive results, far more than with anything else I have researched, even the skeptic has to say, what is going on here. lol

    By all means, this is not for everyone, and although I have not heard of anyone requesting a refund to date, I am sure it will not work for everyone, so as I have said from the start, I simply pass it onto others to try it, and I don't mention much more than this, try it, not buy it. If I ever hear someone who wants a refund, and doesn't get it, then I would be concerned. Do date, with over 500,000 being used around the world, I have still not found anyone who is unhappy of feels they were taken. Sure, someday a few may appear, but I am still waiting to hear complaints, I know someone must have been disappointed, so where are they?

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
  19. Interesting,

    Please, someone, I have been scanning the internet for months trying to find someone who is not happy with this Health-Wand technology, surely someone has to be unhappy with results with over 500K sold over the past several years, anyone, come on, we have to satisfy this skeptic that it is all placebo effect.

    As most know, if you want to find a scam, all you do is enter company name and the word scam in the search bar, and nothing, it is impossible that with 500K plus there is no complaints or refunds, something is real strange about this, could it be, is it possible, the first MLM that has a product that works as promoted?

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,
  20. WANTED,

    Anyone who has an authentic Amega Global Heath-Wand, please let me know if you saw no results and want to sell wand for whatever your paid for it. I have dozens of people wanting to try this new technology and as I pay it forward by passing them out to those I know, I am in dire need of more due to back order situation at corporate due to customs delays clearing and thousands of units were held up for two weeks.

    Anyone who wants to purchase copycat fakes that hit market to evaluate for yourselves they do not work, let me know, I have one from China and one from Malaysia and will sell half price. lol If anyone who is considering purchasing Health-Wand, I will send you a comparison so you know how to identify fakes.

    Wealth Without Health is Worthless,

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