Andy is Fighting for US

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    Here is my only concern and people really need to be real, and understand which is truth and which is a lie.

    I have already spoke to many ASD members, you can call them supportive or you can call them be the judge.

    I really hope that ASD makes it out of this, but if we don' what you believe, because I can guarantee you...that if ASD does go down, that ASD will place 100% blame on the U.S. Government. It normal behavior for someone to place the blame on somebody else to take the heat off of them.

    So say the Government is wrong.....bottom line...they can care less, they are allowed to do what they want.

    All I am saying is just watch what you believe, and when/if Andy starts preaching religion really need to watch the truth then. Because he will be targeting the gullable crowd with the praise God comments, and God will pull us through this.

    I know people that have refused to read the USAG complaints, and the Press Release. Still have no idea or don't want to know about Andy's past. Why do they refuse? Beats me........
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    I was a little surprised to read this and hate to say I would believe anything the feds say over everything Andy has ever told us.

    Bowdoin is 74 years old. On the Internet, ASD promotes him as an astute businessman with a long and remarkable record of successes in numerous business ventures, but such successes are remarkably absent from his true work history. Just prior to concocting ASD,
    Bowdoin was arrested in Alabama for one or more felony violations related to Fraud in Connection with the Offer and Sale of Securities by an Unregistered Agent. Bowdoin and several co-defendants were accused of having been promoters of a company called "Mobile
    International, Inc." The Alabama defendants said they had developed a mobile telephone system that was a cheaper alternative to the then-current cellular systems. That venture collapsed and Bowdoin and his co-defendants were charged with having sold unregistered securities to investors and with failing to state material facts to the investors that would have impacted the victims' decisions to invest. In particular, Alabama officials asserted that Bowdoin instigated a scheme by which he took money from some victims to pay off prior investors. On October 6, 1997, in Montgomery County, Bowdoin resolved this criminal matter by agreeing to enter Pre-Trial Diversion with three years of supervised probation and pay restitution of $1 5,000. Bowdoin completed his Pre-Trial requirements and the charges were dismissed. Furthermore, on January 11, 1999, in Wilcox County, Bowdain plead guilty to one count of sale of unregistered securities and was sentenced to 1 year in prison, however the sentence was suspended and he was placed on 3 years supervised probation and ordered to pay restitution of $75,000.

    20. A public search on the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations' website of registered corporations revealed that from November 14, 1983, to September 14, 2007, Bowdoin was a Registered Agent ("RAM), President, Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") or
    Director of the following defunct corporations: (1) RA for ReTube-Lite International, Inc., incorporated from 9/14/83 to 11/21/84 (involuntary dissolved); (2) RA for Crosby Enterprises of Lakeland, incorporated from 2/23/84 to 11/1/85 (involuntary dissolved); (3) RA for KDJ Enterprises, Inc., incorporated from 2/23/84 to 11/1/85 (involuntary dissolved); (4) RA for South Polk Investors, Inc., incorporated from 4/2/84 to 11/1/85 (involuntary dissolved); (5) RA for
    Ridge-Tec, Inc., incorporated from 4/2/84 to 11/1/85 (involuntary dissolved); (6) RA for MI-Com, Inc., incorporated from 4/2/84 to 1 1/1/85 (admin. dissolved); (7) President of Creative Retailing Services, Inc., incorporated from 3/5/98 to 9/19/03 (admin. dissolved); (8) CEO of Global Tech Marketing, Inc., incorporated from 6/26/00 to 9/13/0 (admin. dissolved); (9) Director of GPS Tech, Inc., incorporated from 3/26/04 to 911 5/06 (admin. dissolved); (1 0) RA for GPS Development & Manufact., incorporated from 1 111 2/04 to 911 6/05 (admin. dissolved); (1 I) Director of EADNetwork, Inc., incorporated from 12/1/06 to 9/14/07 (admin. dissolved); and (12) Director of World Payment Systems, Inc., incorporated from 12/1/06 to 9/14/07 (admin.
    dissolved). It does not appear that any of these corporations operates, today. It also appears that Bowdoin earned no significant income from legal employment in the twenty years prior to his commencement of ASD's operation. But, no information about Bowdoin's record of business failures and fraud accusations is contained on ASD's website. Nor was Bowdoin's true past mentioned to prospective members during the ASD rally at which he spoke (further discussed below) or during the conference calls that he, or others promoting ASD on his behalf,
    participated in during ASD's operations (further discussed below). Instead, ASD's promoters tell prospective recruits that Bowdoin's business genius distinguishes ASD from other Internet-based Ponzi operations. Indeed, ASD's operators and promoters assert that the President of the United States recently awarded Bowdoin a medal of distinction for Bowdoin's lifetime of success as a businessman. In reality, in June 2008, the National Republican Congressional Committee
    awarded Bowdoin the "Medal of Distinction" as a "marketing tool" after Bowdoin made a substantial monetary contribution to the party. Despite representations by ASD and/or its employees to the contrary, Bowdoin has never received an award from the President of the
    United States based on his business acumen.
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    From that article:
    In part of the message, Bowdoin said, "We have some of the best legal minds in the nation working to resolve our issue just as soon as possible, so that we can return to normal operation."


    ASD's 'normal operation'?

    Regular site shutdowns so they can juggle the new money with 'interest payouts'.

    Yes, Andy B. is fighting for US!

    So was Jim Jones in Guyana, South America when he killed 'em with kool-aid!

    Where were these 'best legal minds in the nation' when he was setting up this ASD scam.
    Couldn't they foresee ANY of these 'problems'???
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    If the fourth post in this thread does not prove what type of people ASD was founded by and you continue to pretend Andy has in the past been any more than a crook/scam artist then lord help you....

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