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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by suzykaploozie, Jan 27, 2009.

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    I work a full time job from home but my day job requires my creative side. I am a web & print designer by day and thought I may be able to do some extra work at the same time if it would require me to answer phone calls from home - maybe taking messages, making appointment for them or checking availablitity via an online calendar, possibly even text message them the call I just received.

    I don't want a selling position or tech support where it may take more of my time.

    Has anyone had any luck finding a company who hires from home to do this kind of answering service/personal assistant type work?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Rosie1

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    There are some medical answering service companies where you work from home answering either "overflow" calls or after hours calls. Otherwise, there are Virtual Assistant jobs out there as well. I know some people get some of these jobs off Guru. I personally have never used Guru as yet. Hope this helps!
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  4. Rosie1

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    So true. The economy has increased the need for more people to have extra income. Many folks are turning to these companies for "after hours" money. The competition for an at home job has become fierce with the influx of layoffs, etc.

    Whatever one's interest may be when looking for an at home job/career, it will payoff to create a "stand-out" resume. In my search, I posted my resume on Career Builder and Monster.

    Hope this information helps!

    -Tiffany (rosie1)
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    Running an answering service is quite a good idea. Honestly apart from looking for such jobs on the internet, if you can, contact or send fliers to the local companies in your area and also contact the start up entrepreneurs, small businesses etc as they are the ones who will require a part time answering service or any kind of service that makes appointments for them, gives them reminders etc.
  6. katereber

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    Hello there,
    Actually if you are looking for those kind of job, you can search online.. There's a lot of offers out there and you can choose which one is better for you.. Well, this thread was 2 years ago, but I hope my suggestion can help you..

    Good day...
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    I know someone who did telephone answering for a local company that sold computer memory.

    I asked her how they set that up as far as the phone number and she said that she basically had a VOIP phone. All she had to do was hook her VOIP phone system into her broadband connection and voila, anytime someone called that particular number, it rang her phone. She did not have to use her personal phone or phone number at all.

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