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  1. mariabb1

    mariabb1 New Member

    Has any one had any success with ? I have posted around 200 answers over the last two

    months and made $30 last month, which is not bad but not great either. I am looking for some tips on

    how to increase my income on this site.
  2. Psco

    Psco New Member

    It took you 2 months to make 30 dollars? Is that really worth your time? NO offense of course. I just think you could use your time more efficiently with something that could possibly make you 3,000 in 2 months.....? Hell or even 300 sounds better than 30. Have you looked into other online making opportunities? If not, may be you should.
  3. signorm68

    signorm68 New Member

    Sharing similar opinion. If you don't have tech skills or something, it is simpliest way to publish on revenue sharing platforms, I think that this will made you more than $30 in tho monts.

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