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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by opengirl, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. opengirl

    opengirl New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and I'm looking for help. I'm a full time preschool teacher and I LOVE my job. The thing is, teachers aren't paid nearly what we're worth[​IMG], so I'm looking for a way to supplement my income. Because I have a full time job I really would want something that wouldn't require more than a few hours a week. I've signed up for some usability testing websites and they are nice, but it is hardly steady work... I'm hoping for something more consistant. I'm also not all that interested in anything involving marketing or sales as I've lost money on those sorts of things before -- sometimes because I bought into a scam and other times because I simply don't have the time to commit to it. Does anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    opengirl: I'm also not all that interested in anything involving marketing or sales as I've lost money on those sorts of things before
    That's a slightly discouraging statement but I can certainly understand your pain losing money on something.

    Are you looking for an opportunity or a job? I'm guessing a job as most opportunities are sales and or marketing of some sort.

    Finding an actual "job" that pays decent online is tough to do. There are lots of job type options for people who enjoy writing. However, you are better off writing for yourself as you will get paid better. Doing that you are technically "marketing" though.

    Maybe I can help point you in the right direction if you are more open to things. Sales and marketing really closed most of your doors.

    I'm sure someone on here will know something that you can do though.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Affiliate marketing works but takes some time so as long as you can give yourself some time to build a website or blog before expecting to make much money, you can mkae money that way.

    I do and I love it.[​IMG]
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Dear people that want a better financial future.

    Please don't request such and expect to do the same thing(s) that keep you broke. I say this with all do respect. If one j.o.b. keeps you broke and not able to spend time with family and do more in life, what do you think 2 will do. It becomes one j.o.b. with just more hours. Same sh_t, different flies.

    Stop letting past failure that were likely not of your own doing cause you to stop pursing the avenues that have actually freed people financial.

    Network marketing with the right opportunity and system is a hands down winner over and above anything else.

    Affiliate marketing is network marketing, one level deep. You don't get the team the owner of the product you are marketing for does. One man at the top making all the money.

    Both can be profitable, but only mlm gives you leverage potential like no other. The best part-time income solution that exist.
  5. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    FreeCashMan: Network marketing with the right opportunity and system is a hands down winner over and above anything else.
    I agree!

    opengirl: The thing is, teachers aren't paid nearly what we're worth
    Don't teachers get off 3 months a year? And then make like $40k+ for the 9 months they do? Then amazing benefits on top of that? I always thought teachers got paid pretty good. I also understand that most people don't feel like they are paid what they are worth. Only you can pay yourself the income you feel like you are worth. I don't care if you make $500grand a year.. I've heard those people say they are not paid what they are worth.

    If you took your summer break to do network marketing full time.. You could probably quit your teaching job in the next 3-24 months depending on your desire and work ethic.

  6. opengirl

    opengirl New Member

    I'm a preschool teacher, I don't get a summer break -- I get 2 weeks... And I don't get paid 40K. And the teachers who do get summer breaks get 2 months, not 3, and are often expected to do some teacher training (unpaid) during their breaks. Not to mention the stuff teachers have to deal with (all teachers, preschool teachers, public school teachers, high school, etc...) I stand by my post, teachers don't get paid what they are worth. I love my job, I really do -- despite the snotty noses and dirty diapers, and autistic kids who throw massive tantrums and kick me in the face, and the parents who yell at me when their child forgets their lunch box one time out of the entire year... it is an insanely emotionally rewarding job. But it is exhausting and stressful and I don't think we are compensated enough for that.
  7. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    I understand there are pros and cons to every job.

    Believe me I was not saying your job is easy. I was just saying a job will never pay you what you are worth.

    If you want financial freedom you need to step outside your comfort zone and work for it.

    Always find a way to make something happen, even if it is easier to find an excuse to make it not happen.

    I'm sure if you want it you can get it =].

    Regardless of having the summer break or not.

  8. TeacherMama

    TeacherMama New Member

    Some states pay teachers "what they are worth" and by that I mean 40k+ starting salary. Summers are off but not paid. The main downfall to teaching is we love what we do and we go above and beyond, however there is no "over-time". Hell, I don't even get paid for an 8 hour day! What professional doesn't get paid for 8 hours?! Especially when most are working an average of 10! The bottom line is teachers are there for the kids so we tolerate more than other professions would.
  9. danman

    danman New Member

    As a fellow school teacher all I can say is invest the time in yourself and learn the basics of creating a website and learn about how a web business runs. This might sound scary and time consuming, but set an hour or two/day to learn it.

    Doing so, will pay dividends in the future.

  10. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi opengirl,

    If you are definitely opposed to building a web based business (which is a nice way to build a long term income), then here are a couple of suggestions for you to just earn some extra cash in your spare time each week.

    You can sign up to places like and do some article writing for other people. It's really not that difficult if you are a half decent writer. The main objective is to be factual, grammatically correct, and don't copy and paste from somewhere else. [​IMG]

    Another option that I have found to be really clever and interesting is to go to and have a look around. See if you can think of some small tasks you can offer to do for people for $5 each. If you hit on the right idea, you can make a decent amount of money in an hour.

    I personally haven't listed any projects on fiverr, but I've paid for a couple and got what I felt was a bargain. If you do whatever it is you do well, you'll likely get happy customers, good feedback and even more customers. [​IMG]

  11. easiestbiz

    easiestbiz New Member

    Odesk is a great idea, you'll make more steady income, and no sales or marketing involved.

    However if you like to teach - maybe you should look into a business where you get to educate people. You'll be far happier in the long run. Pick a topic you are passionate about or curious about, and offer classes out of your home, the local library or community center. Many teachers do this to supplement their income and make great money often even more than they make in their day job. You can do it as often as you want, you set the schedule and the times.

    You can advertise your classes in your local paper, on local websites and offer a valuable service to your community.

    Best of luck.
  12. kristen627

    kristen627 New Member

    You can see if you can pass the test to become a Cha Cha guide. Cha Cha is a company that you can send a text message question to and they will text you back an answer to your question. They have Cha Cha guides who sort and answer these incoming questions.

    You can pick the times you're available to work and you'll be paid as an independent contractor. I believe the pay per answered text is somewhere around 10 cents a piece. Not exactly a great income, but it might help. You can go to their website,, and take their test.

    The test isn't very hard, but be sure to look up any questions you don't know the answer to on google.
  13. Joseph M. Ortiz

    Joseph M. Ortiz New Member

    Even I am also facing similar problem these days. Not getting what to do, I love to teach , but the payout they are giving are not that much to complete all liabilities. Any suggestions please.
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  16. Gilded1

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    Whatever it is that you decide to do it is going to take time and effort to make any type of money that would be substantial (something that you might be able to pay a bill or two with). You have already mentioned marketing and surveys, but you can get paid for big searches and reviewing websites and stuff like that. You would have to do that a lot to make any type of money that is worth while though. You will get out what you put in.
  17. Hathi99

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    I think that the really cool thing is that you know what you are passionate about and sometimes people take a lifetime to figure that out. What about blogging about preschool education and give tips and advice for parents (or even aim it at other preschool teachers as a learning resource) and monetize your blog through posting some ads and affiliating through Amazon to great preschool learning products? It would just require you to learn wordpress and although it would take a little time to learn and get a good following at least you are passionate about the subject so it won't feel like 'work' and you could build it up over the years. Just a thought.
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