Any Advice? Paid Surveys.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by RedRobin, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Has anyone out there done surveys for money? Do you have any suggestions, or is this a scam?
  2. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hi Again
    I have signed up for a couple of these survey for money deals and will report on them as I get information. Those of you with comments-Go For It!!!!
  3. karticksivaraman

    karticksivaraman New Member

    Be careful before you do it. Not all of them are scams but do confirm from somebody who has done it before embarking upon this adventure.
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    As most of those who advocate it are themselves affiliates of the programs (these memberships are very hot selling), it's pretty tough to get genuine advice. Let's wait and see what Robin has to say.
  5. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Wow! What a wild ride! At this point, my advice is this. You'll need a ton of time to fill these surveys out. I am very leery of companies that I have never heard of asking for my credit card. Most of the offers refer you to other offers. Several of them refer you to other survey sites.
    That didn't bother me, because a person could sign up for these sites for free. Many of these sites require you to sign up for credit cards. I REALLY don't need any more of these, plus you need to be approved for the card to continue to be eligible for the prize. You can find free things to sign up for until the very last click or so, then a purchase is required.
    Right now I am watching my surveys at Panda Research. This seems like the site that has the most reasonable pay outs without having
    to buy anything much. I'll keep you posted. I haven't actually received any money from anyone, but I just started watching survey sites last night.
    I noticed that many of the offers are duplicated at the various sites.
    You should keep a record of what you've signed up for. Also, shop around the surveys to see who's offering the best deal if you are going to sign up for a service.
    At this point, I recommend that there is still nothing free out there.
    I suspect I am going to get phone calls from salespeople frequently. I also suspect my email is going to be filled to overflowing with offers I don't want. If you are going to do this type of survey job,
    get a different email specifically for this job. You can get them free, and try it out.
    Don't invest any money in anything offered on these survey sites unless you really want them. I treated myself to a membership in Netflix, but I was going to do that, anyway.
    Filling out these surveys took a lot of time out of my Labor Day weekend. I'm not sure it was worth it. Decide for yourself, but don't give any business you don't know any credit card information or other personal information that isn't public knowledge. I had my credit card number stolen one time, and the experience is one I definetely would not want to repeat.
    In short, there has got to be something easier and safer out there to do than fill out surveys.
  6. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Wow! That's really valuable information Robin. Thanks for sharing it :) We look forward to more inputs from you.
  7. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hello Everyone
    Update! I spent a fair amount of time this week doing surveys for different companies. These surveys almost always want yo to sign up for something that will cost you money. Frequently you will not get paid until you get approval on all of the items you signed up for are approved. So, if you have to sign up for 2-4 credit cards or shopping cards, you will not get your reward until all of the credit cards are approved and sent to you. Other offers you can choose from may just plain be nothing you are interested in.

    The surveys I did had free stuff you could sign up for on the first few pages, but before you could collect the offer, you had to sign up for the credit cards or other items that you may or may not want. Then,
    you need to wait until the items you selected are approved before you get your reward. The survey process by itself is relatively long.

    There are a few medical and household sites that will give you some samples and free information. S C Johnson is one example. For the most part, none of the "free" items I saw on most of these sites is acutally free.

    If you or someone you know has had a more profitable experience with filling out surveys, please let me know. I know I would be willing to give my opinion on many different subjects for payment of only a few dollars at a time. I haven't really seen any sites out there that pay for surveys filled out without some kind of purchase attatched. I'd love to hear success stories about filling out surveys for pay if there are any out there. Please contact the forum, and let us know. Thanks!
  8. fahmohd

    fahmohd New Member

    I have also signed up with several survey companies. I have received payments also, the maximum being $20 from ACOP.
    But none of the surveys I had taken had asked me to signup for free offers. Well, there are a few. But you can avoid them, if you want.
    Reputed survey companies like mysurvey. ACOP, global test market, gozing and all never ask for to signup anything. In the field of surveys, it is better to get stated with the reputed companies. But if you want to make the most you can join all of them. You can also check out my friend's small web site [Link removed - Admin] . You may find some useful information.
  9. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Dear fahmod
    Thanks for the information. I, too, will check out these websites. I'm glad your are making some money at filling out surveys. If you find out any more information, please share it with the forum if you have time.
    Thanks again
  10. fahmohd

    fahmohd New Member

    I got a pending payment of $2 for a survey taken 2 months back from Greenfield. Greenfield has started carrying lots of surveys on their site which one can go and complete.
    Internetpaidsurveys now carries a link to Pinecone research which is one of the reputed survey sites for Americans
  11. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Greenfield is one of the sites I signed up for, also. Another one that I am having a bit more success with is Global Test Market. Nobody there has asked me for any money, and the surveys are interesting. You might also want to check out
  12. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the great information lilokster!
  13. ladybug

    ladybug New Member

    I've been doing surveys for about a year which didn't pay cash but you save your points and then exchange them for products. You won't make much on these unless you're the ULTIMATE consumer because most of them are geared towards a specific focus group. Because I'm not in that specific age group, don't have kids, don't take any current popular medications, etc. etc I get turned down for most of them and the only company that offered any cash payment only paid $1 to $2 to complete their survey. If they can pay a telemarket $15 - $20, then I find $2 unacceptable and not worth my time.
  14. RedRobin

    RedRobin New Member

    Hello Forum

    I have been dealing with several online survey sites. My favorites so far are Greenfield and Global Test Network. Both send me surveys to do pretty frequently. You make more points, and therefore more money, when you are in certain categories, so be sure to fill out all of the survey companies profile surveys, so they can send you as many surveys as possible.
    I started out with Panda surveys. You have to pay to get on this site, which is drawback #1. It has taken me a few weeks to earn $1, plus the 5 that they gave me for signing up. I can recommend that you look at free survey sights first, because it might take a while for you to earn your sign up money back.
    Many survey sites offer gifts for earning points filling out surveys. This is great, but I personally need green, hard cash.
    Many of the cash survey sites require that you have 1000 points to cash out the reward. That's great, and not to hard to achieve. It just takes time.
    Like I said before, you can do this for fun and profit, but you definitely won't get rich quick. Filling out surveys could make a good hobby, however, and earn you a little money on the side.
  15. fahmohd

    fahmohd New Member

    These survey companies pay you cash for each survey you take:

    Survey Savvy
    American Consumer Opinion
    GoZing Surveys / Greenfield online (sweepstakes also)
    Opinion surveys (Greenfield)
    Pinecone Research
    Ciao surveys international
    NOP world / (sweepstakes also)
    and more

    The following survey companies give you points which you can later redeem for cash:

    NFO mysurvey
    Opinion outpost
  16. fahmohd

    fahmohd New Member

    For those of who like to get payment by paypal, the following survey sites offer that option:

    Greenfield/ Gozing surveys
    Ciao surveys international
    qsample (new site)
  17. the old lady

    the old lady New Member

    hi redrobin,

    I just join today, and I really want to use free survey to pay a few bills off. I live in michigan, job's here are very few, people are moving out to different states looking for work. Do you think I should be looking for the free membership surveys? Because $37.95 for surveyscout is a bite much for me. I have been reading your posts about surveys. i'm going to try it, wish me lucky. God Bless
  18. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    Please don't every pay for a list of survey sites. There are tons of free lists. I don't know if I am allowed to post links to them or not so I won't. You will gain NOTHING by paying for a list. I have been taking surveys for almost two years and I love it. One think I want you to know though is that you will NOT make hundreds of dollars a day or even a month in some cases. You can make a little extra cash and get a bunch of product trials which I love and you can have fun. This is what its all about. I have a bunch of information about the truth in survey taking on my blog but again, I didn't read the rules yet so I don't know if we can post links [​IMG] Guess I better head off to read the rules.

  19. guest99

    guest99 New Member

    You can find out which survey companies are approvied by the BBB here

    This way, you don't have to visit each survey site yourself to look for privacy policies and BBB info.

    Hope this post isn't against the rules - just want to share. [​IMG] I take surveys for fun, but wish I could make more off them. [​IMG] I like making money at home in my PJ's!
  20. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    Thats a pretty interesting list. I see a bunch of the survey sites that I won't put in my list because I KNOW from experience that all they do is send you junk mail and never a real survey. It's interesting to note that those same survey companies don't have a check mark to say they are listed with the BBB. Apparently just because you have a privacy policy doesn't stop the company themselves from slamming you with junk mail.


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