Any C**ti Line Agents? I need to talk...

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by vixenella, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. vixenella

    vixenella New Member

    I am on the C**ti Line,and really need to reach out to other agents on the same line. I am so frustrated,and need to see if I am the only one having the same issues.
  2. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    The tech issue do get better ovevr time it seems I have been working the line since january and still sometimetimes I do have tech issue. Ive become an expert at diagnosing them Because I had to call Help Desk so many times in the begining. ONce my system was stuck in lock down desktop
  3. vixenella

    vixenella New Member

    I am the same way on diagnosing the problems. Everyday I have an issue with S**grass-it freezes on calls,closes on its own,you name it.Everyday it is something.I don't have access to C*&^Source,and never have.I can't access the Sales Palette,and never have been able to.
    I call the P*L line after my shift to report ET,not because I don't know what's wrong with the programs,but to cover my own butt.They have been sending emails about meeting minimum hours,and I keep a notebook with all the issues I have-I write down the time the trouble began,detail the issues and what I did to solve it,and what time I was able to login again. I also take screenshots of any error message,etc.It sounds extreme,but I have noticed a lot of times the P*L line doesn't document the issues.I have had weeks where I have had 35 hours scheduled,and only have been able to work just a handful of those hours due to the tech issues.
  4. bloglorious

    bloglorious New Member

    I am soooo beyond frustrated with the tech issues. Everyday there's something new! I am at the edge, about to quit!!! [​IMG]
  5. sparehair

    sparehair New Member

    It does get better over time. I started training in Jan as well. I initally had a lot of tech problems as most everyone does. However, I must say once all the kinks got out I still have tech issues but not nearly as much as before. I have vista 32 bit as well as a 23 in. monitor which helps with not having to scroll so much.

    I too have learned to diagnose my own problems because it takes sooooo long to get an answer from chat and pal. Some of my issues are when cust can't hear me, chat takes to long, sawgrass really slow or freezes, lockdown won't come off. Mind you, it sounds like a lot and can be very frustrating but it all dosent happen at the same time or shift or day. I m more frustrated with how long it takes to get help.

    I have access to citisource but very seldom use it.

    Also FYI, ET will give you excuse time which is not paid. However you can ask for tech time and that is paid. So if I could not get in for an hour I got 30 et not pd and 30 tech pd. You have to request it they will not tell you this. (when we know we have to tell each other). Make sure you call pal during tour shift time if you can't login and ask for tech pd time. Always issues with avaya not loading and can't login.

    Make sure you report all tech issues because if they don't give you et or tech time your numbers will be off. The et time will keep you in order and not in trouble.

    I guess that was a lot to say, but if we don't help each other , who will.
  6. sparehair

    sparehair New Member

    Also if you can continue to take the pd stress fre trainings like the roll play and the login in. Alot of reps including myself take these every week and call it stress free money.
  7. vixenella

    vixenella New Member

    Sparehair,you hit it on the head about helping each other. It gets frustrating sitting in front of the computer for hours(I have sat for 7 trying to work a 10 hour shift) and the only form of help you get is being told "well,just restart,then uninstall/reinstall Gateway,and if that doesn't work just repeat the process until you can get in". The constant removing and adding programs is not good on your system,and neither is the constant restarting. Or,my favorite response is when they tell me it is my computer. My thing is,how long do they really expect us to just sit and keep trying? If you have follwed the steps they give you,then anything after that is on them,IMO.

    I knew about ET paying for 30 minutes,but I didn't know about tech time. I always call if I can't get in at the start of my shift,and if I am getting nowhere after 30 minutes,even though I have been told multiple times not to by my TL-he said to keep track and call it all in at once at the end of the shift.

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