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    Has anyone else been watching SPINDING since it launched the JOINFREE option? This is very interesting new technology whereby it targets point of sale consumers with free offers, free products and services to attract new customers to retail businesses. What is unique is that you earn free spins every day whereby you have chance to win a free meal at restaurants, free manicure, free hair cut, etc, and all you have to do is download the application on your smart phone.

    With the economy still in recession, and getting worse, and now obamacare forcing us into a part time income market with thousands of layoffs by some of the largest businesses, this spells doom for many small businesses. Everyone is looking to save money, and every business is trying to survive, never mind thrive in a recession. This is a great concept to help all those small struggling business owners while at the same time benefiting the consumer, and of course, those who market concept.

    Having seen it all, and research them all, I have never seen anything grow this fast, hundreds of thousands of JOINFREE members are already onboard, and that is only in the past three weeks, CRAZY. Watch the video and see if you see what I see, a new concept in marketing strategies which benefit everyone.

    Goof luck to all,
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    Or maybe just another 2 x 2 scam:

    Their campaign to raise $160,000 dollars netted a whopping $27!

    There seem to be a helluva lot of people hoping to milk their downline members on this plan.
    But here's a quote from another view:

    "Far be it from me to point out the obvious, but there’s a gargantuan disconnect between what Spinding sell you in their official marketing material (a game app) versus their actual compensation plan.

    The app doesn’t make much sense, with Spinding relying on merchants to give away inventory.

    Some random “spins” their daily code, gets a product, walks into the store, flashes barcode, gets product and is never heard from again.

    It makes little sense for a merchant to participate.

    On the revenue side of things I really can’t see them charging merchants to participate on top of already giving away inventory. Users of the app aren’t paying anything so that leaves us with the affiliates."
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    As one who has been involved in traditional marketing and now internet marketing for years, I think you missed the point. How many businesses do you know who are using free promotional offers, as example, the two for one offer, or buy one get the second for half off, or for restaurants who also promote specials like two for one, or free appetizer and bars who offer happy hour discounts.

    I have used the free incentive strategy for years, look at how popular the discount coupon books have been like Entertainment. How many come on coupons do you see in Sunday paper circulars? Why do these well proven marketing strategies work, because everyone is looking for a deal, or discount, especially in this recession which is never ending.

    So what I saw as unique is the smart phone GPS point of sale aspect of marketing strategy, and with a twist, you get to spin to win whatever special discount or free product a business wants to use to get you into their business. After all, without advertising you won't be in business long. You say giving away merchandise as if this is now already being done by millions of businesses, it is, and it has been used for decades, more now than ever. Television advertising is loaded with the two for one offers, so are they not giving away merchandise? Every business owner I know uses incentives to attract new business, always have, always will, so they will understand concept of SpinDing better than those who are clueless about marketing strategies.

    The fact technology has advanced whereby you can trigger a text message offer when a prospective customer is driving near by your business or restaurant and lure you in with a free spin to win, freebies always catch a consumers interest, so here is a prospect who may not have even known your business exists now gets to introduce themselves to you with a two for one meal offer as example. If you were not looking to eat at that moment, do you think consumer will remember this incentive given the unique aspect of spin to win with one click, and then again, restaurant is building a prospect list to send other offers to. I think merchants will want this new medium, and those I have run it by were excited to see something new.

    Look at all the scratch off tickets people buy, they want the chance to win now, and look at the McDonald's scratch off games which give away free burgers, soda or fries, ask them if this game concept works? With lottery tickets exploding in this long term recession, we all want the hope to win something. lol To each there own, and if you don't like the compensation plan, with hundreds to choose from, go for the one that makes the most sense to you. Straight line plans are effective to attract all the freebie lovers, and that is exactly what it is designed to do as hundreds of thousands join to see what it is all about. And once they understand the power of free incentive game driven marketing strategy, they can upgrade for just $30.00 to see how it works out for them. If they can cover their cost to join, most will stay, and that is the basic foundation which is being calculated on to work. You have to have a customer base to launch such a program, and judging from the numbers I see, it has succeeded to attract a solid user base to start. Time will tell as it always does, and I am sure a few pot shots will come about, so lets just see who laughs last on this one.

    I see you are already in a similar cycler, and generally I don't like cyclers, but they do serve a purpose, they allow people to get involved for a lower cost upfront, and provide a faster break even point, but most do die out fast when cycles stall, so you have to have something more than a money game working for you. This is when you look for the long term income opportunity which cyclers alone never provide, single like or small matrix, none last for long based on worthless nothing products or services alone. The back end of SpinDing is where the long term sustainable profits will come from as I see it, but then again, not everyone will see past the front end which the guy who commented on his MM hater blog did you mentioned. You have to know the whole story before you can tell it to others, and he jumped the gun as most MLM hater bloggers always do.

    Success to all,
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    Yeah, I used to believe in SpinDing - until I realized it was based on a 2 x 2 pyramid!
    Most SpinDingers don't realize this yet.

    Those who do seem to be hoping that this will at least last long enough for THEM to make a killing!
    There's simply no denying the geometric expansion of a pyramid structure.
    Those at the top of this pyramid are merely drooling at the income projections, typically hoping - "if I can make even 10% of that"...!
    How MANY times has this ploy been used?

    When folx at the bottom find out how hard "getting their 2" is, they simply will stop paying.
    This will cause their sponsors to quit, causing THEIR sponsors to quit, going up the pyramid - like a house curtain catching fire!
    Only those with a LARGE downline will survive and profit - for the duration, of this yet another MLM Pyramid...

    Yet, when Paul Nash tried to raise $160,000 he got ONE $27 supporter?!?
    Not a vote of confidence from merchants!

    But we don't have to call out those for what they have in their signature, or try to trash Obamacare to try and scare people into thinking that somehow, affordable healthcare is going to ruin this country - and that SpinDing is going to save it(??)!

    This is scheduled to launch in 3 days...
    Let's just wait and see!

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    I'll just hold you to this comment and get back to you!

    I remember another WAHF'er posting a while back about how "liberals" are afraid of Sarah Palin!!
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    My concern is not how long it will last. Many MLM Pyramids have proven to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to stay alive for quite a while.

    I hold the position that the geometric expansion of a pyramid structure is unavoidable and undeniable.

    Like so many pyramid MLM's I expect that there will eventually develop a bottom level that simply can not do well.
    These bottom rungs will continually be replenished by those above them with good marketing skills.
    BUT, they will simply NEVER prosper like those above them.

    Some exceptions, yes.
    However, those on the bottom will be stuck feeding those on top - how long bottom rungers can be regenerated and how long they will continue to pay in without getting paid themselves is the issue.

    But we'll see, won't we?

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    Funny, liberals are more afraid of obama than they are of Palin. lol Watching them run away from obama is because of all the lies about obamacare which is a disaster. Most recent lie about 7m signing up got highest rated lie from Washington Post with 4 pinocchios.
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    Ok, since you can't sell this business on it's own merits, let's turn this into a political bashing thread.

    Tell us what alternative you CON-server-atives have to the old (now that we have a NEW system in place) UN-affordable healthcare system?

    Who do you have to run this country that's not a totally terrible human being?

    Which red states will be seeking to secede from the USA?

    When will the south rise again?

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    Who brought up politics? Didn't you state that someone had posted something which had nothing to do with my post about liberals and Palin? Politics suck, so what are you talking about? Is obamacare failure a sore spot for you? Obamacare is not about politics, it is about a failed program which is harming more than it will help, so if you want to call that politics, then go ahead, have fun.

    It is basic economics, more people forced into part time jobs or no jobs is hurting our country, not helping it. You have your opinion, I have mine, but more people are going to be searching for supplement incomes than ever before in history, and that was my point, not politics. And did I insult your politics? No, but you went on and attacked me with absolutely no clue where I stand on politics. What the heck are you talking about, CON, secede from USA, south to rise again, sounds like you are one angry person to me. Who pissed on your parade, it wasn't me.
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    YOU did:
    Either you don't follow US politics or you're purposefully feigning ignorance.
    These are specific stances of the US CON-server-ative platform.

    Don't try to tell ME your reference to Obamacare wasn't political!!

    It is actually a very foolish business strategy to play the politics/anti-Obama card in today's polarized US environment.

    You only guarantee that many people will simply dislike you, for your political ideology, and of course boycott your business offerings.

    ESPECIALLY when you stump for the losing side!!!

    But that's your choice - feel free to bash Obama and those dirty "liberals", and see how far it gets you!

    Good luck!
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    Now, why would I think your politics are anti-liberal?
    Yeah right, "absolutely no clue"!!
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    Now that the fear of an accidental Palin POTUS is over and done, nobody is scared of her!

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Talk about political, it cuts both ways. Since when is a failed health plan political, oh, just because it was named obamacare, so this made it political to you, so sorry, but beyond the name, it is a dismal failure, just ask the millions who lost their health plans, lost their doctors, never mind having to pay two to three times more., me being one of them, so I suspect you are on the subsidies side of obamacare, well, I am not for I don't qualify for subsidies. So what was accomplished to date with obamacare? It allowed those who could not afford healthcare to access policies who did qualify for subsidies at the expense of all the millions who are working, and are middle class families, so what was gained in the end, more unemployment, longer recession, if not depression, so time will tell.

    I would not have cared what party lied to us and jammed this disaster down the throats of the American people. It could have been called bushcare and it would still be a disaster. For the record, I have zero respect for all politicians who lie, including bush. The only losing side is for WE THE PEOPLE. The ignorant people are the ones who believe all these political lies we keep hearing from Washington, and that includes from all parties. I am registered independent as I am fed up with both parties and have been for years. As I said, you can have your opinion and I can have mine, end of story.

    Talk about political knowledge. What party was Lincoln?
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    Oh puh-LEEZE!!
    How TIRED an argument can you come up with?

    The only shortcomings in Obamacare are the result of non-stop RealDumbLiKKKlan opposition - to Obama and ANYTHING he sought to accomplish.

    Otherwise, Obamacare is MUCH better than the ZERO-healthcare plan America had previously!
    ZERO-healthcare caused SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of the individual economic collapses in the USA - to say nothing of just plain DEATH for those "too poor to fail" economically!

    In addition, NOW Americans are signing up by the MILLIONS for this "failed plan"!!

    Speaking of FAILED PLANS... let us know how SpinDing is going to save our economy...!
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    If you want to believe all the lies coming out of Washington, then great, time will tell. You have your beliefs, I have mine, but I hate liars no matter what color they are, white, black, yellow, or black and white. Your KKK reference is pathetic. You just disclosed your inner core, I only wish Obama administration was as transparent as you are. lol

    Your statements make you sound like you work for Obama adminstration, so good luck, you'll need it. Millions signing up? So far only 4.3M according to latest from Sebelius last week, but how many were already covered under medicare or had insurance they were happy with? How many lost their plans, about 6M to date. How many lost their doctors and local hospitals? How many are having to pay more? Most according to recent data released. And how many have actually paid and are really covered? No one wants to give those real figures, they just keep feeding us BS, so believe whatever you want, facts are facts, PERIOD.

    Nothing is going to save economy as I see it, especially now due to this disasterous blow to health care industry, so lets just leave history to prove who is right and who is wrong for you will believe whatever suits your needs regardless of facts. Hope and change, yes indeed, we sure did see the change, too bad hope went out the window and change was not to the better. It is kind of sad it didn't turn out as hoped, but that is life, now we have to all deal with it.
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    You are among the many CON-server-atives that HOPE America will fail, rather than support Obamcare!

    You folx are simply, once AGAIN, on the wrong side of history!

    And you think Americans DON'T want healthcare!!!

    Tell that to the MILLIONS who are signing up:

    ONCE AGAIN: Talking about FAILED PLANS... when is SpinDing going to ever happen?

    You started this thread about SpinDing - but all you want to do is talk about Obamacare and POLITICS!!

    I know, you'd rather focus your frustrations on Obamacare than to simply recognize that SpinDing is a flop!


    You are on the wrong side of history with both Obamacare AND Spinding!
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    Well, after a few bumps with payment systems, typical, they got over that bump and things appear to be running smoothly, so back on topic, history will define everything in life, good or bad.

    First commissions are now all paid, and given I am up a few hundred overall, not bad for first couple months after soft launch. It still remains how well the merchant side of business will work, but as long as everyone is getting paid and they are seeing positive cash flow, I am happy.

    Success to all,
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    Like with all cyclers, they all slow down after the mad rush to get in, and with $615. to the plus, if I level off at this per month, I would be happy at this stage. Not an earth shaking result, but certainly not a loser, but those who do nothing will end up with little to nothing, same old same old, you have to work to earn anything.

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