Any Tahitian Noni International Distributors?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by gojade, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. gojade

    gojade New Member

    Am I the only one on here[​IMG]LOL
  2. Team One

    Team One New Member

    Hi Gojade,

    I am with TNI. I have other business that I do that helps me market TNI.
  3. gojade

    gojade New Member

    That's great! What other business do you do?
    How long have you been with TNI?
    I have been drinking the juice for two years, and have been distributing for a year.
  4. gojade

    gojade New Member

    I sounds like you have a great program going...which do you find is more successful...Jaguar or TNI...or are they pretty even?
  5. Team One

    Team One New Member

    TNI is an awsome business and I will always do that. However, Jag is more of a global mentoring training company that will teach how to truly leverage your time, how to create multiply streams of income, all the tools needed to be a successful online Marketer and business owner. Not to mention you will really learn how to grow any other business you have. Did you watch the movie on my site? If not I encourage you to do so, so that you can get an understanding.
  6. robpenn

    robpenn Member

    wow, this is an old thread.

    I used to be a TNI agent. Their Noni juice is amazing.

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