Anybody heard of Paycation Travel?

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    Ok so Paycation Travel is under the umbrella of Xstream Travel which is a licensed and bonded company and has been for 12 years running. They trade with a whole range of suppliers worldwide, offering travel to there members at wholesale prices, making travel affordable allowing more people to travel the world. Their slogan is "it's an amazing world, you should see it".

    So they charge a small sign up fee, so you can either refer travel or train as a travel agent to book travel so you can earn commission on that. You're provided with an online web portal,, which you book travel through, a back office so you can manage everything travel and business and so much more. The compensation plan is second to none in the industry, 20 different streams of income including coded bonuses and matches on income.

    It's never a hard sell, people are already travelling, it's a £4.9 trillion industry. So why not help people do what they are already doing and earn money from it. It's a no brainer.
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    Good for you that you want to get out of the rat race and have chosen this opportunity.

    You just need to market with PAID ads and you can do well. You can do pay per click or just banner ads.
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    I also work for paycation travel as my second source of income to my first one. I like the company thus far only started a little over a week ago
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    Finding a niche you enjoy and can make money at is awesome. Congrats lucioustravel. Wishing you much success. :)
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    Paycation is a pretty good company. I work with several people that are currently in this business although I am not in it. You are right travel is never a hard sell.

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    I got into the travel industry years ago as a traditional agency to travel the world for practically nothing given all the fam trips offered to real agents. It was a very rewarding experience knowing that I would never have been able to afford such travel at retail rates.

    If you talk to most travel agents, they will tell you the same thing, they love to travel on the cheap, and most do not make a lot of money in the industry, and this is why most travel agents are women over the years I was in business, as were most of my travel agents.

    I saw the industry was facing more and more competition, and when IBM, one of my largest clients went with a national franchise, I saw the end was near, so I sold out, and am glad I did for most independent agencies went out of business in my area which happened to be in backyard of IBM, so as with all industries, expect change, and it always involves saving money.

    When I think back, I am so grateful to have gotten out of business for the competition from the online sites is so fierce you cannot make money in travel any longer with a half dozen major companies spending millions in advertising, so my experience says don't bother with any travel business unless you like to travel at a discount, which even the fam trips are not as good as they once were a couple decades ago.

    Simply put, like many high competition industries which MLM happens to piggyback off of, the money being paid out is from the high cost to join, called membership fees, agent training, website access for booking, whatever, but the money is coming from headhunting, not actual booking of travel, and this is technically illegal. I can't even remember all the MLM travel deals which have come and gone over the last couple decades, but they all were either attacked my regulators as being ponzi pyramid schemes, or were black labeled by all the travel certification associations, so the deck is stacked against you even if a deal associates and piggybacks off of a legitimate travel agency, the days are numbered for sub agents given the tighter and tighter regulations to remain certified. Given travel has always been recession sensitive, not a good industry to jump into in this economic climate and the growing fear or flying with terrorists running wild around the world. Before chasing a pay to play business like this, talk to any real travel agent first.

    Success to all,
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    Have mostly heard good things about them so people seem pretty pleased. Go for paid traffic and just keep testing until you found a source of traffic that converts, and then scale scale scale
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    Travel MLM's seem to get hot for a few years, then fade away (or change names, ownership or both). YTB comes to mind, and a few others as well. There simply isn't much margin in the products and services to work with, so the payout is normally funded by the program fees, not the products sold.

    May be a good run for a few years, but if history is any indicator I doubt it will be a long-term play.
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