Anyone dealt with Eric Levine and the Dri-Tech system

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by 78bosoxr1, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. 78bosoxr1

    78bosoxr1 New Member

    I recently received some info from Eric Levine about marketing his Dri-Tech carpet cleaning opportunities. Has anyone attempted this or dealt with this company or person in the past?
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Never heard of it. What it is about and is there any joining fee?
  3. carpetguy4418

    carpetguy4418 New Member

    i just got it today. thinking of going with it,and trying to find out more about him.
  4. msbatman

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  5. Helpnet

    Helpnet New Member

    I think the BBB has made a mistake on this one and they are unfairly scaring off customers. I've read the complaints on both the BBB website and another "scambusters" site. They nearly all sound like the results of not understanding or not following the terms of the offer. The "ex-employee" remarks sound like grudge-holders as much as whistleblowers, causing me to appreciate the Trustlink website's policy stating "Do not submit a company review if you are an employee or former employee."

    Evaluating the BBB statistics, 31 complaints over a 3-year period do not seem unreasonable given people's propensity to have unrealistic expectations of both the business opportunity and themselves. Nearly all complaints were made about two years ago, and none recently. That is certainly time enough for Drytech to have corrected itself. As for problems obtaining refunds, I find the company's responses to the individual complaints quite plausible.

    Starting a home-based business takes more know-how than a company's cookie-cutter instructions can provide. I know, I have tried and failed at many. As a result of what I learned, my husband and I started up our own carpet-cleaning business a few years ago. We quit because of cancer, but if we were to do it over again we would definitely use the Drytech system. We've checked out their equipment and technology and found it to be superior. The Drytech system costs very little more than it cost us to build our business from scratch, and all the help they provide would
    shortcut the process tremendously. We've had our carpets cleaned by one of their successful affiliates and been pleased with the whole experience.

    I'm writing this to declare confidence in this company, and with my background perspective, I intend to become a leadfinder for them. Thank you for providing a public forum for gaining a balanced view of the company.
  6. Helpnet

    Helpnet New Member

    UPDATE: Customer Service tells me that the DryTech
    company is currently working with The Better
    Business Bureau to all meet their standards
    for approval.
  7. lilmama0500

    lilmama0500 New Member

    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SYSTEM!!!!!!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!! I fell for the ad about a year ago, and not only do they FALSLEY advertise their business, Its completely IMPOSSIBLE to make money with it unless you have a bunch of friends who want to spend over 4,000.00
    yes I repeat, 4,ooo.00 on a BIB Business in a Box. The only way you mae money off of this company is if you INVEST the 4000.000 and buy their machine and whatnot, or you get others to do it!!!!! Unless youve got both money and time to waste, I suggest you dont. Its b etter to make smaller steps and invest in affordable programs, build some cash from them, then maybe take on larger more expensive bisops. At least thats how I do it, then again, im not much of a gambler. Hope this was helpful!
  8. Helpnet

    Helpnet New Member

    To lilmama0500:

    Things have changed since you "fell for the ad."
    Dry Tech's "Business in a Box" is not just an online biz-opp investment but an actual get-your-hands-dirty, real-world occupation. And the cost has come way down to a more realistic level.

    As for the leadfinder program, I can tell you there is a definite market for would-be entrepreneurs in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business. In two weeks of very limited and inexpensive effort, I have gotten 38 leads.

    It should be noted that I am NOT using DryTech's suggested marketing methods nor using their excessively hyped materials. From my own experience in marketing, I have my own. Will any of these leads become customers? It is too soon to tell yet (this is not an instant-satisfaction process). However, I strongly suspect that if not, it will be because of the negative influence of that obsolete BBB review and websites like this one.

    Admittedly, til now this company has NOT tracked lead conversions online using 3rd party software, which would curtail the likelihood of cheating affiliates. This is the big red flag Dry Tech is still waving, and they are being urged to convert their tracking system ASAP.

    I'm involved in this because I see the potential in what this company has started. If I'm not paid honestly, I'll be out less than $300 (my total expenses so far), and a few under-employed people will be earning money from their own physical efforts. If you don't mind, I'll get back to you as things develop.
  9. hyphen

    hyphen New Member

    This sounds to me like a "sour grapes" type response. If you didn't make any money within the 90-day period you could have received your money back!!! Hush "crybaby"!!!
  10. IntegrityGroup

    IntegrityGroup New Member

    It's a scam, don't bother wasting your time with it, and do some research about legitimate ways to make money online
  11. brentr

    brentr New Member


    I am curious about your sucess regarding the "lead finder" opportunity. On May 4 you reported 38 possible leads. Would you mind giving an update.

    Thanks in advance,

  12. slhudson

    slhudson New Member

    so have you made any money doing this, i just signed up as a lead finder and hoping i did not make a mistake
  13. integrity_data

    integrity_data New Member

    Just wanted to see if you have had any success in the last month.
  14. isitanygood

    isitanygood New Member

    I am interested in the quality of the machine. Has anyone seen this machine up close and personal? Is it a piece of chinese garbage?

    I'm not afraid to spend 4k on something that can make me money in the long run but I cant find one person on the world wide web who has purchased this machine. (Aside from DT's website.)

    Anyone? Anyone?
  15. Songladydj

    Songladydj New Member

    I have been a lead finder for the last year and a half, I've purchased (From Dry Tech) thousands of postcards mail them out and other literature. No Money has come my way. I did get voucher's for $1200. off their equiment. But I'm sure not going to invest without hearing of someone thats actually used the products.
    I can buy many different brands of dry foam cleaners all day long, but they don't work as well as they advertise. So I'll need to see physical proof before I buy dry- techs chemicals.
  16. VickieC

    VickieC New Member

    Well, it sounds like b--lls--t to me. In today's world of scam, bam, thank you, ma'am, I'm not willing to risk $2.00 on the remote promise of someone's word whom I don't know. We all would like to make money "legitimately" but how ethical is this opportunity?

    Seems to me Mr. Levine wins either way. He gets $150 up front and even if you decide to not go through the program, he already has your credit card information and/or check. It will cost you more money to stop payment and/or fight to get your money back.

    Too vague and no concrete way to track your actual leads. Too easy for this company to not pay you on leads. The burden of proving you're owed commission is placed on you. And how can you possible keep track of this?

    No, I think I'll keep my $150 and spend it on something else. Buyer BEWARE!
  17. mrlionking

    mrlionking New Member

    I recieved the Dry Tech Systems letter yesterday and took the time to read it completely before going to bed. It was very convincing - the only fault I could find was "no way to track your leads" - - you must depend entirely on the integrity and honesty of the company! I am going to do some in depth research and will report my finding when I am satisfied with results. I pray they will be positive; heaven knows so many need an honest way to help ourselves in these "hard, dry Times"!
  18. jude

    jude New Member

    I recieved the same letter. I really want ti try this. Do you know if anyone has gotten paid by this yet?
  19. kkaste

    kkaste New Member

    I got the letter about becoming a lead finder and it was very appealing. However it was 'too good to be true'. I checked the wedsite out for and there was clip from Designing Spaces. On the clip was a promo for Dri-Tech Systems. They demonstrated both the carpet and the upolstry machines. They seemed to work well. I am sort of confused. They were promoting it as a good second job to make money.
  20. kkaste

    kkaste New Member

    Below is the complaints form the website from the

    Customer Complaints Summary
    33 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 yrs//11 closed in last 12 mos
    Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
    Advertising / Sales Issues 9
    Billing / Collection Issues 3
    Problems with Product / Service 20
    Delivery Issues 0
    Guarantee / Warranty Issues 1
    Total Closed Complaints 33

    Additional Complaint Information

    Complainants allege misrepresentation concerning projected income claims. People complain they are unable to generate any where near the amount of income claim in the company's advertising. Other customers complain the company fails to honor their money back guarantee, or that guarantees are deceptively worded or are not clearly disclosed at the time of purchase. A few customers complain the company failed to ship ordered supplies, or the company fails to return calls or email messages when attempting to contact them. Most complainants request refunds. The company responds to some complaints by denying responsibility for the customer, claiming they are unable to locate the customer in their database. In other cases, the company advises complainants they are not eligible for refunds due to the timeframes outlined in their agreements. In a few cases the company issued refunds or partial refunds.

    You can go to the web sit yourself to see this. But as for my self. I am not going to take the chance. I would love to make the money that was talked about but not at the expense of others or myself. Personally, I need all I have and can't afford to throw it away. However, the carpet cleaning idea is great. If someone wanted to do this all they would have to do is to research a good commercial carpet cleaner or residential carpet cleaner and invest in it. Bissel has a great one. I know because I own one and has more than returned my investment. Something to think about isn't it.[​IMG]

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