anyone familiar with Paid Surveys At Home?

Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by needsomehelp, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. needsomehelp

    needsomehelp New Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a job that pays well to work in my freetime at home. I found this website which looks too good to be true. [​IMG]
    Has anyone tried it or heard about it?
    They have an initial cost of 40$, which makes it somewhat suspicious.
    Please reply and tell me about other possibilities you have tried that are worth trying. THanks![​IMG]
  2. happygal

    happygal Member

    No No No! Never pay to take surveys. Absolutely any company (or so called company) that asks you to do that is a scam, plain and simple. They will not tell you anything that isn't already out there for the signing up for FREE.
  3. 007Dyepoy

    007Dyepoy New Member

    All programs with initial fees or cash out are to risky to join are most probably Scammers!
  4. buckeyeboy1986

    buckeyeboy1986 New Member

    I've been taking surveys and earning cash for a little over 2 years now. I've collected a variety of sites that have honestly paid me money over time for simply taking surveys. Lets be honest, you can't live off of surveys, you're just not going to make enough money, but you can earn some extra spending money. On Average i pull in around $20-$40 a month depending on how many surveys i get, qualify for, and the price paid for completeing them. The trick is to sign up with lots of sites so you get as many surveys as possible. I have Listed a bunch of sites on my site that I personally have been paid from, and I give a little review for each one. And I only sign up for free sites, I never have paid a dime to any of these sites.
  5. happygal

    happygal Member

    Very true buckleboy! I am easily signed up with over 400 free sites at this point and regularly get paid by about 30-40 of them.
  6. Looking

    Looking New Member

    I get paid with only 10 or so, but I oly signed up with 50 or so
  7. andheresjohnny

    andheresjohnny New Member

    Here are some good paid surveys tips:

    Use a free software program to automate filling out forms. These programs are great for signing up with multiple paid survey companies quickly. Many forms can be filled with one 'click', saving lots of time and typing. One of the most popular is RoboForm.

    Setup a separate email address. This should be used only for your survey business. You will be receiving a large number of paid survey opportunities daily, and it will be much easier if they're separated from your 'regular' email. Accidently deleting a $25 survey might not make you angry .. deleting a $75 one probably will.

    Keep records of your paychecks. Depending upon the law in your area, you will probably be considered an independent consultant for tax purposes. This means the IRS will be expecting you to pay taxes on your paid survey income. Keep a log of all your paychecks in case you have to pay taxes on it. All expenses associated with your paid survey business are normally tax deductible, including any subscription fees. Please check with a tax consultant for the laws in your area.

    Initially, accept every online paid survey opportunity. The idea here is to establish yourself as a reliable survey worker. Established, proven survey takers get more of the higher-dollar surveys. Once you have a track record and are getting the number of high dollar surveys you desire, then you can 'pick and choose' which surveys to answer.
  8. kristan

    kristan New Member

    I've purchased a few of these paid directories to see if they knew anything I didn't - they didn't. [​IMG] Many of the sites listed weren't survey companies at all and some were advertisers posing as survey companies. There are so many free lists available- keep your $40 in your pocket and check out some of the free lists.
  9. happygal

    happygal Member

    true true true! I wish they would all just go away and stop giving legit survey companies such a bad name!
  10. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    There are plenty of companies including Yahoo which pay you for surveys and you do not have pay any fee for joining.
  11. Kandace

    Kandace New Member

    I haven't used that particular site but I have ventured into paid surveys. Most are scams. They try to get you to sign up for other products. There are real paid surveys out there, but most will require you to submit personal information and they will contact you with surveys to participate in.

    I think that paid surveys can be profitable, but it takes a while to get your information out there and start receiving paid survey offers.
  12. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    You should never pay any amount for paid survey. There are many sites such as ciao survey, american corps, global test market . There is no registration fees here.
  13. kelseyW33

    kelseyW33 New Member

    Good advice everyone. Think about it---these companies NEED your feedback, so why should YOU pay THEM. It's a total scam. [​IMG]
  14. Money4Mommy

    Money4Mommy New Member

    I would NEVER pay to join a company like this. I have been taking surveys and completing offers online for about 2 months now and have received payment. There are legitimate websites that pay you for this service but you should never pay any fees to join. Good luck!
  15. shuey03

    shuey03 New Member

    Quoting: happygalNo No No! Never pay to take surveys. Absolutely any company (or so called company) that asks you to do that is a scam, plain and simple. They will not tell you anything that isn't already out there for the signing up for FREE.

    I second happygal. Never pay for a list of paying surveys. Stay away from Survey Scout. They are a complete rip off. I wouldn't even join a website offering surveys like Survey Club. Why give someone all your personal information when you can find websites like Survey Inferno who give you all of these companies, no questions asked?

    That's my two cents. If you have any questions, please contact me.
  16. shuey03

    shuey03 New Member

    Quoting: KandaceI haven't used that particular site but I have ventured into paid surveys. Most are scams. They try to get you to sign up for other products.

    What Kandace is referring to is a registration path. There are many of these sites out there too. They pitch you an offer like "free paid surveys" and then hit you with a million offers. They aren't evil by any means, just different.

    That is why I would stay away from any survey listing site asking for personal information, like Survey Club. Only give your information to the actual survey companies like Opinion Outpost, Greenfield Online, Ipsos iSay, etc.
  17. homeworkeruk

    homeworkeruk New Member

    The two key points you need to remember are:

    1. Never pay for information. There are plenty of free directories around providing easily as much information. Some like split them up geographically and also make it clear whether payment is cash, points or prizes so you can see which ones to apply to.

    2. Don't believe the hype about earnings. I've been doing surveys for several years and whilst I don't respond quickly enough to qualify for as many as I could which limits my earnings somewhat, I rarely earn more than ??100/$200 a month with most surveys being in the ??1-??2 range with plenty being even less than that.

    If you're looking for a few pounds/dollars then they're ideal. If you want something more, then look elsewhere.
  18. TB550

    TB550 New Member

    I found that it is easy to earn several hundred per month. The trick is to find a site that keeps it's databases up to date. That way you will be given the most survey opportunities.

    If your time is worth money, a one time sign up fee for a good site can save you a LOT of time, and is well worth it.
  19. happygal

    happygal Member

    It's not really about databases of survey sites, but about signing up with individual sites that will pay you directly...and then keeping your profiles up to date with them. I really don't think it's worth it to sign up with one site that does the sign ups for you as you aren't sure where you are signed up, how accurately, and so on.

    Take the time to do it right and do it yourself.
  20. incomefreedom

    incomefreedom New Member

    yeah i tried these things..they just email you so many things..and so time there a way it works?

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