Anyone familiar with these opportunities?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Roy56, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Roy56

    Roy56 New Member

    I have put both these names into the forum search but no results.
    Personally am new to this and have come across the following 2 companies..Polaris Global and Globalhorizons/myshoppinggenie.
    Anyone know of them, info, good, bad, etc?
  2. Roy56

    Roy56 New Member

    with lack of response would it be fair to say they are a no go?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Roy56, give it alittle more time to get a response. I myself have not heard of these names. How did you come across them?
  4. taz87

    taz87 Member

    It is up to you but with no response at all whether good or bad ,personally I would move on.
  5. annalaurab

    annalaurab Member

    I've heard of my shopping genie before. I can't remember the specifics but I don't think it was good. I would look for something else.
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    There are so many opportunities online that it is pretty amazing.

    I can not tell you if they are legitimate or not. Do some more research on Google to see if you can find anything good or bad about them.

  7. jeffohora

    jeffohora New Member

    While legitimacy is certainly a factor- a criteria even, it is by no means the determining factor.

    The very fact that there is so little information about either of these so-called "opportunities" in and of itself raises the proverbial "red flag".

    What it does however tell you is that these two "opportunities"- and I use that term very loosely with these two is that they are likely extremely narrow in scope and vision; meaning they are founded on the premise of someone or somb persons getting a quick run at riches and you will be left holding the bag. And in terms of income in your bank account, that bag will be empty.
  8. JanHickling

    JanHickling New Member

    There are so many wonderful, reputable companies that have a good track record. I suggest you choose one of them. Find an industry that interests you and forget about "opportunities" or "pre-launches".

    There are a lot of great things going with network marketing but it's not a free ride. It's work but worth every minute of it

    Jan Hickling
  9. taz87

    taz87 Member

    I agree with JanHickling, those who succeed online are the ones who chose something and stick to it, NOT those who jump from the next "hot thing" to the next when it doesn't work...that is something all the "gurus" will always fail to tell you [​IMG]

  10. shaun

    shaun New Member

    regarding Polaris Global

    pop over to this blog - and search for it
    also search for polaris on aswell

    LOADS of info there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. anthony2313

    anthony2313 Member

    I've heard of myshoppinggenie and seen some banners around the internet but don't remember what the company was about.
  12. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Just Completed a Fiverr gig for a shopping genie client.

    It appears you download an app or software program and it finds the best price for whatever you are looking for.

    Of course it generates commission I somehow and that is distributed those that give away the app/software.

    I'm pretty sure thats right, the guy liked his ads so i assume i got it right.


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