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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by n06bills, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. n06bills

    n06bills New Member

    i came across and was wondering if anyone has heard of it? i've asked a lot of people but i haven't gotten anything. if anyone knows about it let me know.
  2. kristan

    kristan New Member is a incentivized advertising site- You're paid to signup for/try products (called sponsored offers). It is a legitimate site that is currently paying.
  3. MeaghanLeanora

    MeaghanLeanora New Member

    Yes, I love prizebook! They have really great promotions too. For example they are giving away 50 42" plasma TVs, one to a person in each state, and since the site is fairly new, there are not many people to compete against! If you would like to join the site, please use my referral link (email me at for it.

    If you'd rather not give me a referral, the site is

  4. FreeCashPro

    FreeCashPro New Member

    Yes, PrizeBook has since gone out of business owing thousands of dollars to its formerly loyal member base. They ended up cutting out on me with my hard earned $43. The site had become a total scam in the last 3 months of its existence. Steer clear!
  5. Gazillion

    Gazillion New Member

    PrizeBook is surprisingly back in business !?! They scammed me out of 37 bucks way back when (years.) Don't trust theses people!

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