Anyone here ever see a chiropractor?

Discussion in 'Health' started by Rosie1, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever visited a Chiroprator?

    In the past, I have heard all the horror stories of people going to one, and then ending up with more spinal problems or injuries. Recently, though, there seems to be more stories of people actually finding relief from their injuries and pain. In my research, I have concluded that more medical insurances are covering chiroprators. Just 10 years ago, it seemed not many popular insurance companies covered visits to the chiroprator.

    In October, I finally caved and went to see a chiropractor in my area. I have had back problems for a while now and honestly working from home on the computer again seemed to be aggravating old injuries. Ugh. Well, I have found at least some pain relief which is quite more than any medicine or physical therapy has done in the past. At least it is a holistic measure as opossed to the lovely medical procedure I would have needed[​IMG]

    What has been your experience??
  2. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    I'm all for them and have used them many times they can be a great help and are a great alternative to doctors who only want to use drugs and surgery which is there only option.

    Of course, there are bad ones and good ones like anything else it would be best if one gets a referral so that they know they're in good hands.

    I also use acupuncture and it really works too if you get a good one.
  3. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    Thanks Sonni for your input!

    Hmm, I have never tried acupuncture before, so that's a good idea too.

    I have definately seen a change since starting with the chiropractor. On a side note, I have my mother going to him now as well and he has helped her back and knee problems tremendously[​IMG]
  4. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Rosie,

    Back in the 90's and early 2k's I went to several chiros. I ran across two that were excellent but the rest were rough. I always suggested that they do a quick deep tissue massage along the spine before starting with adjustments and to be gentle with the adjustments.

    Last thing I wanted was an injury of the spine.

    I've tried a lot of what you might refer to as New Age stuff. I even did 10 sessions of Rolfing (heavy duty deep tissue work) at $85 per session. Not sure if the price has since gone up.

    Now I prefer a medium pressure deep tissue full body massage. Among other things, it really loosens up the spinal area.

    I also like to meditate and get some aerobics (alternating martial arts, walking, jogging, biking, and swimming) as well as some muscle strengthening in on a regular basis. Good diet is a must and so is stretching. The lot is a bit time consuming but well worth it.

    It's a good idea to eat low on the food chain (I've been a vegetarian for years), to watch carb intake, and to go easy on the junk food.

    Interesting to hear that your mom got some help for her knees from a chiro.

    Sonni is right - avoid back surgery at all costs. At the risk of stating the obvious, if you consult with a surgeon, he will suggest surgery [​IMG] I know a few people that regret having had neck and back surgery.

    Acupuncture can be good. It's best to get it from a chiro that has been practicing Tai Chi for several years and is into the whole Tai Chi philosophy (chi, meridians, etc).

    ~Newbie Shield~
  5. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    Ah, Sounds like we are on the same page Newbie!

    I changed my diet about 5 years ago due to other health issues. I started out eating gluten-free, but now I eat mostly organic and non-processed foods. A good diet does wonders for the body, I can attest to that! I have thought about going vegetarian as well. But, I do enjoy seafood and fish to much. At least the change has benefited my husband and son-they had to catch on quick[​IMG]

    I also use supplements as oppossed to chemical vitamins.

    Excercise (run/strength train) is my crutch for stress and I meditate as well.

    Spreading the word on healthy dieting (though I really don't consider this a diet-rather a life change) is sooo impossible. People think I'm just obsessed. But really, I wish someone had told me what I know now years ago!

    It's always nice to know someone who has the same mind-set!
  6. RyanMis

    RyanMis Guest

    I love my chiropractor. He does a fantastic job. He also teaches me about certain form and posture in the gym that I didn't know about in my 20 plus years experience.
  7. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    I have been going to a chiropractor for year's. If you find a good one, it is well worth it. I have some ongoing issues due to a couple of car accidents and a bad fall last year. Going to the chiropractor frequently for the first month or two after an injury is necessary, then maintainence is once every month to two months depending on your needs. It has helped me tremendously and is much better than taking medication!!!

    I know this is asking about chiropractor's, but I have found that walking and some basic yoga poses in addition to this is very beneficial.
  8. drtcdutton

    drtcdutton New Member

    Hi there! I can totally relate to your concerns. But, I must say that now I am a believer. I was hit from behind in my car in 1995. I was stopped in a long line of traffic at a red light and the woman 2 cars behind my was speeding at 67mph while putting on her lovely red lipstick. Well she hit the beautiful Caddilac behind me and the Caddy hit my Nissan. What a mess! The Caddy was totalled and the poor woman in the Caddy got a fractured foot. I was right out of my residency at the time and still paying on my Nissan; it was drivable but barely. Well, very long story short. I suffered at work that day until I could hardly see to do surgery, I went to my physician and wanted to give me pain meds, I told him I needed the problem fixed and not masked. My husband (a firm believer in Chiropracters) then suggested that I see his doc. The Chiropracter told me based on the xrays that I had VERY severe wip-lash and proceded to adjust me. I was in even Worse pain when I left, but he assured me that I would be better by the next day. I was really doubting it. But, you know, what? He was right. I was able to return to work PAIN FREE. After that I was a believer. But I will caution you. Ask patients and listen to the "buzz," they are not all created equal--different methods, techniques and experience, too. I hope this helped.
  9. 10YearsPlusWAHM

    10YearsPlusWAHM New Member

    I used to think they were quacks. Now I'd be delighted if my children became Chiros.

    The difference is my first experience was with a quack. He touch my spine with a pen or pencil as part of the exam, and I passed out. He freaked, and refused to provide any more care!

    A few years ago my husband was injured in a 4 car crash on the freeway. His aches didn't go away, and a friend recommended this guy. He is a graduate of (David Palmer is the father of chiropractic.) I've been to a few others, and Palmer grads are definitely the best trained!

    You can get a referral from their website. Just tell them where you are located. They will email you a list.

    One thing you have to understand. Sometimes you are going to get a little worse, feel a little lousy, as you move forward in healing. Sounds strange, I know.

    Think of it this way: if your body was healing incorrectly, the doctor has to realign the bones so you heal correctly. If he didn't, you may get some relief, and you could also have a re-lapse down the road. Or even persistent pain. And your chiro may require you to stop exercising during treatment. If your muscles are pulling the bones in the wrong ways, he needs those muscles to be relaxed and allow for more flexibility with the bones. After everything is staying where it should, you can return to excercise again.

    Hope you get well soon!
  10. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    I already posted in response to this thread once, but today I was at my Orthopedic Surgeon due to Worker's Compensation injury I had about 9 month's ago. I am realized by WC now, and ironically, the dr. suggested I see a chiropractor! Now you do not hear that alot from Orthopedi Surgeon's. I much prefer more natural method's than injections.

    One thing he mentioned, that I am aware of, but other's should be as well, is to make sure you referral's from friend's or your dr. There are some chiropractor's that specialize in the accident victim and do alot more tests, x-rays, MRI's, etc. than may be necessary.

    I also have found that alternating deep tissue with the chiropractor works great, and it does help loosen up your muscles before seeing a chiropractor for an adjustment.
  11. 10YearsPlusWAHM

    10YearsPlusWAHM New Member

    Anna, are you in SoCal? I could tell you mine is.

    I would go to and ask for a referral. Tell them what you need. They may know if their students have specialities. Your doctor is right, chiros do have specialties.

    You can also call them and interview them on the phone. I find asking "what do you specialize in" versus leading them with "I need someone..." lets you know immediately if they are for you.

    Also, with your situation, some who uses body mechanics would be good, because they take 'the hip bone connected to the leg bone' approach, that is an overall view of what is going on and where the pain is originating from.

    Keep us posted!
  12. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    Wow! It is so great to see I'm not alone in this[​IMG] My chiropractor has been great and its funny how I know its time to go back for an adjustment. Everything just feels off. It's a shame though I went so long with the pain before letting down my guard to see my doc. What a total difference! You know, it is crazy too what a person will learn to live with for so long..I hear so many stories like mine!
  13. 10YearsPlusWAHM

    10YearsPlusWAHM New Member

    Oh yeah! The other night I was stretched out on the couch, and my leg rolled outward...apparently too far! It felt fine at the time, but the last two days - WOW! Or should say OW! LOL Something's definitely not right in the hip connection.

    I'd go today, but I know he's closed!

    So bummed. I'm hobbling around like George H Bush on Tuesday, with out the cane, LOL.
  14. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    [​IMG] I know the hobbling!

    Last night I was laying with my son on our pull out couch-He has the lovely stomach bug going around-I went to move and my back just grabbed me. Its one of those, "am I going to be able to move or be stuck like this forever" kind of pull. Uck.

    Hopefully, he will be better tomorrow so I can go b/c my chiro isnt open on the weekends!
  15. bdkfreedom

    bdkfreedom New Member

    I too have had a couple of back injuries within the past 3 months, and yes it can be very aggrevating! I immediately went to see a chiropractor and at first it didn't seem to get any better BUT over time my injury slowly vanished. That does mean that I was heating and icing every night and not doing anything obviously too strenuous. I am now back in the gym working out with no discomfort whatsoever!
  16. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    The key is finding a good chiropractor. If you do you will benefit. Mine has helped me a ton. Also doing some workouts to strengthen your core and abs will help also. I also hang upside down from hang up. This really stretches my back and feels really good.
  17. Phil Stones

    Phil Stones New Member

    Obviously some mixed views here - I think it depends on the chiropracter concerned - my experience - It didn'thelp my lower back pain one bit - but the visits proved expensive! I just learnt to do things different, exercised to strengthen core muscle groups and it has gradually eased over the past 5 years.
  18. jimmyk007

    jimmyk007 New Member

    Some of the "horror stories" about them might have some truth to them. But so do some doctors ho have been mistaken as well.

    My friend is a chiropractor and he has already helped and satisfied a lot of his costumers with his practice.

    I think it all depends on the Chiropractor. But I'm sure it's a cheaper way so might as well consider the risks.
  19. greeeeeeep

    greeeeeeep New Member

    I had to have 3 adjustments a week for two months.
    My insurance only covered 2 months.
    I must say i think they are great,and you will only feel discnfort,if
    you tighten up. Just let Doc do his think.
    Did you know that a Chiroprator has more training, than a
    Medical Doctor.
    If you sit for long periods,you need to get you Spine alighned
    every 2 months.
  20. jeffathome

    jeffathome New Member

    I had a great experience with my chiropractor. I would say you definitely want a referral for this one. I had chronic heartburn for about a year and a half and it was cured in one visit to the chiropractor.

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