Anyone is here from the EMGOLDEX?

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    I just joined EMGOLDEX and would like your opinion about this business.
    German company Gold & Silver Physical Metals is engaged in trade of an investment precious metals in bars, namely: gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company buys and sells bars only of a large weight, ranging from 1000 grams, and also provides them for safekeeping in a Certified vaults of Switzerland, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.
    In 2010, on the territory of UAE, Dubai, the Gold & Silver Physical Metals company opened an online store EMGOLDEX on trade of an investment bars of gold smaller in sizes from 1 gram to 100 grams of pure gold with a content of 999,9 world famous manufacturer of Emirates Gold DMCC.
    To expand the market and increasing sales, this company has developed and adopted new business model, which has embodied in the Goldex program .
    The model is a specially designed system based on a mathematical algorithm. A specially designed computer program provides an opportunity to carry out and complete the cycles of purchases and sales of gold bars with the participation of the buyers, thereby expanding the market worldwide.
    Now everyone who wants to have an investment gold, has an opportunity to get an order for the purchase and sale of an investment gold and participate in the Goldex program. In addition, the Buyer shall fulfill an easy, minimal conditions of the program available to all segments of the population. To involve only two new customers.
    Sales System, developed by the experts of Gold & Silver Physical Metals includes the best elements of modern marketing.
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    As I see nobody have heard about this business...But it is very well developed in Europe and specially in Russia and Ukraine. People have built large structures there and have been earning very good money...
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    I am an Emgoldex client. Many things have changed since the past post in this thread (mid november 2013) regarding this company. I just update some info here:

    Emgoldex is nowdays a company with over 500.000 clients in around 210 countries worldwide. It's been in the business over 4 years while Gold & Silver Physical Metals (its parent company) has been running business for over 8 years.

    Through a loyalty program based on obtaining bonds by the recommendation of clients (minimum 2 clients), Emgoldex offers you the opportunity to get repeatedly 7,000 Euros in 24-carat gold ingots by making a single prepayment of gold of 150€, 540€ or 1.050€. It also gives you the option to get additional bonds (pasive income) creating and leading your own team of clients. Their program is a clever combination of matrix marketing and multi level marketing.

    I have really good expectations with this company :).

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