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  1. Natalie

    Natalie New Member

    I have decided to join today and wanted to know if I am making the right decision?Please,only comments from people who have actually joined themselves and know first hand!
    I don't want to hear guesses.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Usually "type at home" jobs are either highly over-rated or scams. They typically aren't what they appear to be...
  3. maxine

    maxine Guest

    I have some experience with since I just signed up with them recently.
    They want you to promote websites by placing ads so that's what i've been doing.I placed about 50 free ads or so online before I seen my first deposit which made me relieved.I have gotten 5 or 6 more this week so now I can say it's definitely
    not a scam.I have a newborn so don't have that much free time but when I do I'm going to put a lot more effort into this job.[​IMG]
  4. travell99

    travell99 New Member

    I dont think they are scams, but the ones that are genuine pay peanuts for a heck load of work.

    First you have to register at around 100 websites, then you need to confirm your registration (which means clicking on another 100 links) then you have to fill out forms at around another 100 odd sites etc etc and you get paid $5-10 for all this hardwork.

    I'd rather work smart than be a donkey!
  5. marcy

    marcy Guest

    Hi Travell99,

    That is true when you do ptr or ptc sites.
    but like maxine said, I also joined
    and you do get alot more then $5-$10 per month.
    I found the site through a paid to click website I was doing.
    I was tired of clicking all day for basically pennies.
    I have only been with for 8 days and made $84 and some change.
    Go figure? Haha..
  6. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member


    The posts by maxine and marcy above are from same IP addresses and I'm pretty sure they are not genuine. I have deleted both the members but have kept their posts. Such posts are often shoddy tactics used by companies to spread out good word about them. It backfired here!

    OK, the post creator natalie also has the same IP [​IMG]

    And also a user named ginaboyer elsewhere praising
  7. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    OK, apparently my actions seem to have irked them (and maybe give them some sleepless nights) and someone has posted this on Yahoo! Answers [​IMG]
  8. samda

    samda Member

    Of course these fellows have to be thrown away from the forum. Good move from Vishal. Well Apreciated.......
  9. samda

    samda Member

    Vishal P. Rao: ginaboyer elsewhere praising

    I hope this is the scam site. I have read some reviews stating that they are scams. So users be away from the site.....
  10. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Lol...Candice really comes of as immature, disturbed, and uneducated in the yahoo answers post.

    I doubt anyone will take her seriously. She just looks like a spaz. It was entertaining though [​IMG]

    ~Newbie Shield~
  11. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Oh least Vishal was able to see through it.
  12. travell99

    travell99 New Member

    LOL typing for a living, people still fall for all that nonsense ?

    funny part is - show them something really legitimate and worth working, and BAH is all they are gonna shout!

    Well we all know where such morons head with regards to their IM career / hopes ....
  13. RAUL

    RAUL New Member

    So go ahead and take the time now and send that e-mail to me Alternatively, return back to my capture page and complete the sign up process here Believe me, You can rest assured that this is a Totally Legitimate, Ethical program that works Exactly as we say it does. You will be able to begin immediately after registration and you "Will" make money. There is no downside to you but there is an INCREDIBLE UPSIDE for you and your loved ones. Does $100;s each month to start, followed by$1,000's each month, later followed by $1,000's each week excite you? I hope so because that's "Exactly" what's waiting for you. So go ahead, take the time now and send that e-mail to me. I'll be waiting. If you can't take a personal interest in your own financial future then your beyond all help and you deserve what happens to you and i'm am "NOT" going to waste my time and contact you further. It's Your life and YOU have to determine if you want to live it in Pleasure or, in Misery. Please think about the following statement for a minute as it's the creed that all successful people live by. I didn't invent it, but I can attest, that it's Very True. Whatever The Mind Can Conceive & Believe it Can Achieve! If you live your life by that statement, then you too will get Everything in life that you want. It's time to make a decision - Do you want Successor, Misery. It's a Choice for you to make. You can make Money or, Make EXCUSES! If you want "Success" then contact me..Regards,

    [Link, signature removed. Please update signature through profile - Admin]
  14. Panda

    Panda New Member

    Beware any website company like this that is registered to an individual, not a company:

    Domain Name: TYPISTJOBS.NET

    Aaron Roberts (3797464486) (
    4908 redwood drive
    Tel. +0.6263312901
    Fax. +0.1234


    Also watch out on this one that supposedly passed a "scam test" on FPR.

    Domain Name: MAKE-N-DOLLARS.COM

    Darren Reed (
    5684 willow
    los angeles
    Tel. +0.8003312901
  15. vicky221084

    vicky221084 New Member

    I dont know why there is no legitimate site offering data entry or such type of work?

    Why we always end up getting scam everywhere?

    Why there is no regulation to keep an eye on such frauds and scams ?

    [Post edited - Admin]
  16. IraqiVetWife

    IraqiVetWife New Member

    Panda: Beware any website company like this that is registered to an individual, not a company:

    Domain Name

    Aaron Roberts (3797464486) (
    4908 redwood drive
    Tel. +0.6263312901
    Fax. +0.1234
    This statement could not be more misleading. For example. My husband and I registered a domain name, but we don't own Amsoil, we are Franchise-Dealer owners.

    By this advice, no one would ever join any home based business with a "sponsor" program.

    Thank God all I have to worry about is finding athletes to sponsor and stores to carry product for residual income.
  17. janay

    janay New Member

    my name is janay Anderson, i recently just got scamed by MAKE-N-dollars. once you join them, you are actually signing up for a paypal account, there using a fraud advertisement which is make -n-dollars as a way to get you to sign up for a paypal account.If you are looking for a work from home data entry job, do not go to make-n-dollars or typist jobs they are both scams trust me i did them and got scamed im very disappointed.
  18. jkys

    jkys New Member

    Vishal P. Rao
    Great job checking that out and very happy your shared with everyone that vital information. and glad you exposed the truth, I'm even happier that in doing so you "ruffled their decietful little feathers". Thanks Vishal[​IMG]

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