Anyone know anything about Skinny Body Care?

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  1. bcm85

    bcm85 New Member

    Anyone involved with Skinny Body Care? The company sells a weight loss product that's supposed to make you fill full with something called Glucomannan. It has a few other ingredients too that are supposed to help burn fat.

    I see there is a lot of buzz about it and the company claims a person can make $1,600 without even recruiting or selling because of something called spillover.

    Anyone with the company on here making any money? Any thoughts?

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    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    bcm85, what have you researched on it so far? I have'nt heard of them myself. I would be very cautious if someone from the company made that kind of claim. You can learn about terminology and more from a website called network-marketing-business-school dot com. All free information and no signing up for anything to access it. Anyway, weightloss products are hot right now and other categories as well. In the meantime, if you have'nt already done so, do some research on nutrition or how the body works in relation to weightloss if you want to get into that area. Or even ask questions on this forum.
  3. WAH Mom

    WAH Mom New Member

    I am going to be completely honest. I joined Skinny Body a few weeks ago. I told myself that I would order the product and if it worked (I was skeptical) I would promote it. Besides, there was a money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose. Well, I got it in the mail within 3 days. I didn't start taking it immediately. Once I started taking it, I noticed that it helped stabilized my blood sugar. I am hypoglycemic. Then after a week, I lost 2 pounds. I know that people probably think it's a scam, but no matter what, I will continue to use it.

    I would post proof of payment of my partner and some before and after pictures of my team mates on this board but I don't know if that's allowed. If you want me to email you these pics, just send me a message.

    Anyway, this is my experience. I was highly skeptical, but I'm in. I mean I don't have anything to lose because I love the product. I did research on the ingredients and even Dr. Oz calls one of the main ingredients the weight loss pill of 2010.

    It has some other ingredients. I can't remember the names right now, but I researched them and they are appetite suppressants.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Yes, there are other ingredients (appetite suppressants and such) out there that have the same effect. They have different levels of effectiveness dependent on various factors like combinations and potency. Weightloss is BIG right now too. Other than that, like i mentioned before, if there was a claim on the earnings as you stated, i would be very cautious. Do you understand the compensation plan? At least fundamentally?
  5. yahsuccess

    yahsuccess New Member

    I have been a distributor since December ... love it ... the comp plan does work. I know you have all heard this before but I have been on the internet seriously since 2005. Many failures but the successes keep me going. Skinny has lived up to expectations. Just google "youtube skinny body care" to do some research. Good luck to you and may prosperity be with you! ~bv
  6. eaglegene

    eaglegene Member

    So far in a matter of days i now have 4663 Pre-Enrollees and 117 PAID Members in my POWERLINE. If i do the paid membership how much could i expect my 1st check to be?
  7. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    WAH Mom: after a week, I lost 2 pounds. I know that people probably think it's a scam
    ALL weight loss products are bogus.

    WAH Mom: no matter what, I will continue to use it.
    Really? Even if it's found to contribute to physical health issues, as EVERY weight loss product does?

    RICH4NURICHE: Weightloss is BIG right now too.
    Weight loss and drugs.
    Biggest legal money makers today!

    Sell them and you'll likely profit.

    USE them (enough) and your health will suffer.

    Live right, eat right and exercise.
    It's the only safe way!
  8. totojerry

    totojerry Member

  9. eaglegene

    eaglegene Member

    I never joined since i didnt get a response. I do tend to agree with tjam though, it does appear the comp plan for skinny body is good, on paper anyways. But till someone gets back to me with verifiable proof i will just stand on the sidelines and keep an eye on the product and its benefits, both financial & physical....
  10. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    eaglegene: I do tend to agree with tjam though, it does appear the comp plan for skinny body is good, on paper anyways.
    Yeah, it's a shame folx here seem to only be concerned with making money.

    They don't seem to care if the product is dangerous or not.
  11. dothistoday

    dothistoday New Member

    I have heard good things about the product, but it concerns me that their websites all lead with the opportunity instead of the product. It is even difficult to find information about the product unless you opt-in.
  12. ronniebranch

    ronniebranch Member

    I made a review on Skinny body care just go on youtube you should find it. I don't recommend this program personally and if you find my review you'll know why.

  13. TJamMoneyMan

    TJamMoneyMan Well-Known Member

    ronniebranch: go on youtube you should find it.
    Shouldn't you give the youtube search/keywords?
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    If I recall skinny body's compensation plan of a straight line only paid so much on the first 3 levels for the minimum product purchase which wasn't enough to cover the monthly cost.

    The lure of people get in and get in line and get paid is correct but only so far. I remember Mandura had this same type of promo but only paid 3 levels on a one bottle of juice a month. Therefore all the people in your straightline meant nothing unless people stepped up and paid for a minimum of $100 a month, and really need to pay $200 month, to potentially max out the comp plan and "all" of the straight line downline (assuming they were all on $100 a month plan).

    The bottom line is understand the comp plan and what it takes to get paid. Here's a key threshold to consider when look at comp plans of opportunities, ask yourself what does it take to earn $1000 monthly.

    While, unfortunately most people in most mlm can't adequately answer that question about their biz, but when you do that it will give you a projection of team/sales that needs to be in place to earn 4 figures. And should help give you a good analysis of the comp plan.
  15. ImprovedLife

    ImprovedLife New Member

    I have been in SBC since the 1st wk of July.

    I just made it to the bronze level & now I'm eligible to earn the 50% matching bonus...I get 50% of what everyone on my team, above me or below me earns each month. 50% on each person...not as a team over all.

    To make bronze I needed to enrollee 3 distributors or preferred customers. For each person you enroll, you receive $25 paid the next week ...doesn't matter if they enroll as a distributor or as a customer. I like that...I get paid on both options & can advance up the ranks with the combo of both options.

    To make it to the gold level & beyond, I will need to help my 3 people upgrade their accounts...for the customers, ask them to become distributors. For the distributors, help them find their 3 people to enroll. Pretty basic MLM. But what I think is different is how easy it is.

    You advance to a new rank each time the people below you fill their matrix of 3 people.

    The spill over is mostly for people who are going to join & never do any promoting. Once my matrix is full 7 levels deep, my extra enrollees will start to fill the spots of the people that are not actively promoting. That can take 6-12 months & SBC is very honest about explaining this when you sign up. And there are people that are earning that way. I wouldn't want to b/c you can earn faster & more if you put in the work. But to each his own. That is what the Company Momentum page is telling many people are pre-enrolled, how many are paid members. You will benefit from those numbers if you do nothing & sit around & wait 6 months to a yr for that matrix to fill competely.

    Another thing that is different about SBC is our support. The team I am on has a private Facebook page. If there is anything you can't find an answer to in the basic training...go there & you'll find it with in minutes! I love that!

    Our 3 ingredients are
    Glucomannan...solulable fiber that expands to 50% it's size in your stomach to make you feel fuller faster.

    Caralluma...a member of the cactus family. It blocks new fat from forming & will release blocked fat toxins.

    Cha de to stimulate metabolism & burns fat for energy.

    The cost to join is $75. That is $65 for the bottle of Skinny Fiber & $10 for your distributor fee. To stay active you need to keep ordering Skinny Fiber for $60 each month. You can put it on autoship. We have a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee.

    I hope I have answered most of the questions here. I really enjoy promoting & talking about Skinny Body Care. It's the first business I've been in where the people above me actually care & want me to succeed. I'm in daily contact w/my leaders as well as other team members & we all give tips & hints to each other to take us to the next level.
  16. ImprovedLife

    ImprovedLife New Member

    One other thing I thought of:

    We have 7 different websites we promote. 5 of them deal with the business side of Skinny Body Care & 2 are just to promote Skinny Fiber. That is why you see some that lead w/the business, but there are the 2 others that are used to specifically reach people wanting to lose weight or detox. They are of course advertised in different areas than the places you will find adverts for work at home jobs.
  17. eaglegene

    eaglegene Member


    How has the product worked for you? How long have you been taking it?
  18. ImprovedLife

    ImprovedLife New Member

    I received my bottle 4 days after I signed up & started taking it that day. So I just completed my 4th full week on it.

    With in the first 6 days I lost 5 lbs. That is really all I wanted to lose, so now I take 1/2 the dosage daily as a maintence program.

    I feel really good since I've been taking it. I have a chronic virus called Epstein Barr that is like have constant mono & the detox effect of the Caralluma has helped me feel better & the char de bugre's slight stimulant affect keeps me from feeling so fatigued!
  19. eaglegene

    eaglegene Member

    Thanks for the update and i wish you continued success with SBC. Sounds like the product is benefitting you so far....
  20. ImprovedLife

    ImprovedLife New Member

    You are very welcome! And thank you for the well wishes!

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