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    As one who is always researching interesting and new programs to earn while you learn, this one caught my interest given I already have gold and silver in my investment portfolio. Anyone familiar with the metals market knows dealers charge over spot prices and this can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on your personal purchase.

    Simply put, now you can purchase at wholesale dealer rates without being a dealer or expending the high cost to become a registered gold and silver dealer. Sure makes sense to me, for I see the U.S. dollar is doomed once inflation kicks into high gear next year. With the collapsing economies worldwide, I predict gold and silver will hit new highs in the coming year. The house of cards U.S. economy is doomed as long as fed keeps printing more and more funny money called the U.S. dollar.

    Given most of my friends and relatives knew I was a gold and silver hawk, never mind coin collector, I was always being asked who or where I purchased my metals from. Well, as we all know on this forum, it is all about referral income, so this just made good common sense to check P.O.W. out. The new MLM division caught my interest for now I can recommend to those who ask who I purchase my gold and silver from, and earn more gold and silver just by referring others, never mind the opportunity to earn commissions.

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    I have never reviewed this program before, but my husband does buy silver eagles every year, does some coin collecting including some of the silver commemoratives. I've gone with him to a couple of large coin shows now, so am somewhat familiar with a fair price over spot. I briefly checked the price of silver from a couple of dealers we use and you are right, this is a good price.
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    I have seen the commercials and wondered how this is possible, and after looking at this website it now makes sense. I am interested in digging further into may be something that I invest in down the road....

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    As with all business opportunties, the proof is in the delivery, and I have just recieved my first Gold Eagle coin order, and was impressed, all was exactly as presented, no typical hidden fees or charges not clearly expressed. Shipping with insurance was lowest in the industry, and I have purchased from all the major silver and gold dealers over the years.

    What I like is the fact you can become a customer or a dealer, and prices for retail are also extremely competitive, but for those looking to build your own holdings, dealer prices are lowest I have found anywhere in the world. If you choose to build a team as a dealer, you could easily earn your own gold and silver to create your own security and preservation of wealth. With gold and silver recently bottoming out, there is no better time than now to add it to your own portfolio.

    Good luck,

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    Gold and silver have moved up dramatically this past week, and for good reason, more world economics is more unstable than ever with Egypt going into civil war, never mind the middle east as a whole is in turmoil. I follow world economics very closely and never has there been a better time than now to jump on gold and silver bandwagon.

    Good luck,
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    Can someone compare this opportunity to another one I just heard of, KARATBAR ?
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    I know someone that is in the biz. If you like a networking biz with gold and silver Preservation of Wealth has been around. You buy a membership to get the silver and gold at good prices, is my understanding.

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    I have been investing in gold and silver for years, and it always comes down to price given the fact that all similar coins will be the same. My interest was in purchasing at wholesale, so once you compare prices, this is where POW comes out on top. Sure, both offer income opportunities, but as I have learned, it all starts with value first and foremost.

    Best of success,
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    I was checking out karatbar site last week, it look interesting but I did some research and discovered they were charging a $20.00 dollar premium per gram of gold so I pass on them. I am currently checking out another similar company, they sell their gold and silver at wholesale price. if I join with them I will post my thoughts about this company.

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    Agreed, I research them all, and since I was mostly interested in the wholesale prices of gold and silver, not so much the business opportunity, I skipped all those which charge a premium on personal purchases. In fact, I was buying gold and selling on eBay and making a quick $60.00 and still beating the others who listed, so this was a good sign that no one was selling for less.

    Good luck,

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