Anyone seen average joe marketer?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by SwiftatHome, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. SwiftatHome

    SwiftatHome New Member

    So I've gottenthis link about 4 times in the last 5 days. I'm skeptical of it but was wondeirng if anyone else had experience with it. I don't think it's associated with the Average Joe Income package.

    One reason I'm skeptical is because the offer says it'll expire at midnight - Everyday.

    Any thoughts or experience with it would be appreciated.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    First of all, that "expire at midnight" stuff is a load of crap!

    I've done a little research from the thread below, and a different product with a similar name looks pretty good. Its called the Average Joe Income Package, and it costs less than the one you mentioned:
  3. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    The expire at midnight thing is a lie... just a marketing strategy. I've never heard about this program before, kinda sounds like a rip off of the average joe income package. Hmm.. i'll do more research on it.
  4. 040107

    040107 Member

    I Average Joe Marketer and Average Joe Income isn't the same thing.

    Average Joe Marketer is more focused on niche marketing. [​IMG]
  5. Gap2007

    Gap2007 New Member

    IThe Creator of the Average Joe Income Package and he didnt create the Average Joe Marketer. I have heard bad things about the Average Joe Marketer though. I found out about the Average Joe Marketer about a month and a half after the release of the Average Joe Income Package.
  6. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Well well, let's digress a bit shall we...?

    I'm hopelessly dumbfounded why people like jonapp bother to set up review sites for these popular ebooks. I mean it's like total nonsensical.

    Why do we even need a review of the book at all in the first place?

    We have great forums like this, we have online discussions all around the net, and most importantly, we have the money back guarantee. Why bother to ask around when what you have to do is to buy it, try it, and see for yourself? I mean isn't the rising gravity in or clickbank marketplace saying something about this product?

    And seriously speaking, you want to write a review, establish yourself first, who would bother listening to if you're a nobody? Don't make it sound like you guys (probably it's just you only) put in a lot of money and effort to review the books - I can review them all in a day's work. They're almost always talking about the same thing. Then show us YOUR results - I don't need your rating, recommendations, benefits, I want to see YOUR results. Show us yr adsense cheque. your clickbank cheque. your clickbank account overview. your ebay earnings. don't just say it. show it to us.

    Well I would just wanna comment that the ones that really helped me were APX and DJK and my story is here: [Link removed - Admin]

    And I get more skeptical when I learned that this "review sites" technique is actually found in one of the popular affiliate marketing handbooks. You know, that's the problem with possessing too many of these books. You tend to see everything as a marketing technique, and may choose to pass on some great products.

    But the real deal about affiliate marketing is really to be able to distinguish a good and a bad product. That's the key to niche D&D (discovery and domination) and what many people miss out on. Do you really need all these books to tell you where to find? Open your eyes man people, go flip your magazines, go flip your local newspaper, go online and find out for yourself exactly what are the latest trends or what products are going to be hot soon in (it's a great place to earn trust me).

    So it's gonna take a lot more work to really impress me (well you don't have to, I'm just commenting) if you really wanna do a thorough review on the book, otherwise save your energy pls!

    Why don't I want to come out with a review site myself?

    Because there would be more people like *yours truly* that would comment on them. It just wouldn't work.

    Check out the truth behind the review sites in my latest episode "Exposed" down there in my signage.

    Average Joe Marketer IS a good product, but to know it, you must really try it yourself. I don't care if you buy through my link or not, hell you can jolly well buy through your own link, but matter is you must try it out yourself, otherwise it's really no use.

    Thanks for reading my post.
  7. Son4t4

    Son4t4 New Member

    Hello there ping botan,

    Are you offering any help if i were to start on what you are recommending?
  8. jonnap

    jonnap New Member

    pingbotan: I don't know why or even if people like me actually do make review sites.
    But I do know why I did. It's because I spent over half a year trying to find something that actually works, now that I have found them, I want to share it with others. Maybe someone else won't have to search so long. Is that so wrong or a scam?
  9. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Well, I would stick to my recommendations in my web site which unfortunately the link has been pulled away by admin. (it's actually just my signage + /index.html)

    Which are either APX or DJK. Those are the two books that helped me start off. But basically what I want to emphasize for the world of internet marketing in 2007 that it's really getting tougher and tougher to do, but people are still making money from it. Why?

    When you check out the gravity for say, Guru Slayer, u see a high 200-300. But who are the ones who really make the money? It's the so called "gurus" out there who actually are friends of each other and they let each other know of their books way before it'll be launch so that they will have a lot of time to prepare bonuses like "exlusive interview - u'll get it no where!" to entice their already very established mailing lists and when the book launches, that's when they really earn a bunch.

    That's why I say, it doesn't matter which book u get - after reading through u basically get the rough idea, but to me, simply, the most singluar IMPORTANT thing is really to be ahead of others. Do your research at joint ventures website. Do your research at google. Do your research at clickbank trends. Track new products for the past week and take note of their DAY TO DAY gravity. This is the amount of homework u have to put in.

    And you think getting traffic and making out of adsense is easy as well? You have to put in hard work to create good content to and maintain it daily - if you want to get visitors to come back and visit. You have to spend hours and days to SEO your website.

    Moral of the story? As a beginner in 2007, you have to put in hard work, and APX and DJK, being released just this year, will give u an insight of what it's like. 1/2 of the techniques in it I don't really agree, simply because it's too competetive, but the others are pretty good.

    Summary: Do your homework-->Find a rising hot product-->Promote using techniques-->Do more homework.

    And remember, don't limit yourself just to ClickBank or Commission Junction. There're literally endless affiliate programmes out there like Amazon, Ebay, Hallmark, many many more companies with their own affiliate programmes. It's really an epic world man. Treat it like your own mini business, manage it well, manage your financials well, keep daily tracking, plan yr strategies your action plans, have contigency plannings, set short term and long term goals, and you'll be there sooner or later.

    Of course only 5% of all affiliates make it BIG. How sad. I'm not being demoralizing here but that's the truth. Anw, here's a great blog to check out too on affiliate marketing --> (it's not mine, but it's a great blog) A forum dedicated to affiliate marketing would be

    Btw, to check out the truth on those review sites, it's my signage + /Exposed.html

    To jonapp: Good that you wanna share, but your site has really nothing to share. Seriously, where's your value addedness? What's the difference if I buy through my own affiliate link and buy through yours? No? Then I suggest you don't work so hard on it. Or if u want, put in a bit more convincing effort pls. maybe share with us your earnings instead we would like tt.
  10. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    The arguments here tell me something:

    What it comes down to is affiliates selling guides telling other people
    how to make money with affiliate marketing.

    Sort of a chicken-egg situation.

    Has it occurred top anyone that the "make big money selling affiliate
    marketing guides" niche is, well, kinda competitive?

    If you want to sell a lot of these sorts of things you need to offer
    people a compelling reason to buy from YOU, TODAY. An incentive.

    This is how internet marketing really works. Study all the big
    gurus and you will notice that they pile on the bonus offers until
    your head spins... all to sell some $79.oo guide.

    Read between the lines of what I have said and you will see why
    most struggle with selling these affiliate guides.

    Hint: they aren't offering the customer something he hasn't seen
  11. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Quoting: malibumentorIf you want to sell a lot of these sorts of things you need to offer
    people a compelling reason to buy from YOU, TODAY. An incentive.

    That's very true. Value addedness. APX talks about it right from the first topic.
  12. Hemjoe

    Hemjoe Member

    pingbotan, i have a review site and from what i have seen above i totally agree with you, other than adding proof to the site what other changes could i make to make it more appealing and helpful to visitors, i haven't set this site up just to make money i have set it up to give beginners some guidance to appropriate products. How good is this APX as it sound like somethings that could be of a great use to me.
  13. 040107

    040107 Member

    The creator of Average Joe Marketer actually has a cleaning business.

    In Average Joe Marketer, he has a series of videos showing how to find niche markets, bring traffic to your site, set-up your site for lead capture and sales.

    There are quite a few good reviews coming from experience marketers.
  14. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member


    I'd suggest u do a bit more research online and provide more for your bonuses other than just ebooks. why not make something more of a value like a mindmap? I'm sure people can feel your sincerity if u actually would do that, because it's not easy to do so. (just an example)

    And to be honest, your bonuses are not plentiful. I can (and have) provide 10 times more for a day's research.

    And it's good that u set up the site not for the money, because i believe good service always comes first, and the money will roll in automatically after that. Well, if u really want to have APX, i would suggest u try to get it free online, it's not really worth the 97 bucks, but it's worth a bit of your time to flip through.

    if u do not know how, then go buy it and then request for a refund through clickbank.

  15. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    Yeah I see that average Joe sight at the least 20 times a day while surfing, or doing PTR sites. I am titred of the part about expires today or in so many hours. It says that daily.

    But most of what they tell you is stuff I already know and have. So why would I pay that price for the same stuff I know. After 8 years of doing online stuff I have learned tons of things. Things that are creepy included.

    For instance there is a site that will tell you all the secrets from a multi millionaire, the secret that I know about this is worth the price you pay for what he actually doesnt know. You see its a scam and every week you get an email and he tells you a bit more but never the real secret until the last email. Which is for you to start your own site like his and charge $99.95 per person to learn your secrets of becoming a millionaire. its a scam. yet stupid people have made him a multi millionaire.

  16. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Haha, that's what experience brings you yeah? I have been in affiliate marketing for a year, and the more I'm in, the more skeptical I get about all these, and I wonder aloud to myself, "Do I have to be like them in order to get those sales?"

    and yea, those expires tonight and stuffs are really old tricks already. As I've said b4, to really anticipate the future is to invent it. haha, easier said than done ya?
  17. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    Maybe I need to start up a site doing some of that stuff and see if I make a million. Alot of people out there are willing to fork out $30 - $150 to find the secret to make a million dollars. The only problem is that I dont believe in scamming people to make a living. But lately I think in the online business the only people making lots of money are those that are scamming.

  18. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Well, to ease your conscience a bit, you can offer to HELP them how to sell those $30-$150. Add a bit of service and I'm sure your site good.

  19. hnjrivera

    hnjrivera New Member

    Well A friend of mine tested the theory and is $5000 richer 48 hours after he put the site up. It just goes to prove that some people will believe anything. So yeah selling secrets that dont really exsist is a big thing. I actually told him he better quit, it just isnt right scamming folks but he did make $5000 just for trying it. Now for him to tell them those few secrets he doesnt really know.

  20. chasin7figurez

    chasin7figurez New Member

    I'm recently unemployed, and having no luck with the interviews. Plain and simple, I need to create some income, and fast. Does the Average Joe program really work? Can you really make up to $600+ a day? I've never made money on the internet before. Would this program be a wise decision for a "newbie"? Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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