Anyone taken Colostrum to good benefits?

Discussion in 'Health' started by Maverique, Jul 17, 2009.

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    I have a friend in Mexico who has been taking a product from 4life that is called transfer factor and he tells me that a 30 years old allergy affliction is now handled.

    I have made research and found out it is actually colostrum. And, if lacking, the young of mammals will be weaker due to the fact that their immune system had not been boosted by their mother's milk containing colostrum and this as early as the first milk.

    I do believe my friend because he has demonstrated over the years to be honest. But this one person. I will try it for myself but still want to have objective reports on it.

    If you don't mind, tell me also from which company you have been purchasing it. Like I said earlier here, my friend purchased it from 4life. Anyone knows this company?

    Thank you,
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    Hello Maverique,

    I don't know 4life but I'm quite informed of colostrum. It boosts immune system which is the reason why breastfeeding is highly encouraged anywhere in the world.

    So tell me, what are you after of? I mean, do you have any disorder that needs attention?

    PS. I was breastfed for the first two years of my life...[​IMG]

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