Anyone training or working for Citigroup thru West?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by clbuck1, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. clbuck1

    clbuck1 New Member

    I am still in training for Citigroup but would like to know if there is anyone else here currently working for Citigroup through West? Just wanna get some feedback on how the calls are going. Thanks.
  2. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    I am currently in training. Did you have any problems with accessing the sawgrass training. I keep getting disconnected or get an error screen. I am not sure at this point if I will ever get through in time with the training!!
    Do you know how they grade the training?
  3. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    not sure if its the same for every skill, but the 2 skills i trained for were just graded by the final test grade. Good Luck!
  4. clbuck1

    clbuck1 New Member

    Hi Suni. Good to know I have someone in training with me. I had problems at first signing on to the Sawgrass training. I called a Citipal and they gave me the training login and it has been working since. You have 2 separate logins. The first login is your wah login and the second one you have to call a citipal to receive.

    There is so much to learn though. I have one more test to go and I will be on my way to a call.
  5. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    HI clbuck1,

    Good luck to you!! Citi must be a new client because I did not see any postings about it till I ran accross yours. I still have 2 training module to go and a webinar. I work another job outside the home so I have to get it done when I can.
    How did you do answering the questions within the training?
    For example when the answer about a card was driver's edge, I put drivers edge without the apostrophe and was marked inncorrect. Happy New year let me know how it goes!
  6. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    By test Do you mean after all the traing is there a test or are we being tested within the training. If so Im messed up answers are obviously expected verbatem. Because I get them right but because of an extra word I get INNCORRECT UGH!!!!! YEah I know we have 2 logins I had to call a citipal as well to get a login for sawgrass
  7. clbuck1

    clbuck1 New Member

    Yeah I have a full time job as well during the day. I will do this in the evenings and on weekends. I hate how when you don't type it exact it counts you out, but that does not matter. What matters is the ending tests after each module that gives you 3 attempts to complete. We have a total of 4 tests. We are not being tested within the training. Did you ever get your Sawgrass logins? I am finishing up the last one - Client II. I have my first webinar on Sunday. Hopefully they will offer the other 2 on next week.
  8. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    Do we have to do all 3 webinars or just 1. I was a tad confused when they sent the confirmation after I signed up. It states at the bottom If you have done this webinar you do not need to do another. Seemed rather vague! I signed up for one on the 5th of Jan. Have you purchased a headset yet? Any suggestions on One?
    Yeah, I did get the sawgrass login but it expired after a certain amount of time and I had to call and get another. I haven't been on training in 2 days because of my other work. SOOOOOOO I am off to do some more training. Thanks for all your help. I wish I were of more help. Lots of CS experience but I have never done phone work before
  9. clbuck1

    clbuck1 New Member

    Oh that is okay. We can both learn together. I don't have a lot of CS experience myself. My background is Accounting/Finance. I am going to purchase my headset tomorrow since my first webinar is Sunday. I think that msg means if you have done webinar 1 you don't have to do webinar 1 again, if you have done webinar 2 you dont have to do webinar 3 again, etc...............
  10. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    SO they tell me citi hasnt sent them new passwords for sawgrass today and mine has expired did you have any problems with that today?How did you do on your test?
    Do you know what a FEW block is? It was on my and I couldnt find anything on it in training? Also when I bring up glossary there is nothing?????? do you see any text?

    have a good weekend
  11. clbuck1

    clbuck1 New Member

    Well, I had my first webinar on yesterday. It lasted 3 and a half hours. Good thing we get paid for it.
  12. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    So what in the Heck do they do for 3.5 hours???????????????
    I havent had one yet none of last week fit in my schedule. so Im hoping they have some more scheduled this week. Have you had any problems with sawgrass no passwords all weekend[​IMG]
  13. clbuck1

    clbuck1 New Member

    It was discussed in the webinar on yesterday about the passwords not working. Supposedly they were going to have new ones issued today. That is so crazy how they expire every day.

    Oh, and the webinar, yeah 3 and a half hours. Lol! We had a 5 minute break. Haha! It was basically just a recap of everything we went over in the first part of the training module. He did select some to do role plays where he was the client and you had to work through sawgrass some and answer some questions.. That is about it.
  14. lmcharles99

    lmcharles99 New Member

    Wow, I glad I saw that SOMEONE actually was assigned to Citi Group besides myself. I've been reading thru these posts & it sees like the majority of people have been assigned to either Sears, VM or some other client. I think I was assigned to this bcuz during my interview I said that I've worked for American Express b4??? I have a lot of CS experience so maybe it was the way I spoke.
    Anyway, it seems like all of us will be starting training or already in training so no one really know what the schedule are like, huh? I really wanted 2 know the morning & evening schedules since we have 2 work a minm of 20 hrs a week. I have a full time outside job workinf for a mobile company where I get home @ 7pm so its going 2 be TIGHT! I'm going 2 have to put in the majority of those hours on my days off.
    Is everyone pushing to get that $100 bonus? Well, I just got my email 2 day about what skill I was assigned to, but I still have 2 complete my drug test tmw. Since I know I'm not a drug addict, I should be on my way w/ u all by this weekend.

    Good luck everyone!
  15. suni315

    suni315 New Member


    Its great to see somebody else on here as well for me. There were a lot of people hired,but maybe no one knows about this site. Good luck to you. I am going to be taking my last service test and move on to sales training in the next couple of days. Keep in touch let me know how you are doing
  16. sbrina

    sbrina New Member

    whats all this training you guys are talking about for citi group? i just accepted this 2nd skill and called citipal and they said it was 15 minute training, 2 test questions and thats it, am starting training tomorrow so we will see
  17. wah

    wah New Member

    i'm assigned t citigroup also. but what is the pay after training?
  18. EFastMan

    EFastMan New Member

    Anyone having technical issues with the Sawgrass training? I'm able to sign in and search about half the account numbers they give me, the other half don't work. I was origionally runing Vista 64 and have reinstalled Vista 32 as it won't run in a 64 bit environment. Now I'm trying to figure out how to roll back to XP without losing too much, to see if it will work then.
  19. cinnamonie

    cinnamonie New Member

    Hello everyone! I just accepted a position with WAH and was assigned citi cs. Also I have some friends who also just started but they were able to pick a skill where as I was just assigned. Has that happened to anyone else?
  20. cinnamonie

    cinnamonie New Member

    I just did my paperwork today and it says the avg. is $8-9/hr

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