anyone tried Ultimate Wealth Package or Beating Adwords before ?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by cwongwh, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. cwongwh

    cwongwh New Member

    Hi all,
    I am new here looking for online opportunities as I am recently retrenched and find it hard to get a new job...

    Would appreciate if anyone could give me advise if the following programmes are scams or genuine ? .. anyone tried it b4 ? thanx alot :--

    Ultimate Wealth Package


    Beating Adwords

  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I have read Beating Adwords, and its probably one of the best ebooks on learning Google Adwords.

    I hav not tried Ultimate Wealth Package, but here's something for you to consider: have you noticed that they have an "as seen in Entrepreneur Magazine" graphic at the top of the screen? Well, I remember seeing this add a few months ago, so I decided to go to see if I could find anything about the product by doing a search. I could not. Wonder why???

    Also, at the very bottom of the Ultimate Wealth Package webpage, there is something that says:

    "You are beyond all hope if you do not order as soon as you finish reading this message. Your hand should be reaching for your credit card this very second."

    Do you really want to do business with someone like that?

    Honestly, I think you'll find yourself very let down if you order Ultimate Wealth Package, but I think you'll really learn a lot from Beating Adwords, which I highly recommend.
  3. ebay_addict

    ebay_addict New Member

    In my opinion, the ultimate wealth package (UWP) is just another version of the rich jerk ebook. If you've already bought Rich Jerk, i wouldn't bother buying the UWP!
  4. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I don't know what is in the UWP. But at the price point it sure doesn't include any kind of mentoring. I read the Rich Jerk's book. Its really well done, and I don't imagine their are any nuts-and-bolts guides to affiliate programs than RJ. I don't even promote it, though maybe I should, because I don't do a lot of affiliate stuff and what I do with it is an outgrowth of my marketing coaching.

    UWP may be just as good as RJ. Its unlikely to be superior. But what really matters is - DO YOU PUT IT INTO PRACTICE? For affiliate marketing I think the jury is in, Rich Jerk is not a nice guy, but he tells it like it is.
  5. aceturbo

    aceturbo New Member

    Hi there,

    I purchased the Ultimate wealth package. It is correct many of those products follow similar lines as this is a valid approach to making affiliate sales.

    Richjerk or Ultimate Wealth package will provide you a road map to online sales, but you have to take the action and make it work.

    One thing that is great about UWP is that as well as the information there are 100 plus current products that you can promote. Many are available from a number of sources, however some I did not have. One sale of one product more than covers your costs.

    It is also worth promoting as it does convert well I put up a review site and make a sale every week without even promoting,

    I should really put some effort into it and see what happens. [​IMG]

    which highlights the point made by malibumentor. Taking action is the real answer, what ever your selected venture.

  6. forex4aliving

    forex4aliving New Member

    Hi there....I did have some experience with ultimate wealth package. The whole registration process is so complicated and even though they offer great price to get started, but there is a lot of other hidden cost like hosting services, etc. I gave up and was requesting for refund, but guess what, the support/help email is non-deliverable. I managed to get the boss (I believe so, his name is Mark) but he kept directing me to another email for refund. Anyway, I take it as sunk cost. But I think it's really not for me. I think I'd better just stick to my own home based business and not explore any further.
  7. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Hey forex4aliving,

    You should be able to get a refund for Ultimate Wealth Package as long as it has been less than 8 weeks since your purchase (although I think it might be 6 weeks). Just send an email to the link below and your refund will be processed immediately. It will take a little longer to get your refund if you paid by check opposed to credit card. Here's the link:
  8. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Oops - I meant to say that the link will take you to Clickbank's customer service page, and you can get your refund from there. You wouldn't actually "email" the link - you would email Clickbank's customer service via the link. I'm sure everyone figured that out [​IMG] but I figured I'd better clarify just in case...
  9. PPCDude

    PPCDude New Member

    I read the Achieve-IT! review of this product so I knew what I was getting into for time and money. (

    There is a couple hours of work involved, but it is pretty much turn key. and it's about the best profiting system on clickbank I think.

    If it were me, I'd learn to set up the site and roll. It's well worth it! Otherwise, I've never had a problem with clickbank refunds-just go to them directly.
  10. CharlieGreen

    CharlieGreen New Member

    yep its 8 weeks for CB refunds
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I don't promote it or use it, but I have read some of the material used to sell it, and its very solid indeed. The company is
    and I think for those who want to master affiliate marketing its a very good place to start.

    It has a site builder and webhosting thing that is proprietary, so you give up a lot of control... but it has been around for a long time and has good credibility.
  12. Paloma

    Paloma New Member

    Re Ultimate WEalth Package

    This post is to save anyone thinking of buy this product. I'm about ready to ask for a refund and I havent even started yet As a newbie, I found it resourceful but...
    -their customer service sucks. if Mark Warren is making so much money why not spend some on improving infrastructure. I spent close to an hour waiting on the phone for a rep. Prior to that, I left a message and never got a call back. Ditto for the email which was finally answered after 2 days (they promised within 24 hrs).
    -the rep i talked to was abrupt and sounded overworked.
    -furthermore, he promised to have my website up by the end of today (12/13) and still nothing and the website was supposed to be in effect 2 days after signing up. I signed up 12/7.

    Overall frustrating because I cant do anything right now but wait. I'm at their mercy. I'll repost about refund at a later date to keep you all informed.

  13. rane4rane

    rane4rane New Member

    Don't waste your money on Mark Warren's "Ultimate Wealth Package". I purchased his package and also bought the recommended web site and they never could get the web site up and running. After much run-around, I finally had enough and asked for a refund. I'm still waiting for the refund on the web site, and was told that the "Package" price of $49.95 is NOT refundable since it is a digital product. When I asked about their "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" as shown on their web site, I was told, "The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee refers to our support staff. We promise to help you with any questions or problems you may have." WHAT?!?!? What a RIP-OFF!!! By the way, the way you make money with his package is to promote HIS program!!!. Seems like the one who's making all the money is Mark Warren. Save your money!!!
  14. jmerrick

    jmerrick New Member

    Ultimate Wealth Package has gone through many transitions. The first ebook was riddled with grammatical issues and badly copied another ebook. It has been redone a few times since then but still falls short of mine (and likely your) expectations. The support is indeed poor and takes a few days to get a response. This package is basically a mediocre ebook with a TON of "resell rights" bonuses thrown in.
  15. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    Yeah all that product does is tell you how to re-sell itself. It is a scam.

    To make money online you have to provide real value to people. This can be done via rich content or real products.

    The key for anyone's success is providing true value to your customer.
  16. catwings

    catwings New Member

    I am very very new at this - I signed up for a deal called Real Home Income Opportunities, and as far as I can tell, any money is made by selling this same product over and over. That won't work for me as I feel like it is a come-on that only takes advantage of people like me who are searching for a way to better themselves. But in the process, I ran across the Universal Wealth Building website and was impressed with the way it looks. But wanted to check further so I searched in on Google and ended up here.

    I read the comments above and am confused by something. Aceturbo mentions that there are 100+ products to sell, then Bucky says that you only resell the UWB system (which would be the same issue I have with the one I bought). So I'm curious about what the UWB system really is. Can someone please clarify that? I'm leaning towards trying UWB, but I don't want to waste more money on a similar product to what I already wasted money on!

    My goal is small - I only need to be able to make around $1500 a month to be able to quit my job, which is what I want.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  17. anjala

    anjala New Member

    I also feel the same way as Bucky and Rane4Rane, I purchased UWP and they promise to guide you through it. I have talked to several of them and they talk to you as if you are bothering them with stupid questions. I have gotten into arguments with their customer service. I told them i did not want to promote his package and they turned on me. I was told I could not put Adwords or any Google Ads on my site because they already put 2 on their for me, even though his E-book says you can make money with Adwords. Their cusomer service is really bad and this should be a determining factor for you.

    I'm still going to try and make a go at this promoting other products, but I think your money would spent better elsewhere.
  18. dppls

    dppls New Member

    I actually KNOW this thing isn't good.
    I tried it out and it made no sense, unless you already have alot of people visting your site you want to sell it too... and you have no heart...

    I found another interesting -scam.html, which is brutally honest.

    They also talk about other programs, but if you read, all in all, every program is most probably a scam... except VERY few.
  19. money345

    money345 New Member

    I have read both. The beating adwords is a very good ebook. And has alot of info. As far the ultimate wealth package I have found it to be very poor. The info is good, but there is no direction. Its like a friend telling you about a great place to vacation but not giving you directions to get there. There is a better product out there. That shows you how to use the tools also. Profit lance
  20. Steve_S

    Steve_S New Member

    Quoting: dpplsit made no sense, unless you already have a lot of people visiting your site you want to sell it to... and you have no heart...

    Exactly! People promoting UWP have no heart at all.

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