Anyone used Fiverr Gigs or Hourlies??

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by danai_p, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Got a logo done for my self-help blog on Fiverr and I'm more than satisfied :)
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  2. nickstrech

    nickstrech New Member

    Well sorry to say it but I used Fiverr for a couple of articles and they were not usable writer did rewrite them, but in my opinion you get what you pay for. I have tried a few article writing companies with disappointing results However I have found one service that seems to be efficient and quick so I think that there are good writers on fiverr but it takes to long to weed the good out from the bad I think you have a better chance with article companies even though they are a little more expensive. I would still try them for other services but not article marketing.
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  3. CatherineK

    CatherineK Member

    I think if you sift through the rubbish, there are some really useful and extra value for money gigs at Fiver. I've used them many times. Just check out the feedback before deciding and ask questions if unsure.
  4. CubicleBob

    CubicleBob Member

    I've used Fiverr in the past for Link Pyramids, Link Wheels,etc but I agree with Angie and would not recommend doing them anymore. I have heard of great results from others about using Fiverr for graphics such as eBook covers, etc. I would not hesitate to do so for myself in the future based on those recommendations.
  5. Michelle Bowman

    Michelle Bowman New Member

    I was just thinking today that I want to start using videos and I am glad that I came across this post as I had no idea how to get them posted! This forum is very helpful and I am glad I came across it today!
  6. Jay Wilks

    Jay Wilks New Member

    I have had a lot of success with Fiverr and received quality work, I always use people with good reviews.
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  7. I have used Fiverr for logo's and graphics. I have also had articles written which I have been very pleased with.
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  8. Jean Givan

    Jean Givan New Member

    I know that post was written quite some time ago but it's currently relevant to me. I used FIVERR over the past couple of weeks for 4 products: a logo and 3 eBook covers. In a word: MARVELOUS!!!! I HEART FIVERR!!!
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  9. BuyYourOwnHouse

    BuyYourOwnHouse New Member

    I've used Fiverr and done Fiverr gigs. I was a proofreader for them for about six months - was exhausting work, so I gave it up (I was desperate for money, what can I say). However, I have contracted with them several times to design an e-book cover, edit an ebook, format an ebook, and redesign a Wordpress website banner. I was very happy with all of the jobs I hired them for, and well worth every dollar!
  10. Shrey Tongia

    Shrey Tongia New Member

    Same Here
  11. MarieA73

    MarieA73 Member

    Like the majority on here, I have had great success using fiverr. There are many talented people out there who simply want a chance to prove themselves. That's a great place for them to go to build up a rep and book of business.
  12. ghdodd

    ghdodd New Member

    I have used Fiverr on a couple of occasions and been let down on both, am just in the process of trying a third time now, but I do feel some of them try to up the price to as much as they can, I have certainly not had a $5 quote and I'm only asking for codes to be implemented into a landing page.
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  13. Russell Toews

    Russell Toews Member

    I also notice that about 95% of people here are praising Fiver but like you, I'm far less than impressed with them. The whole fiver system is not fair either. The cream doesn't rise to the top as it would if gigs were listed in order of merit. Instead the listings are ranked according to where the admins placed them. I strongly suspect people are giving kick backs to fiver staff to get higher placement and better visibility. I don't do fiverr as either a buyer or a seller anymore.
  14. ghdodd

    ghdodd New Member

    The problem with that is if you want a refund and you have given a bad review, that review has to be removed before you get the refund, resulting in very few bad reviews

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    It was a good concept when first introduced, found some value in services offered, but all were loss leader offers, and when you did find some positive results, you had to pay more and more for any further work.

    Success to all,
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  16. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Fiver has a lot to choose from, some good and a lot bad.
    Not all gigs are equal for sure, and $5 is just an entry point.
    I'd steer clear of most marketing and link building offers.
    Writing offers can vary, many are duplicate content junk.

    I had a 3D design made including the Blender file rights for $25.
    That was a great bargain just for the 3D design and files alone.
    Plus that included two 3D printed glow-in-the dark pendants.
    With the files they can be printed in other materials too.

    There are some people doing real good jobs for cheap.
    Just be careful and read their feedback from others.
    Some go above and beyond to earn your business.
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  17. John_Moore

    John_Moore Member

    Use fiver for everything regarding design work. Find it better to have your own VA, pretty darn cheap is it to!
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  18. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Never really tried Fiverr but I from your response I get the idea it is actually a good place if you want some smaller tasks done. I've heard so many bad things about Fiverr, I'm not really sure who to trust anymore.
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  19. Ed Zimbardi

    Ed Zimbardi New Member

    I have always had a great experience using Just be crystal clear up front with what you want. Don't just purchase their gig for $5 plus extras always contact them first with your specifications first in order to get clear on the expectation of the project. Then it's a win for you!
  20. DigiExpress73

    DigiExpress73 New Member

    Fivver provide good quality work! I never heard of Hourlie. Fars as traffic? I would stay away from that! Better off getting traffic the organic way (blogging etc...)

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