Anyone used Fiverr Gigs or Hourlies??

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by danai_p, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Sapana

    Sapana New Member

    I have used Fivrr Gigs 2-3 times. But frankly telling you I am not happy with the output. They promise high quality but do not deliver as expected. Use it for a very small task or add (paid) extra gigs if you want better quality. The basic gigs are not enough.
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  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Sometimes you get what you pay for. Ive seen some good quality on fiverr and some not so good.
  3. enjoyworkathome

    enjoyworkathome New Member

    I use Fiverr quite a lot. You can find many cheap and excellent services over there.
  4. adamv

    adamv New Member

    Fiver is great for small projects. Just be careful about the people offering to promote your website on twitter or drive traffic to your site. These are often useless.
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  5. Chris Pontine

    Chris Pontine New Member

    I usually use it to purchase graphic designs for my website. Haven't had any luck in selling.
  6. Chris Pontine

    Chris Pontine New Member

    I know, it's tough for 5 dollars. A little tip though is to add on additional services to your current gig to increase the ticket value. Maybe 2 days faster for additional 5 bucks.
  7. nruss

    nruss New Member

    Though I've not used fiverr or hourlies for the type of service that you are looking for, I have used them for a host of other services. For the most part I have been pleased with the services that I have received. When looking for a service provider, just look to see how many gigs they have successfully completed and their rating. These providers usually bend over backwards to provide good service and get good ratings.

    Good Luck
  8. Duane_C

    Duane_C New Member

    I have used Fiverr for a whole bunch of things relating to different niches for different sites. As a market place Fiverr is brilliant, easy to navigate and so many options regarding what type of service is offered and who is offering it (theres no manopoly).
    my only caution would be that you check who it is you are dealing with. I have had great results an some very poor results. Even if the ranking are high and the seller is listed as a top seller be sure you understand what is being offered and how it will be delivered.
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  9. Sarah27

    Sarah27 New Member

    ive not used fiverr before but have friends who use it all of the time and highly recommend it!!
  10. Popche

    Popche Member

    Mhm I have bought a lot of Fiverr gigs, they are good and cheap. Hope this comment will help you make a choice.
  11. SideGigMom

    SideGigMom New Member

    I have used Fiverr for quite a few gigs over the years...writing, logos, social media promotion, etc

    Some of the gigs were delivered just as promised. Others were not. Be sure to check out the reviews of any gig before making a purchase. If you can, only work with Top Rated or Level 2 sellers.

    As someone stated earlier, I'd stay away from gigs that promise traffic or social media likes as these can do more damage than good.

    Hope this helps!
  12. petesede

    petesede New Member

    I use fiverr a lot for creating logos. If you go to a typical graphic designer you can pay at least $50 for a simple logo. On fiverr, you can hire 5 different people for half that price and then just use the design you like the best, or work with the artist who is closest to what you want.
  13. John Vianny

    John Vianny Member

    I've used fiverr for

    90k GSA link building

    Landing Page

    Backlinks and guest posts...

    Always on time and reliable.

    But if you'll get not satisfied, u can always take a refund.
  14. Claire93

    Claire93 Member

    I've never used those sites. And, to be honest, I've never even heard about ito_O
  15. Joel Burrell

    Joel Burrell New Member

    I use Fiverr all the time. I've found some great providers there for various things! Odesk is sweet too!
  16. Muzzamil

    Muzzamil Member's service is really good because I have actually tried it. Plus it is very cheap.

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