Anyone willing to share a look at your websites?

Discussion in 'Profit Lance' started by slipstring, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. slipstring

    slipstring New Member

    I am new and I read on one of the post that someone was willing to PM a look at their website. I think it was Hemjoe or makingmoneyonline but I am not sure.

    I think it would really help me to take a look and may learn what web building site you use.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.
  2. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    check ur inbox
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Depends on the kind of website you have, for blogs, there are many readymade software available
  4. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    Hi makemoney online i have email u so many times but u didn't get back to me am in the same situation as slip string and am finding it very hard to get started and to make money.I HAVE SET UP ALL THE ESSANTAIL STEP IN PROFit lance but it need some guidance.I have watch all the videos and everything but when am reading how many people are making money so quickly am getting frustrated
  5. slipstring

    slipstring New Member

    I know how you feel. Me too.

    I discovered two days ago that we have 5 affiliate sites that we can use. Go to the dashboard. Figure out how to use them. Do the Keyword tools searches and discover which niches to market to and what type of marketing you want to do.

    You should get another five each week. These you do have to get outside hosting for unlike some of the others.

    I am still working through this but should have mine up in a day or two. I am not sure if this is how everyone is doing it but it took me a while to discover these. I am still working on articles and blogging and figuring out how to tie it all together. But I think I am finally starting to absorb some of the information. I have to walk away from it and go back and reread and relisten and rewatch several times before it started to sink in.

    I get lost in some of the vague steps in the coding but I am muddling through.

    There are a lot of possibilities I suggesting picking one avenue and work on it until you get a few sites up and then try a different avenue and keep going until you are comfortable and then manage and tweak the ones you have for a while. Use the management tools and double check everything before you launch a site.

    I certainly am not a seasoned person in the business but I am willing to share if you need help.
  6. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Sorry, I never got your email or message! The most important thing you need to do is to watch the videos on keyword research if you haven't already done so. Once you know how to figure out how many people are typing certain keywords into google everyday, you can then start making simple blogs and promote clickbank products using the free traffic methods. Only start with 'article marketing' at first and some of the other free traffic methods.


    1. go to Also, make sure you have this keyword tool open at the same time:

    2. Find a product in the marketplace that you want to promote. Find around 5 of them that you are interested in. Make sure that the sales letter is convincing. Type the product name into the keyword tool and see how many people are typing that into google everyday. If no results are returned, then cross that product off your list and move onto the next one. The main thing is to see how much demand there is for the product you want to promote. If no one is searching in google for it, you will not get any traffic and no sales.

    3. You need to get a domain name with the product name in the URL. example) if you are promoting "chopper tattoo", you will need this URL: If that domain is not available then try to get or something like that. Just make sure the product name is in the URL.

    4. Write a one page blog post about this product. Make sure "chopper tattoo" appears throughout your post. make sure to include your affiliate links.

    5. Write a 500 word article and submit it to Make sure "chopper tattoo" appears throughout and link to your blog at the bottom. MAKE SURE YOUR ARTICLE DOESN'T SOUND TOO MUCH LIKE YOU ARE PROMOTING THE PRODUCT!!! List good things about the product, and also list some bad things about it. You can do simple research in google to find out information about this product so that you can write a proper article.

    If you type in chopper tattoo into google, you will see that the very first website that appears is from ''. This is an article that someone has written about this product. Ezineartcles ranks very well in google, so you can see the power of article marketing!

    Profit lance has some great tutorials about how to write an effective article.

    Just make sure to do the proper keyword research before doing all of the steps above! hope that helps a bit.
  7. 040107

    040107 Member

    Nice tip!
  8. slipstring

    slipstring New Member

    makemoneyonline: 4. Write a one page blog post about this product. Make sure "chopper tattoo" appears throughout your post. make sure to include your affiliate links.

    Wow, excellent advice.

    Ok, so forgive my novice questions here, but I have been wondering..... When blogging to you need to have a separate blog for each topic? And if not is there a way to link topics into separate pages? Is it necessary to do so? Also you said to make sure to include the affiliate links in the blog, do you do this for each separate blog posting topic? These are just some of the things that have been a bit unclear to me.


  9. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    well, you don't HAVE to have a separate blog for each topic.. but say you are promoting 5 products in different niches.. Don't just put each of the products on the same blog page. Make a separate post for each one. If you are selling 5 products in the dog training niche, you can have them all on the same blog, but don't try to sell a dog training product with a spyware product on the same blog. Know what I mean?

    Yes, include a lot of affiliate links. say something like "click here for more information about this product" and then link to your affiliate link. Do this on every single page, more than once, and make it big so people know where to buy the product.
  10. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    hi makemoneyonline,yeah i have PM u and have send u a mail as well...anyway thanks for the tip; that was very useful u know i think u r a genius question is where and how do i use the hoplink from clickbank...can u plz give me a demo or see on of ur websites?plzz am getting desperate u know...i wanted also to start the adwords on google but am having trouble of how much do i have to bid for the products... and also the 5 websites that mike have given to ne where do i have to use them?do i have to choose one of them to promote or do i have to use all the five of them?do u think that i should take the help of bluehost?sorry for all this question but am new to all that...
  11. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    k i'm making a video about how to use it. i'll post it in a second.
  12. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    oh thanks u r a gem u should have been in the uk...tell me one thing have u heard about google ad for free?the web site is this real ?
  13. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    its misleading. You don't get them for free, you will be selling advertising space on your website, and that is how you will be paying for your ads.
  14. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    oic thanks for telling me that...because whilie reading that it was quite interesting it u dont have to pay for the pay per's nice talking to u because u know ur subject very very welll...i alwaays wanted to start to work from home a long time ago but i was scared of all these scam but i did bought the Pl 2 week ago and i just want to get started to earn some money which u badly need when u like in uk life id too expensive here....and when i was reading all these people saying that they have made money only after 1 week of buying Pl this frustrates me a lot...the things is that i have set alol th essential step and even my blog and adsense then am stuck i dont jnow what to do next with my blog or even the adsense...i got 5 reafdy made websites which i dunno what to do with that ...
  15. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

  16. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    Oh thanks vishal i just have just checked it...thanks God i didn't buy's really misleading
  17. greenh99

    greenh99 New Member

    Thanks for the tip makemoneyonline! Your post has given me a sense of direction at last! Similar to the other posts here, I too am swimming in PLs vast ocean of information but really dont know where to go.

    I will most certainly do what you wrote. But I have one major problem: In my case, I don't have access to clickbank as our country is not supported. Will this strategy also work for other affiliate programs like CJ, paydotcom, etc? Also, some of the affiliate programs require a website before we can register. What website will I use? Will it be the one that I setup for a specific niche? And if so, and then I want to promote another different niche entirely, should I register again with another domain name that caters to the new niche?

    Appreciate your responses to these questions makemoneyonline! Thanks!
  18. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    yeah makemoneyonline had really give me some guidance last nite it was too good...i was really depressed yesterday but after reading all what makemoneyonline wrote i was relieved
  19. Narthil

    Narthil New Member

    *wrong thread*
  20. rushaa

    rushaa New Member

    Hi makemoneyonline i wanted to ask u what do u think of bluevoda?can i start with them?because i was looking for doe SBI but it's too u have any idea of how will i get started?

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