Are You in a Mastermind Group?

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    The expression "two heads are better than one" basically means that when two (or more) people work together on solving a problem, they can get more done and achieve a better outcome than just one person working alone.

    That's because the collective experience of the people involved makes it easier to drill down into a problem and uncover many more possibilities or solutions. And that's one of the reasons a mastermind group is a valuable resource for like-minded people.

    It can be made up of any number of individuals who come together on a regular basis to encourage, support and help one another advance towards a definite purpose. It helps a lot if the people in the group "feel right" together. They will be more relaxed and more open to sharing ideas and advice.

    The more diverse the group is, in terms of age, background, experience, niche and profession, the greater the potential benefits.

    My mastermind group consists of an online marketer (me), an accountant, an Internet Technology professional, a home improvement contractor and a business writer. There is about a 15-year age differential between us.

    In the early years when we all lived in the same city, we would meet in person once a month to discuss business related matters, solicit advice on personal issues, or simply to socialize. A few of the group members now live in different cities, but digital and wireless technology allows us to keep in touch regularly and keep the mastermind going.

    Membership also provides many other benefits, such as:

    - an ideal environment for brainstorming
    - a place to get critical, constructive feedback
    - a priceless business education
    - being challenged to set bigger goals
    - being held accountable by your peers
    - sharpening your business smarts and skills
    - establishing valuable relationships
    - getting support from people who truly care​

    A mastermind group can be compared to having an advisory group that helps you to strengthen aspects of your business and personal life, and moves you closer to becoming the success you want to be. The benefits that accrue can last your lifetime.

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    Yes and that is in the marketing of my business. I have an outsourced SEO company on my team and we deal together about how the marketing should be.

    I am currently also reading the laws of success by Napoleon Hill where he also makes a great point on the subject of masterminds which are 2 or more minds in harmony when one another which yields the better results than just one.

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