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    My husband was inching up on the bad cholesteral so the doctor wanted to put him on statins[​IMG] I told his doctor no thanks we will pass. I am going to put him on Red Yeast Rice. His cholestral was 246 last visit it went down to 216 also my cousin is in the same situation and she also takes red yeast rice.

    Now be advised I am NOT a doctor nor do I claim to have a medical degree of any kind. This is just for information only. You decide what you want to do with the information. I would however research it for yourself. Make sure that any vitamin, herb, mineral, or whatever you get is high quality. Wal mart brands is NOT what I am talking about either. I have done alot of research on these kind of things and have found alot of useful information that I can share with you if you like. [​IMG] I belong to several sites that teach natural instead of medicine and they were or are doctors. They have also taught stuff 2 or 3 years before main stream media ever picks up on the idea. So they have proven themselves to be of value in their information. We need to take control of our own health and not be at the mercy of the drug companys or the government. This is my humble opinion.[​IMG]
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  2. Agreed,

    If more people would get an education on proper nutrition, we could all live a long and healthy life. Rice is an amazing food which is only just now being studied for its health benefits in the west. Obviously, rice is a staple in many eastern diets, and do they have the same cholestral issues, no. American diets are mostly junk food, sad to say, but everyone should add more rice to their diets, and red yeast rice is good choice.

    If you research the medical results Enzacta has found about an enzyme specific to a certain organic rice and the health benefits of it boosting your immune system you would better understand why everyone should eat more rice. It is all about our immune systems, and proper nutrition is the key to good health and good immune systems.

    Another perfect example is recent FDA warning about Plavix and how it creates more heart attacks than prevents, and all those who have been prescribed this popular drug who had higher cholestral count are paying for it big time with poor heart health.

    As was stated above, cholestral levels can easily be controlled with proper diet in almost all cases, especially in the 250 range as was the case above. You are far better off becoming educated on proper diet than rely on drugs. For each drug you take, you will end up with the doctor prescribing another to counter the negative effects of the first. It is a cycle of medical malpractice we see over and over again when it comes to drugs. Stay off drugs like Plavix at all costs, even if you have to eat more nutritional organic foods to do so.

    And no, I too am not a doctor, nor am giving medical advice, I am giving nutritional advice, so everyone should do their own research, but to think a drug is always the answer is dead wrong. You can not only save your health, but save money if you concentrate on proper nutritional intake and dump the junk food.

    Wealth Withouth Health is Worthless,
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    Yes that new show is coming on on friday called food fight I am glad to see something like that show up. I hope it is a good show to berate what the food companies are doing and have done.
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    Not only is it not right to think that drugs are always the answer, but the answer is usually NOT drugs.

    Do you ever go to

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    They are awesome.
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    yes they are one of the newsletter that I get. I have been signed up with them for a least a year and have enjoyed him alot. He is just one of the ones that I subscribe to. I have a few that I value a great deal and has proven to be trustworthy. This is how I can go into my doctors office and tell him no to some of the drugs he has wanted to put my husband on. He doesn't fight me on the alternative which is good or he wouldn't be our doctor!! If you doctor isn't willing to look at other things you don't need him in my opinion. because he is not willing to update himself and his profession and medicine changes everyday!!
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    I agree as well. A guy I work with was told he needed to go on pills for hypertension. He said "no thanks" since he had a bad experience when his father went on them. He went to webmd and found a diet for folks with high blood pressure, and VOILA!! He went back to doctor after about 2 months and low and behold, his blood pressure was great, AND he lost 50lbs in those 2 months.

    Lots of alternatives to taking medications everyday. Most of it boils down to having some discipline and being cognizant of what you put into your body to begin with.

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