Arise formerly known as Willow...Any body working for them??

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by RichTXn, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. RichTXn

    RichTXn New Member

    I am have been working for West at Home and ran across Arise formerly willow. Can anyone tell me if paying the fees and incorporating is going to be really worth it from a call consistency and just overall income potential standpoint.
    West is alright, however, they are slooooooowwww right now and I need another company to fill in the gaps of down time.
    How does Arise compare to West? is arise better income wise??
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I found the website but I haven't heard anything about it. If the start up costs are excessive, I'd avoid it.
  3. dominoe239

    dominoe239 New Member

    I've been going through the Arise application and now that I've passed one of its test it says it wants $16 for a background check. It has also already asked me for my SSN but i gave the site the benefit of the doubt. Does it sound like im being scammed here or is this somewhat normal?

    P.S. One thing i took into consideration is that they actually do have people there to answer phones and emails.
  4. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Arise is a known work at home company, check out other work at home forums, several WAHMs work for them
  5. dominoe239

    dominoe239 New Member

    I'm signing up for arise, and it says I have to become incorporated before I can work for them. I don't want to spend $150 to only make a few dollars working for them. Does anybody know what kind of pay they offer; and what hours I would have to realisticaly work (keep in mind I am a college student) to keep money in my pocket?
  6. itiswell

    itiswell New Member

    They have more than enough hours and never slow like west
    Good Luck
  7. suzathome

    suzathome New Member

    Arise is not a scam. It is a legit company that lots of people make a good wage through, working from home. I have worked for them for the last few months and am thrilled with the opportunity. I am working 50 hour weeks right now through them at approximately $14 per hour, with my choice of schedule and my choice of which of their many clients I work for.
    Arise contracts with a long list of big name companies to do at home work for, including things such as customer service calls, tech support, sales, road side assistance, etc. You have to set up a corporation (a quick and easy process through an accountant) as you work under them as an independent contractor, working for their client companies. It is really running your own business, and using Arise to coordinate and contract the work through. It is a very solid and stable company and has been a wonderful thing for me so far.
    It does take some investment to get started with Arise. Think of it as investing in starting up your own business. If you already had your own decent computer and high speed internet, it would take you approximately $300-500 to get started and you would earn that and more back the first week. Even if you had to borrow the start up money it is worth it. Look how much money it costs to go to some type of schooling. And there is start up cost to any business you could start, but I doubt there are many that you could get back what you put into it the first week.
    Obviously I am happy with it and would recommend it to anyone that would like to be in total control of their own work schedule, and work from home.
    If you have questions, let me know, I will be happy to help.
  8. suzathome

    suzathome New Member

    I work for Arise and have all the work I could possibly want, and earn approximately $14 per hour at home through them.
    I have a couple of coworkers I know that also worked for West but they no longer are doing any hours with West as they earn more with Arise and seem to like it more.
    If you have any questions on it let me know, I would be happy to assist.
  9. jsm

    jsm New Member

    what are the draw backs that you have experienced with Arise? did you have to reformat the hard drive on your computer, or can you use your computer for personal and business use?
  10. LadyPayne

    LadyPayne New Member

    How is training accomplished with Arise?
  11. krismorrow

    krismorrow New Member

    Do they have a midnight shift? How soon do you know if they have work in your area? I want to work for them, but if they don't have 3rd shift jobs then it won't benefit me with kids at home.
  12. suzathome

    suzathome New Member

    Yes, Arise has some all night shifts. They contract with many different companies and some have 24/7 hours, but not all. I work for one that does and one that doesn't.
    They contract with people working from all over the country from home, with most of the clients not being specific only to certain areas or states.

    Also to answer a previous question posted, all of the training is done online from home.
  13. heyjude

    heyjude New Member

    Do you work for them with promotions? or are you self employed by theM? how much money di it cost you to start up and how fast were yo making it and up and running? Is it that good REALLY?
  14. krardin

    krardin New Member

    Hello Suz,
    I am new to the work at home. I went through training for West on the Sears account and never was able to start work due to Sears no longer being active. I am now beginning with Arise. Can you tell me which Voip headset you use and if you use the same phone # for both companies.
  15. mphollins

    mphollins New Member

    I work with Arise, for Apple Computers. Because Apple requires a Mac computer the start up costs are higher than other clients. For Apple I received excellent training, however the examinations are severe with a passing score of 90% for the one time only final examination. Apple also requires the successful completion of a three step screening process. Finally because the client wants customer service focused on the consistent selling of merchandise the work is very difficult to get used to. Every piece of information given must be aimed at motivating the customer to buy. My sister works with West At Home and loves it, because even though the hourly rate is less she can work more than 40 hours per week or as little as 4 hours per month. (West at Home does not require weekend work shifts) With Arise, there is a 15 to 20 hour/week limit for each client and it can be difficult to locate available time slots. All Arise clients require work on Sat and Sun. So, unless you able to take on two or three more clients, it takes a while to see any profits working for Apple computers. [​IMG]
  16. mphollins

    mphollins New Member

    The truth about the Arise schedule. It is impossible to work for Arise and achieve a 40 to 50 hours/week working only for one client. It is possible to train for as many as four clients and achieve a 50 hour work week. So far, all the client opportunities require either a 15 hours or 20 hours per week including weekends. This means that it will cost $150 to $400 per client with a variation in hourly rate. So after taxes the hourly rate is much less than $14 per hour. When the expenses are subtracted from the income, the money earned through Arise is less than or the same as commuting to work. Arise is for those who need the benefit of earning a small income within the home environment. It is not a business that will generate wealth and huge profits.
  17. suzathome

    suzathome New Member

    Actually, I have a 70 hour max with my main client with Arise and could get that many hours anytime I wanted it, with some schedule stalking, or earning pre-select, to be able to have good choice of hours. As it is, I do work an average of 45-50 hours a week with that client, and an average of 15 with another one. Training costs for these clients were $50 and $100 or$150 (I can't remember which it was!). The pay per minute is .26 & .25 and call volume is very good. If you do the math you will see it is realistic to average $14 an hour. Of course there are times it is a little higher or a little lower, but I am working full time at home through Arise and earning a nice income.
  18. mphollins

    mphollins New Member

    The 45 to 50 hours per week with one client is outside of the Arise SOW contract for client opportunities. I believe it is best the give people looking into Arise the overall facts. First there is a competition for the classes for each client. Second, the average class cost is $150 to $400 each. Arise requires only Win XP computers. No income is paid for training. Third for beginners, an opportunity will have a maximum of 15 to 20 hours per week, average wage $8.50 to $10.50 per hour. Fourth, everyone does not have the same pick for work hours, but it is possible to get more hours depending on client needs. Weekend work is always required. Arise makes it very clear that this is a business with monthly expenses and taxes, so one's profit is always what is left over after the monthly business bills and taxes are paid. Its better than minimum wage but it will not produce any wealth or long term benefits.[​IMG]
  19. suzathome

    suzathome New Member

    Just to clarify the facts, 45-50 hours per week is not outside of my SOW contract with Arise. The client's maximum hours per week for most of the year is 70, and if I chose to work that many hours it would be possible and allowable. In their slow season it drops to 50 hours max per week. It was my first client and I immediately started working approximately 50 hours per week my very first month.
    You are correct that this is not always the case with every client, but I assure you it is the situation with this particular client. The second client I took on has a max cap of 55 hours per week - and it would not be against the SOW contract to work that amount either, but I do only use that one as a secondary client, working only the minimum hours per week with that one - to keep as a back up and also for additional selection of hours, as different clients offer different scheduled hours.
    I think it is a good thing to caution people somewhat - not to count on a large number of hours to be available with one client - as there is no guarantee of that, but it can and does happen.
  20. 22elements

    22elements New Member

    does any have any idea of the type of clients that would be good to work with.(meaning that there would be enough hours to go around)

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