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  1. lacy_amy

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    Does anyone have any experience with Arise or LiveOps or any other home based opportunity like this?
  2. Sonni

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    If you look through the threads in this forum by using the search feature you may come across some info.
  3. pcwork

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    Check the posts on West, they are similar
  4. 4u2nv

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    I currently work for Arise. I worked LiveOps for a month and that was it. With LiveOps, you get paid per min and there is no min amount you can make an hour. You can sit there for a whole hour without a single call. With Arise, you get to pick and train on the client you choose to service. However, LiveOps only require a background check fee and with Arise, there are many different fees involved. You do have to incorporate a business to contract your services with them. You also have to pay for the client trainings. Of course everything is tax deductible because you are investing in your home based business/call center. Good luck and PM if you have any other additional questions about Arise.

  5. Vishal P. Rao

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  6. gpitts85

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    can you let me know some more info about arise please
  7. poetslair

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    I am finishing up my contract with Arise. Highly disappointed with the way they handle their people. You are not considered an employee by any means. You receive virtually no benefits. There is a large amount of capital investment each person needs to put out first. The scheduling for clients is a nightmare, and you have to pay for your four week volunteer training. You do not get paid for any of that training.
    Schedules are released twice a week for clients. The first day you can only schedule five hours. The next day, if you are not right there in front of your computer at the precise time the schedule is released, you will not get any hours at all, but you will have the opportunity to sit on standby if hours get posted....which means you basically have to be in front of a computer twenty four hours a day to post hours. You don't get paid for breaks, you must schedule bathroom time if you need it.

    When you receive reports on your calls you will see the word DEFECT alot.
    It is unfortunate, I certainly did not feel like part of a team. You are considered an individual business owner and in that respect should feel lucky to have the opportunity.
    I would not recommend working for the company unless you really enjoy working crazy hours and don't need the hours to survive on. Oh, and if your call times aren't right on you will never make more than $8.00 an hour with a large amount of clients. It's very demanding.
    On the plus get to work at home. That's really the only plus side I can think of. I'm sure other people have had positive experiences with the company. For myself, it is just not a good fit.
  8. payment proof

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    Arise or LiveOps are both legitimate and they do pay. But as you can see by the feedback, they may not be the best sites to make money with.

    And that's true. You are not considered as an employee. You work as an independant contractor.
  9. lovebdus

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    I have been with Arise for 4 years and am very happy.
    You are not an employee and this is made clear all through the process. If you want to be an employee go out and find a job but you will not get the flexibility Arise offers.
    I have worked with various clients and now have settled on 2, both of which I am a supervisor for. I started working 15 hours a week and as my children have grown up and gone off to school I have worked more hours.
    I have earnt far more then I ever expected and am paying for my son to attend private college full time this year no mean feat for a stay at home mom with no degree.
    If you want flexibility, the chance to choose the client you work for Arise is for you.
    I now have several people working under my LLC and will continue to expand my business and work with those people who want to work to give themselves a flexible way to earn income while staying at home.

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