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    When it comes to Debating ASD's Legality - there are the ASD Bashers and ASD Defenders.

    Opinions from both camps have already been made.

    For every website that bashes ASD, there is a counter website that supports ASD.

    People will agree with the Data that supports their ViewPoint, and downplay Data that does not Support their position regarding ASD.

    As far as I'm concerned, here are the RAW DATA on Investigations/Complaints regarding ASD:

    As of Yesterday, The Florida State General Attorney's Office has 29 calls on ASD, 1 letter, and one email - a few complaints, one alleging a possible ponzi, please investigate. Most of the calls were trying to do a background check . There are NO OPEN OR PENDING ISSUES against ASD with the AG in Florida.

    Here is the Raw Data from the Better Business Bureau on ASD updated July 13, 2008

    Since November 2007, there are a total of THREE COMPLAINTS filed and resolved with the BBB regarding ASD.

    So there you go. The Raw Data.

    Everything else is Pure Speculation and Opinions as far as I'm concerned.
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    Where did you come by all this info? How did you contact the Florida AG, and how did you ask for the info? What do you know of the Illinois AG?

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    looks like I forgot to call the US General Attorney in Washington D.C....ooopss..
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    Freedoc, I simply called up the Florida AG' office and asked them those questions.

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