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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by smallmiracle, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    Here's the link to the Office of the Florida Attorney General's Office.
    Looks like they've filed a lawsuit, of their own.
    Look at the right side of the page, for the link.

    I could be wrong, but, it looks like this one,
    is on behalf of the victims? If I'm wrong...
    I digress.
    Please don't shoot the messenger....LOL
  2. wahm253

    wahm253 New Member

    Would that be good news for those that put money into it? Seems he's helping the victims of the scam.
  3. hiseikon

    hiseikon New Member

    Hello people,

    This has all been a little bit too much for me to keep up with, but I must comment on this one . . .

    Maybe I am wrong somewhere, but I don't understand why the Florida AG would file a civil lawsuit, when earlier they had given ASD the green light . . .

  4. dbmaxx

    dbmaxx New Member

    They have to keep up with the Jones'. Follow the big dawgs. Heaven forbid Washington moved in and the State did nothing!! Especially in an election year
  5. Investigator

    Investigator New Member

    The Florida AG's office never gave Andy a green light...what you heard was what Andy wanted you to hear. The Civil suit that has been filed is for Florida Residents who joined ASD. If you are not a Florida Resident then you will have to contact your State AG and ask that they file a similar lawsuit on behalf of All ASD Members in your State or in most cases other AG's can join the Florida lawsuit which will more than likely happen.

    Jack Arons
  6. mountainmom5

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  7. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    I believe there is a conference call tommorrow by Andy to give an Update

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