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    Request for Testimonials

    Posted August 8, 2008

    You may have heard that Ad Surf Daily has been named in two law suits filed over the past few days.

    Ad Surf Daily's lawyers are interested in receiving accurate letters or memos of support from members who have had positive experiences with Ad Surf Daily.

    If you are willing to provide such a written submission and are comfortable giving your name, email address, and phone number as part of the written email of support please send your email to;

    ASD Legal Team


    Andy Bowdoin

    Iggy's Thoughts:

    1. Andy isn't hiding in the Bahamas.
    2. ASD Legal Team moving foward.
    3. I would like to know what "Jewelry" Andy purchased for $51,000
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    I'm shuttin' this computer DOWN.....
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    This was sent to me in an email today...I dont know who this person is, so i do not vouch for this being real. But it isnt something I have seen posted yet so here it is.

    "I had a conversation with Faye Bowdoin this morning. Andy is in Miami at a law firm all day today. They have been advised to retain about 4-6 lawyers and firms to contest the allegations made.

    In speaking with Faye you can tell that they are just heart broken over this. They are sorrowful for all the people that this is hurting right now. She said they think the Secret Service was shocked when they came in and didn't find stacks of money hidden and records with other bank accounts where they have tried to hide money. NOTHING was found. They took pictures of their clothes and gathered receipts of things they had recently purchased. They followed them to the bathroom and when Andy fixed his breakfast.

    She said that they would just appreciate prayers, but to know that they have 4 attorney firms that say ASD is NOT a Ponzi Scheme. This is the biggest allegation against Andy and ASD. All of the money was accounted for at Bank of America and there is nothing hidden. I think that is what will shock the investigators. All the money they said came in to ASD is at the ASD Bank accounts they froze. The Agency would not even let the 85 employees have their paychecks and that was something else that hurt Andy and Faye. They accused them of buying $50k worth of jewelry, NOT TRUE. Faye said an agent followed them around in Miami when she was going through jewelry stores, but she doesn't remember buying anything and if she did it might have been a pair of earrings for a buck or so.

    I could hear the tone in her voice as being a hurt person and compassion for all the people that this is hurting. She asked that we just stay in prayer over this and depend on the Lord to bring them and ASD through.

    Is the Gov protecting the people from ASD? Or should we work at the people protecting ourselves against the Government?

    EVERYONE Needs to WRITE your congressman and let them know you do NOT appreciate your tax dollars being spent on shutting down a FREE ENTERPRISE company that was helping a lot of people. We don't need to stand for this mess! If they get thousands of letters that will make someone listen.

    Here is a link to find your congressman.

    Please don't call and ask me to go over the conversation again, this is all the updated information I have. I have catch up work to do for my own company and don't have time to spend with everyone.

    I think it would be appropriate for everyone to write Andy & Faye a note of encouragement.

    Andy & Faye Bowdoin
    QUINCY, FL 32351

    In His grip, (thanks John)


    PS. Here is another link that may be helpful. Notice at the top of the website a link to email claims to help fight the Gov against closing ASD.
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    If that is even true it is old news. All ASD members have been directed to send in testimonials if you choose to do so. Posted on the ASD News site...this is a reliable source.
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    Ok--maybe I should delete it---it probably is old-although it just got sent to me.
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    This was sent to us in an email today as well.
    Chad is an avid loyal ASD member, and over the course of months past, (before this whole mess), has sent us very informative emails.
    Just sharing......!

    ** Please send this to EVERY ASD Member you know **

    As all of you should know, several leaders have been very active
    in our search for the proper plan of action for all members of ASD
    and when that plan should be implemented.

    We have been working for several days with a major law firm that we
    feel is the right choice to represent all members of ASD in our
    quest to prevent the United States Government from further harming
    our businesses and preventing them from seizing our funds, which
    are very much at risk at this moment.

    In addition we have done our homework on this law firm and you can
    do the same by going to this website:

    This law firm was recommended by two very active ASD members who
    have a long standing relationship with the Senior partners of the

    This action on behalf of the members will in NO way interfere with
    the legal team of ASD dealing with the company and Andy himself.

    This is for You and Me, PLEASE get involved if you would like to
    have the chance of getting your money back and even better, getting
    the company back on their feet!

    Our goal is to PROTECT all ASD members by filing a law suit on
    behalf of all ASD members, against the US Government. We chose
    the law firm of Friedman & Feiger because they has the experience
    in such matters in dealing with the US Government.

    ** Please donate whatever you feel you wish to afford, any and all
    donations will help our cause. It's time we band together to
    help each other!

    In conclusion, our goal is to...

    1. Retain the services of Friedman & Feiger on behalf of all ASD

    2. Prevent the US Government from seizing our (the members) funds

    3. Continue to provide ASD members with Internet advertising for
    their business

    4. Explain the ASD advertising business model to the feds

    There will be a conference call on Saturday, August 9, 2008 where
    Senior partner Larry Friedman and associates will be explaining the
    legal process necessary to get this accomplished. Please open the
    attachment, read the letter and respond immediately. Time is of
    the essence.

    See attached doc for details.

    Conference Call Details

    Date - August 9, 2008 (Saturday)

    Time - 12:00PM EDT - Call in 30 min early if you want to get on

    Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 936-7999

    Participant Access Code: 248871#


    Please go here to read the latest news re Golden Panda:

    [Link removed - Admin]



    PS. Even if you can afford $25 to help our cause, please get
    involved, this is about You and Me standing up for what is right!


    [Link removed - Admin]


    Hi Leslie,

    Please go here to read the latest news re ASD:

    [Link removed - Admin]


  7. RickKelley

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    How are people really going to trust anybody to fork over any money for "the cause"? I doubt anybody here truely trusts anybody anymore, and who's to say that this isn't a guy trying to take advantage of the situation and make some money off of us. We all know that happens.
  8. iggyigette

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    RickKelley: How are people really going to trust anybody to fork over any money for "the cause"? I doubt anybody here truely trusts anybody anymore, and who's to say that this isn't a guy trying to take advantage of the situation and make some money off of us. We all know that happens.

    $100,000 retainer fee from ASD members!

    With no guaranteed results.
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    Perhaps they will accept adpacks![​IMG]

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