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  1. jbgriffy

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    I have browsed the posts many times and find it a great source of information. I was hoping to have a couple of questions answered.

    1: Is there a benefit to having you personal website listed under your account as when I first started I used my sponsor's site but since have listed my company web site.

    2: I was under the impression per previous post's that if I hold my cash balance in my account and wait to purchase additional ad packages with it at the Tampa convention I will be able to not only double my current cash balance but also any additional cash I personally purchase ad packages with at the time I attend the convention in June.

    I would like to add taking advantage of the promotions is a great way to go, I started with an initial 2K and currently have $4830 in ad packages thanks to a referral. I plan to add another 3K at the convention and with my referral also doing the same a 2K ad package purchase will have grown to 15K in the course of one month of joining. Thank you to any responses to my questions.

    ASD, it's a great place to be!
  2. westfam11

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    1. There is a benefit of listing your own website on your account if you want to benefit from the traffic. If you are not interested in that aspect then it doesn't matter if you have your website or your sponsors listed.

    2. Yes you are able to use your cash balance to purchase the ad packs at the convention. Just don't upgrade and save the cash balance for the convention. You are able to get a 100% match on the total amount of ad packs you purchase at the convention.

    Congratulations on your success. This is a GREAT business; simple, easy and anyone can do it.

    Becky West
  3. alasycia

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    Hi - if you are having trouble with logging in and getting sound on the itouch presentations - I suggest you write to them at their email address and ask them for some help

    And with the ASD presentations - hvae you downloaded all the plugins etc necessary for Mac?

    My guess is that the answer from itouch will solve your problem with the AdSufDaily presentations too.

    On the tax issue - i suggest a question and answer session with Robert or Rayda might provide you with an answer or a nudge in the direction of someone who can help you

    And yes anna denise LaFuente de Dinero is working well and the ad pack rebates have been credited.

    Still has most of its sites in English though - When are you guys going to start getting some Spanish language sites it? - that is what the site is for - to Attract spanish speaking visitors to AdSufDaily's Spanish site La Fuente de Dinero!! [​IMG]

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    For those wondering what ASD is all about ASD Cash Generator is an Internet advertising company (established July 2007) with a sustainable "profit-revenue share" business model that at the time of writing has been growing nicely averaging 0.50 - 1% per day. The company has a solid business plan and is structured for longevity, making it ideal for those seeking to generate a passive income.

    Where else can you advertise your business and get paid?

    My suggestion to all considering joining or newcomers to watch the
    ASD presentations in the webinar. When I first joined I had a zillion ques but I watched the presentations in the webinar again and again and than finally "got it", but from time to time I still have ques with new things that may popup.

    Hope this helps:

    Minimum to get started: $10.00
    Payments: Solid Trust Pay, Alert Pay,Bankwires, ACH Bank direct deposit
    Cashier Checks, Credit Card purchases over the phone
    Banking: Bank of America
    Home Office: Quincy, FL
    CEO: Andy Bowdoin
    Company Information: Publicly Available. 100% Transparent
    Passive Income: No Sponsoring or Recruiting Required

    Membership Levels

    Trainee - free membership, no monthly dues, gets 3% first level commission, 0% 2nd level commission. Pay a 2% withdrawal fee on earnings and can cashout on Mondays only

    Executive - $10/mo membership fee, gets 1st level commissions 5%, 2nd level commissions 3%. No withdrawal processing fee, and can cash out on Mondays only

    VIP - $25/mo membership fee, gets 1st level commissions 7%, 2nd level commissions 4%. No withdrawal processing fee and can cash out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

    Executive VIP - $100/mo membership fee, gets 1st level commissions 10%, 2nd level commissions 5%. No withdrawal processing fee and can cashout Monday thru Friday.
  5. westfam11

    westfam11 Member


    Great explanation. It is a very easy and simple business once you understand it. Once I watched the presentation from start to finish a "light bulb" went off and I realized how powerful this opportunity is.

  6. wealthshare

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    Hi all,

    LUV travel gave one of the clearest, most succinct descriptions of this program!

    Like Becky, I, too watched the webinar presentation several times and read all of the FAQ's to get as many questions answered as possible.

    I also researched everything possible on Andy Bowdoin. The BBB has no complaints against him in any of his businesses. Also a man who owns one of the largest investigation firms in the country ran a full check on Any and the only thing he could find was one speeding ticket[​IMG]

    Then I tracked down a couple of ladies who had been really down on their luck financially prior to getting involved with this program. I spoke with them about their newly found successes. Their replies to me were that yes, this is real, and the only regret they had was that they took too long to get involved[​IMG]

    After having been involved in other businesses that were scams and at best did not live up to expectations, ASD Cash Generator is a breath of fresh air! Their philosophy tends to be more "UPOD" - under promise and over deliver!!!!!

    I joined on April 25, 2008 and purchased $5,000 of ad packages that weekend to get the 100% match at the MN rally. In addition to the ad packages I purchased, the company matched my $5,000 of ad packages and I also received another match of $5,000 for a person I referred into the business at the same time. So instead of starting out with $5,000 in ad packages I actually started out with $15,000 and will end up getting 125% rebate on the $15,000 rather than just on the $5,000!

    As of today, less than one month after purchasing the ad packages, because of a couple of referrals, I have received a rebate of the full $5,000 of my original ad package purchases! From here on in I feel like it is all a gift of rebates for a simple, easy, few minutes a day!

    (Regarding "sound" on some of the live presentation webinars...make sure that once on the presenation to note the sound volume bar in the upper right hand corner. You must slide the bar to the right to get the volume. Attempting to change the volume just on your computer will not do the trick.)

    Hope this helps anyone who has a question about this business![​IMG]
  7. jbgriffy

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    I thought I would mention I work in a local Powersports dealership and today I had gentlemen come in and mention he was a new ASD member and that our company website had popped up in his rotation while surfing. I had the feeling he had came in to reassure himself that local businesses are advertising with ASD and the company is on the level. We talked for a few minutes on ASD and I answered some questions for him, he had not done much home work since his niece had involved him however I made some recommendations on thoroughly reviewing the ASD website and especially the news postings. It was great to see a member so close and just another sign of the explosive growth ASD is experiencing.
  8. teydean

    teydean New Member

    westfam11: It is a very easy and simple business once you understand it. Once I watched the presentation from start to finish a "light bulb" went off and I realized how powerful this opportunity is.

    I totally agree!!
  9. lacy_amy

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    Just curious--does Alertpay charge you a fee? ASD says my balance is less than what I paid through Alerypay.
  10. alasycia

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    Yes Alert pay do charge a fee. You can work out the percentage by lloking at what you put in and what appeared on your site.

    A word of warning - if you are using payment processors or any system with charges for the promotions, make sure you find out and cover the cost of the charges when you send the money. If you dont, it will fall short of the sum you want to pay for the promotion and you could end up with a lower grade promotion - i.e. if you send 2000 and 1990 arrives or something like that.

    This is not a charge made by AdSurfDaily for processing - it is the processors themselves.

    Andrew - did you manage to sort out your sound troubles and hear the intouch call this afternoon?

    Some one reported that they made 11.7 million dollars in sales at Las Vegas!!!!! Good Grief!
  11. alasycia

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    Hmm - when I logged in today - I got no sound. Then a box popped up asking if I wanted to join a conversation or something - with an audio and micro symbol and I clicked on it. I got sound after that - but dont know if it was a coincidence

    That is about all I can add - except for the link to the call which has just arrived in my email!

    [Link removed - Admin]
  12. IrishP

    IrishP New Member

    Hi Guys! Great forum here and already a lot of my answershave been answered by just reading through it. You all seem really helpful and clued up on how asd works, and I am getting more and more excited about what could be on offer here. I have bought a tiny test run of $12 to see how things went and so far I have been making the right amount of rebates - although they are only a bank busting $0.12!

    Bear with me here as I kind of think out loud!

    If I buy $2000 of ads, this should be matched 50% by asd, bringing my total package to $3000.

    At an average of 1% rebate per day, I would make roughly $30 per day, or ??900 per month, right?

    if I then wait until I have $1000 in rebates, I could then buy another $1000 of ad packages and, under the current promotion, get another 25% match of $500, bringing my ad package total to $4500? I would then make about $45 per day on this. (I know this promo is ending soon, but just for the sake of this example)

    Am I right here? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

    Also, in terms of withdrawing cash, as the ad package expires at 125% of the original purchase, is it best to withdraw the 'profit' just before it reaches the 125% so as to keep the original ad package purchase always below the threshold, or let it run to the full 125 % and then just purchase more ad packages that way.

    Make sense?? ie I invest my $1000 and before it expires at $1250 do I withdraw say, $240 when my cash balance reaches $1240 to leave the original $1000 in to keep earning instead of letting it expire at $1250 then re investing?

    LOL! Sorry for the rambling, but I'm getting very tempted to buy into this for a decent amount of cash if I can make back the same and I just want to be crystal clear as to how it works! Any help from you more experienced types gratefully appreciated!
  13. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    You are almost ther - but not quite . The best way to increase your earnings - ie. ad package rebates - is to compound at least 80% of your earnings. that way your ad package total (which is which you are earning on (receiving rebates on) will increase proportionately.

    I suggest that you go to the recorded presentation on the webroom and listen to the examples they give there - which will clarify this for you completely.


    The Fast lane promotion ends tomorrow night 5th June at midnight ESTS.

  14. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member


    You Ad Package once it pays out 125% into your Cash Account will expire. It will not be possible to "keep the original ad package purchase always below the threshold". The 125% is what goes into your Cash Account, not what you actually Cash Out.

    The 1% rebate is an average from Monday-Fridays. Weekends are 0.5% historically.
  15. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Just a quick comment

    "The 125% is what goes into your Cash Account, not what you actually Cash Out"

    It can be what you cash out if you do NOT buy any ad packages with your cash balance and just leave the daily rebates sitting in the cash balance. This is not the best way to earn with ASD, but it is any option.

    Plese look at the presentation - which explains how best to earn, and shows you with example spread sheet.

  16. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

  17. IrishP

    IrishP New Member

    Thanks for the replies, and the link to the web room. I am looking through it now and it does a great job of explaining my questions.

    On another note, does anyone happen to know if Alertpay charge a fee for transferring funds from them to asd? It says on their site that transfers should be free, but my $14 deposit came up as $12 in ad packages...
  18. westfam11

    westfam11 Member

    Yes they do charge a fee. I was surprised when I used it the first time. I really didn't notice it anywhere when I first joined AlertPay. But I was surprised to see that my whole ad pack purchase was not there, so now I don't use AlertPay anymore.

    Does anyone know if SolidTrustPay charges a fee?

  19. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Becky - yes Solid Trust charge a fee - and from what I remember when Ilooked at the site it was even more expensive - certainly for outsisde the US.

    There is no real free way of sending money (there is always a charge somewhere) apart from personal cheques So you always need to take it into acount when sending money.

    Paypal charges too. It is the buyer who receives less.

    Hope that helps

  20. iggyigette

    iggyigette New Member

    no fee for upgrading with your cash account [​IMG]

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