asd - I'm ready to sign up, I don't have a sponsor

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by viper1968, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    Any hot movers need someone?
  2. IrishP

    IrishP New Member

    Well if you're offering....! [​IMG]
  3. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    I guess I am offering, but, more specifically, I'm wanting to hook up with a leader who knows what they're doing. If you fit the bill, you're the first reply.

  4. bluedog24

    bluedog24 New Member

    Hey Viper, you can talk to me to if you want [​IMG]...I am doing constant research on this company for hours a day...and my sponsers have been in the company for about a year and are cashing out a very sizable good amount everyday...if you got any questions PM me, i'd be glad to help out with what I know...
  5. IrishP

    IrishP New Member

    Hi Gregg

    I'll be honest as I can with you.

    I am relatively new to ASD - I joined in May this year with a small test amount, which credited ok and I made rebates on. I have since bought a larger ad package and am still waiting for it to be applied. I have done a lot of research on the company and read as much as I can on their progress through the news and forums like this one. My own sponsor is worse than useless as I have tried to contact him on several occasions yet have had no reply, (he is a 'high roller' with 'hundreds of people in my downline', so he says. But this also means that I am just a number to him, apparently. If that's the guy you are looking for - sorry - I'm not him!) This has meant that I have had to search for the solutions to my own problems myself.

    I don't claim to be a high roller yet, so I won't pretend that I am. But I am an honest person that wants to make a good income for myself over a long period of time - not just a fast buck. I will help you as much as I can and give you the benefit of what experience I have in ASD. It is through referrals such as yourself and others you will hopefully get that will help to make us all successful in this company.

    Well, that's me in a nutshell. It's your call Gregg.

  6. hutch1c

    hutch1c New Member

    Hey Viper I sent you a pm a bit ago, If you or anyone else needs a sponsor I have been apart of this program for a while now, I have been to the past couple rallies and I stay up to date with what is going on. I have a few people in my downline and even though I do not know them really I spend as much time as is needed to help them out and answer their questions. I would love a few more people on my team. I will also give out my cell number-just send me a pm. Thanks!
  7. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    Wow, great responses. I'm heading to work now. Will reply later today. Thanks folks, I'll be signing up with one of you.
  8. asdabq

    asdabq New Member

    Hi Gregg,

    I'm sure you'll find any one of the above members quite helpful!

    If I had to do this all over again, there are several members of this forum that I would choose as my sponsor.

    My #1 vote goes to alasycia whose name you will see throughout this forum. She is top flight in her knowledge of ASD and shares much, much information with everyone here! Even just reading her posts I feel her vibe of enthusiasm which has gotten me past some very low periods. If she were your sponsor, I doubt she would ever make you feel like your wasting her time.
    THAT's the kind of sponsor your looking for!

    Just make sure someone has time for you! And you can call them without feeling like you're bothering them.

    Let's face it, when you are considering joining, you have a million questions that need real, immediate answers to RIGHT NOW!

    I didn't get that time from my sponsor, detailed questions came back in one line emails, I felt like I was wasting his time, all the while sending me rah-rah emails.

    A short period after I joined, I felt like I made a bad decision. Since all I got from my sponsor were rah-rah emails, and emails stating that his upline were getting regular checks while I couldn't even get online I felt that the "Big Pigs were at the trough" and there wasn't much left for baby piggy!

    Screw the BS, find someone you are comfortable with, period! This SHOULD be Win-Win for everyone involved, not just your sponsor.

  9. paulk

    paulk New Member

    viper 1968

    I would interview your potential sponsors
    as if you were hiring them for a job.
    The right sponsor can make a very big
    difference in terms of the amount of
    money you will make with ASD.

    I was in many home businesses with the
    wrong sponsors and never made any money.
    I was fortunate to find the right sponsor who
    taught me how to be an internet expert
    and how to make a great income online.

    Take your time before signing up with just anyone.
  10. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Gregg,

    You have received some great advice from Paul . Take your time and relax - because ASD do not allow you to change your sponsor later on.!! Just sign with the person you feel comfortable with. There are some great people here at this forum.

    And whatever you do - your website will have a good home on the ASD ad rotator - that's an interesting site you have there

  11. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    Thanks for continued comments all, couple more hours at work, then home to mull it all over. And Jenny, did you google me? [​IMG]
  12. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    No? Looked at your site as it is in your profile!!

    But I am going to now! LOL
  13. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    Ha ha, touche
  14. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Class of '87 Aquinas High? Could it be the wrestler? LOL
  15. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    Oh for Pete's sake, I'm too embarassed to even come back here anymore.....
  16. heyfunny

    heyfunny New Member

    So did you end up joining yet?
    I think I want to as well but I don't have much for fund to put into it atm. ^_^

  17. viper1968

    viper1968 New Member

    I'm going to sign up next week (after I get paid). Can anyone help me figure out my return on investment if I buy $100 or $500 of ad packages respectively? Is the monthly membership cost separate from that (I assumed it was)? If I do the monthly membership, all that I could afford at this time would be the $25. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. hutch1c

    hutch1c New Member

    I believe you will receive the Exec VIP for 3 months if you buy at least 500. But other than that I think it is separate.
  19. westfam11

    westfam11 Member


    The rebate has been averaging 1% on weekdays and 0.50% on weekends. So just figure what the rebate would be on 100.00 and what it would be on 500.00, that will tell you. 1% rebate on 500.00 would be 5.00 that day, then the next day the rebate would be on 505.00, so on, it would compound over the month, higher rebate amount every day, if you did the required surfing.

    Yes the membership is separate. That is if you want to sponsor others, by being at the highest membership level you would receive the highest commission.

    If the promotion is still the same as before, if you joined with 500.00 you would get one month free of exec. VIP membership. 1000.00 is two months free of exec. VIP, over 2000 is three months of exec. VIP membership.

    Hope that helps.

    Becky West
  20. alasycia

    alasycia New Member


    Oops, Start off right! lol

    "Can anyone help me figure out my return on investment if I buy $100 or $500 of ad packages respectively?"

    Zero. You are buying advertising and calling it an investment is forbidden in the Terms and Condition. You are offered a cash rebate on your advertising purchase. It may be safe, it may be certain, but it is not an investment and is not guaranteed by law.

    If however you buy an advertising package of 500$ or over (with any fees counted separately) you will, as Becky says, be able to take advantage of the option to buy new ad packages with your cash rebates - this will be added in steps of $10 minimums - every two days for a while until your daily earnings reach 10$ a day every day. So with 500$, after two days you will have earnt 10$ and then can buy a second ad pack giving a total of 510$ and then two days later, upgrade 10$ of your 10.20$ etc etc.

    The same applies with smaller sums - though you will not be upgrading every two days, it will take longer.

    If you have 500$ or over - you will be able to receive the current promotion which will give you an extra 125$ of advertising and two months membership at Exec Vip level.

    If you are inviting friends to join free and upgrade, or promoting it as a business, you will of course receive your % comission from their purchases will change the cash amounts you receive daily and the speed with which you can upgrade (buy more ad packs) and earn on a higher amount.

    Hope that helps!

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