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  1. Wow

    I could not be more excited about the response we are getting for our funtime members coming from DFILive.

    As you may or may not know, Funtime is providing 40,000 leads per month right into the auto responder. And sending these leads through a business opportunity campaign.

    Now when those leads respond to one of those first emails they click a link. A few different things happen at this point.

    1. The lead info is sent to your DFI landing page. (the form is filled out automatically)
    2.You get an email from dfilive that you have a (hot prospect)
    3. The Follow up campaign is triggered from your DFI live system and begins the follow up with that lead.
    4.The movie starts to play for that lead.

    For those of you who are new to Coastal. This means you are receiving a double opt in Movie Lead. These leads historically run in the range of 10 to 15 dollars each.

    We are seeing such a great response using this system.
    5 to 15 leads a day on average.

    And if you are doing the math that would normally be up to $4500 per month in leads that you will receive for only $299.
    I bet I have your attention now.

    If you re thinking that this is a "No Brainer" You are so right.

    If you need any more info on this process or how you can start driving "Hot Prospects" to and through your system, message me and we can get you started.

    Set up is as easy as 1-2-3

    To Your Success

    Sean Keely
    Level 3 Director CV
    Super Elite Distributor FTV
    Expect Your Success Marketing
  2. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    hi Sean thanks for the post. im happy to here that your team is doing well. with all of our lead generation systems working well we are seeing a huge increase in the amount of new business owners from alot of different businesses that have started using fun times systems. recently there has been alot of people in the travel industrie like YTB, GLOBAL, PRESTEGE, AND COASTAL that are starting to use our business building products. as soon as they here about our residual income pay plan and all the ways we can help them to sell there product they come aboard and the word is spreading fast. keep up the great work and dont forget to tell your team to be on next thursdays call
  3. limitlesslinda

    limitlesslinda New Member

    H Sean,

    How does this work with the Funtime leads and my DFI Live marketing system?

    Please tell me more....

    Thank you in advance,

    Linda E.
  4. Im sorry Its taken me so long to get back to you Linda. Have not been in the forum for a while.
    If you are interested in seeing how FTV works in regard to leads.
    PM me with a contact phone number and Ill give you a shout.

    Abundance to you


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