ATTRACTION MARKETING - What is it? Does it work?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Taylor Esposito, Nov 9, 2015.

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    First off, let me explain that I am very new to online business, but I recently was taught about this concept in detail, and would love to share it with you all. I think it will help you all out.

    Now right off the bat I will say that attraction marketing is hands down one of the single most important lessons you can learn about online marketing for your business!

    There is a lot I have been learning recently through the program I am with, but this lesson stood out from the others. WHY? Because it makes perfect sense!

    So let me ask you, would you ever buy something online without first researching the product a little bit? Doesn't matter the product, it could be a video course, training program, e-book, movie, book, ANYTHING. Well you probably answered NO! You want to make sure you're going to get your moneys worth, like all of us we work very hard for our money, and would never want to throw it away. Like-wise we would never give our credit card information away to some random site without doing proper research and or evaluation first off.

    So how does anyone buy something online from a site they don't quite trust yet? ATTRACTION. How do you build that attraction? (I'm asking a lot of questions) You offer VALUE to your customers before they are even close to purchasing your product.

    So you're probably thinking 'well that's simple!' Unfortunately a lot of people fail to realize that being YOURSELF is a huge factor in attraction marketing. People are more attracted to someone who is down to earth and likable than someone who is all business and SELL-SELL-SELL.

    Surely looking back you can remember a time where you might have bought something because you were attracted (non-sexually, or maybe that too who knows) to the sellers personality. Maybe they were just likable and charismatic enough that you said 'alright, I'll give it a whirl!'

    So now... HOW on earth do I show people that they should buy MY product instead of the hundreds of others out there? This can be done in many ways. But one major one is to BLOG DAILY (the correct way)! Daily can't be stressed enough. This is something I myself need to work on. Let your personality rain through, don't care to make it perfect for everyone, it's your blog post remember? The people will recognize you are being genuine and will be more ATTRACTED to you and most importantly... You guessed it, your product! It's a win-win! Even if that person doesn't buy today, if you keep providing that personality value and informative value, that person may just buy your product in the long run!

    It's a proven method THOUSANDS are using right now! A ton of people, however, still don't know about this concept and that is why they fail to sell their products.

    That's my short little explanation and thoughts on Attraction marketing, and I guess you can say my personal opinions about what I think it means. Hope you all found it informative!
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    Good explanation from someone who is new to the business.

    Trust and credibility are huge and far too many business people lose people at the very beginning stage. One thing that can make a huge difference is having your picture out there - in social media, on your blog, in the forums you post to etc...

    It makes people connect with you better (it's hard to connect with a caricature or an empty place holder).

    I suggest you add your picture Taylor so people can connect with you better. It also lends more credibility to your content and/or your recommendations.

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