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Discussion in 'Stress Management' started by aniket, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. aniket

    aniket New Member

    Hello everyone....
    I read some time back about a concept called Auto Suggestions...
    It basically is repeating out loud what u want to want out of your life can be any,relationship,family,happiness....the main focuss shud be that it shud be said in present tense..

    e.g..if u are afraid of public speaking..then your affirmations shud be something like this..
    "I am a very confident orator
    I can speak confidently in front of any number of people
    I am not afraid of public speaking..."

    by doing this actually we are conveying to our subconscious mind the person we want to be..the sub conscious mind cannot differentiate between the reality and the if we speak out loud and at very same time imagine in our mind what we want to be eventually our sub conscious mind accept it and start behaving accordingly.....

    I am even implemented it myself and it worked out pretty well..i had to go for 2 job interviews..i was really nervous ..i had about one month left before the interview//i had known about auto suggestions everyday before sleeping ,after waking up and at anytime during day i would practice in my mind what all are probable questions which can be ..every time i told myself that I am not nervous and would imagine the.....i did this for one month..guess what i got through both the interviews [​IMG] i passed 6 rounds of interviews..i cudnt believe i did it...

    anyways for more info on this just do a google search for autosuggestions

    Kind Regards
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Good advice but the problem is many people see it as "lying to themselves".
    What they fail to realize is all the negative self talk is more damaging.
    It comes down to self judgment, good or bad determines outcome.
    Might as well judge yourself as capable instead of incapable.
    We can talk ourselves out of things easier than into things.
    Change the internal dialogue to change the results.
  3. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Just2EZ: Good advice but the problem is many people see it as "lying to themselves".
    Same here. When you are repeating/asserting something in your mind, it is usually because there is some fear inside. Something that you want to change. Something that you want to be different. In other words, what it means is that you don't trust life. And there is always conflict going on within you.

    According to me, a better approach would be to have this attitude - Whatever happens, happens for good. God knows best. Just relax and keep doing.

    Remember, you really are not the doer. The trees grows by itself, the spring flows by itself. The world keeps moving, whether you are there or not there.
  4. aniket

    aniket New Member

    Just2EZ: Good advice but the problem is many people see it as "lying to themselves".
    of course initially it will appear to be a lie...because our mind is trained to think those negative thoughts since our may be ourselves or due to external factors...

    How many times we hear a dad telling his child "Money is the root of all evils...dont run after money" and the child lives an average life earning just enough to pay his bills never trying to be rich....but in reality there are lots of really wealthy and happy people out there....
    so if suddenly the same child tell to himself "I love money and I can create money and its not evil"...the mind would say "Hey ..wait thats not way you is not for u"..and so as Vishal said there will be inner conflict ....but if he keeps on repeating same thing positively and of course take some action the mind eventually will accept that fact and act u see there will not be any further conflicts...

    "when a lie is spoken 100 times it becomes a truth".......may not apply always in material things but it definitely works when it comes to your mind ..give it a try.

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