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  1. LadyJake

    LadyJake New Member

    Watch out for this one. They have changed their site address & name to 'automatedforexgoldglobal.o'. They have a real problem paying the interest and keeping accurate records of your deposits. Especially now that they have changed their site location. Luckily I didn't invest a bunch, but allowed myself to be talked into participating. The program looks good, they talk of great rewards and that they have been around for 8 years. Sounds good, but my experience has been the opposite. When I joined them, the negative comments were not yet listed. There are a lot of them now!! It's much safer to stay with the tried and true biz opps that have personal recommendations, pay on schedule, offer realistic returns and answer your questions either by phone or email (AFGG seems to loose your comments and not reply).

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  2. tphillips

    tphillips New Member


    I am a member of the forex gold and now cannot get through to them. Do you have any idea what they have changed their name to this time? I only invested $500 but had earned 7 times that over a months period without getting anything in return from them, and as you noted, they would not respond to any of my questions.

    I was just wondering if you were experiencing the same inability to locate them now and if you had any idea what they have changed their idenity to now.

    Thank you,
  3. Casper

    Casper New Member

    If you want to do Forex I would suggest finding a company in your country that deals in Forex I have found a fantastic company here in Australia & the support they have given mee has been A1, I hope to start next week with $100.00 so when you do find a company remember that Forex is risky so start with a small amount & once you get the hang of it you can invest more that's the best advice I can offer as I'm just starting out myself.
  4. LadyJake

    LadyJake New Member

    It looks like AFG or Automated Forex Gold Global is no longer doing business. They will probably resurface under a new name, have the same 'great' interest rates and etc. If you are in the states, there is a person in Washington D.C. that was looking into AFG and it was recommended that interested individuals, who lost money, contact him and register a complaint. I, personally am going to write off the loss. I should have known better. Well, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. I was introduced to a wonderful, faith based program that is absolutely fantastic and will take care of my financial concerns. Financial security is what we are looking for and why we tried the investment route with AFG. It's just too bad they proved to be so 'unpaying'?
  5. Danny

    Danny New Member

    Please send me the info on your Australia Forex company.

  6. ItsMoneytime

    ItsMoneytime New Member

    I heard about forex Gold, but the curiosity never boiled over.
  7. LadyJake

    LadyJake New Member

    AUTOMATED FOREX GOLD looks like it has come back under the name of AUTOMATED FOREX MONEY. The site has the same look with just a few new additions and the same old percentages. So beware, if it's like the former AFG, you may be in for another scam. Interesting side note: if you use the old 'automatedforexgold.o' address, it routes you to the new, do we want to call it, venture? They didn't do a good job of covering their tracks.
  8. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi LadyJake,

    Sorry you had trouble with them.

    I can't speak for or against the said company but if the old addy does a redirect to another addy, either:

    1. Someone purchased their old URL and is using its authority for a redirect.


    2. The same company you had trouble is doing so.

    If they ripped you off, I suggest that you bring it to the attention of the authorities in the state or country where they were and/or are doing business.

    You might look into contacting the Attorney General or the F.T.C.

    Good luck,

    ~Newbie Shield~
  9. LadyJake

    LadyJake New Member

    Hi Newbie Shield,

    Thank you for the info. I have the name and phone number of a contact in WA DC and may give them a call. Since the new site almost perfectly resembles the old site, I'd lay odds in favor of the same folks starting over with a new name. Sadly, so many "businesses" like this are popping up and taking advantage of the poor economy and desperation of hopefull people. Four of us went together and 'tried' AFG, based on recommendations. Luckily for us, we only popped a few dollars in and now have a good laugh at our folly. What is not funny is hearing about how many people invested hundreds of hard earned dollars in hopes of providing some financial relief. There are actually good programs out there that will help people, they just have to find them, not spend a lot, and, not have to beat themselves up trying to constantly recruit. Thankfully, I was blessed and introduced to one.
  10. cupbucket

    cupbucket New Member

    Thanks, I stay away from forex; seems too risky.
  11. come

    come New Member

    AutomatedForexGold they are scam i get up to $5M there in my account & they refuse to pay me they 've also change their domain name to now they 've turn my account to zero fund they don't even response to mail apart new member that don't know them they are big scammers they always change domian names
  12. Homeboy

    Homeboy New Member

    cupbucket: Thanks, I stay away from forex; seems too risky.

    You can get software programs online that do risk analysis and basically automate the entire process for you, supposedly maximising gains and minimizing losses, so that in the long-term you experience nothing but gains.

    Can't remember where I saved all those links, I'll have to look for them.

    Forex is something I've been meaning to try for ages but just never seem to get around to it... I really must do this soon.

  13. come

    come New Member

    AutomatedForexGold that site they are scam they don't pay they always change site name now the name of the site is i get $5M in my account they refuse to pay me now my account is zero fund they turn my account to zero fund they don't response to mail they turn out when u r new they are big scam beware of them
  14. come

    come New Member

    AutoMatedForexGold they don't do what they say they duplicate from other site they loot info they loot peoples money they are scammers beware
  15. come

    come New Member

    AutomatedForexMoney they are scammer they loot people's money they duplicate from site they don't pay they response to mails only if you are new to them they turn my account to zero fund i get $5M in my account they turn it to zero fund

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  16. GTOptions

    GTOptions New Member

    Forex is a very popular market, everyday many people's are learning how to trade forex. Due to over-whelming their are many companies claiming to be the best. What all a newbie before jumping into forex should acquire as much knowledge as can be.

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