Be careful GRN Members if you hear about a new Travel Company wanting you to join

Discussion in 'Global Resorts Network' started by hsimpsonjr, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    There are some GRN members pushing a new company that Johnny Bolton, Major GRN Player, has started and he has left GRN. They have been getting some big hitters recruiting for the prelaunch.

    There is a site called webinar9dotcom that gives you the good points but not the questionable points. Don't jump into something without thinking it through.

    Here are a couple of observations after listening to the audio. It sounds great and might be worth trading your Coastal membership for but NOT your GRN membership. First of all, this is TOTALLY against GRN policy and sending in your account info is grounds for losing your membership not to mention it gives the people at this new company access to your back office where they can get to your downline and market to them without you knowing it. Plus, if GRN wants to they can stop your commissons coming from people in your downline because you broke their rules. SO, don't jump on this thing to quickly before you think about it. If I had $500 extra dollars then I would do it with a Coastal membership because I don't use mine anyway.

    About the financing, it's sounds great because yes, we have all lost sales to people not having money. BUT, how many sales have we all made, no matter what company we were with at the time, have been totally inactive. The fact remains that the HUGE majority don't succeed in home based business and having a finance plan won't change that. What changes that is support from sponsors and helping people find ways to raise the money or do true financing with a loan company. If I heard right you still have to come up with $500 and then make payments of around $100 a month. Well, what happens if the new member doesn't make a payment? You will be getting commissons of $25 or $50 a month based on them making their payment. If they don't or if they just quit, then you don't get your commission and we all know that good intentions all mean well but don't always deliver. I'm sure the company got what they needed to cover their cost and profit out of the initial payment so will they cut the new member's website off or just let them keep it and not pay you anymore commissions because they aren't making the monthly payments? Also, this is not true financing meaning that a loan is not made. It's just a payment plan option that will not negatively effect the new company if someone doesn't pay their payment. It will only negatively effect the sponsors who won't get their commission.

    This is a huge deal that all GRN members need to think about before making a decision to forsake GRN for this new company just because Johnny Bolton did. Johnny is a great guy and he will benefit HUGELY from everyone that joins no matter what but this could really affect alot of unsuspecting GRN members who won't realize they will lose their commissions from GRN if they break the rules.

    Also, this could be a positive thing that might get the leadership of GRN to make a few improvments to the system like getting GCR to add a few more local State side resorts to the hotweek selection.

    Bottom line for now is DON't trade in your GRN membership for this and especially don't give them your back office info because that is against the policy of GRN and will only help Johnny and crew use your downline to recruit from. I'm not saying that this company might not be a great addition to or replacment for some other program but be careful with all of the hype to forsake your GRN membership and join before August is over.
  2. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I will say that there are some REALLY NICE parts to this program like the hotweeks for less money at more local destinations. GRN would benefit greatly if they could make the hotweeks better and easier to use for us here in the United States. Johnny has the right idea on that.
  3. gmax

    gmax New Member

    With Coastal...what could you possibly give them? Your Coastal I.D #? And what, if anything, could they possibly do with that? [​IMG]
  4. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I agree. In my opinion they are mainly seeking the GRN members to give them back office info so they can get to their downline and that is not cool. It could cost GRN members dearly who go along with it. Now, if they take a Coastal membership then I would do it, if I had an extra $500. That's the key. The company makes what they need from the $500 and the rest is commission to the new members. There is nothing wrong with that but why do the want you to "Trade" your membership in. A CV membership is worth NOTHING to them. Johnny said something about marketing them but who are they going to market them to? Nobody wants them to begin with. This is why GRN exists. BUT, if you give them your GRN info as a "trade in" then they can get into your back office and use your current downline to market to even if you change your mind. Plus, GRN could shut you down for giving your back office info away. Not a good idea to trade in your GRN membership. Heck, give them all the Coastal memberships you can. I'll trade them my level 2 and an extra level one I have in the back of my jeep right now if they let me join for free.[​IMG]
  5. gmax

    gmax New Member

    I remember when Coastal reps cried 'foul' when GRN came into play and Coastal reps abandoned ship for that 'other' better sounding new company called Global Resorts Network. Many were told not to believe the hype and to be careful since it was a relatively new business that could scam them out of their money....
  6. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    I won't say that this isn't a legitimate company. I'm sure that Johnny wouldn't have gone with them if it wasn't an actual company that could deliver on what he is saying. What concerns me is he is encouraging GRN members to "trade in" their membership and I don't know if that is possible in the way he is presenting it. I would be open to joining this company in addition to GRN if it can deliver on what he says but there are a lot of questions to be answered yet.
  7. th56

    th56 New Member

    They don't want your GRN account - they want your Gold Crown Resorts account - your downline doesn't show there...
  8. victorious

    victorious New Member

    Please note nobody needs to GIVE UP their GRN memberships, they only give up the TRAVEL membership that comes with GRN, NOT your downline or your GRN membership.

    By GRN policies I'm not able to just state here the travel membership that comes with the GRN membership, but you all know what that is. Again, you DON'T need to give up your GRN membership; just the travel portion of it.

    We love GRN and it's an incredible company, and we want you to know that us and our entire team are continuing to speak well of GRN and they've been really good to us.

    God bless you all, call us with any questions,

    Matt Willis
  9. victorious

    victorious New Member


    This is Matt, just left you a voice message, call me with any questions bro.

  10. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    Please don't take personal offense to anything posted by me. I know you have a good heart and a strong faith. I just checked your site and Jay Napier's and they have been deactivated. GRN acts fast and I really hope this new company works out for you guys. I'm going to wait and see what happens when the site comes out. I do pray for blessings on you and your family.
  11. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    hsimpsonjr: I just checked your site and Jay Napier's and they have been deactivated

    That's what I was warning about..Who the heck told current GRN reps to go and advertise this without getting OK from GRN?!!!

    Where does it say in GRN's agreement that you can promote direct
    competition and still receive checks from GRN??? Where does it say
    it's OK to advertise to GRN reps and suggesting they secure a
    position in the new deal and still maintain GRN distributorship?

    Quite frankly, this is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time! and
    I've been in homebiz for over 25 years! I am shocked actually...

    I hope you guys are OK and make the best out of it! After all, they say - nothing happens without a reason!

  12. SirThomas

    SirThomas New Member

    As we expected, there might be some problems...

    This is what Harold just posted on other forum:

    Not a good report for MOR Vacations and Johnny B.

  13. kim_ward

    kim_ward New Member

    I just came across this page from another forum and wanted
    to point out that the 911 site is sure a brilliant idea designed by
    Kelly to get other GRN reps to promote him and his GRN site.


    But as the old song (90's era lol) goes...

    911 is a joke. [​IMG]

  14. mentoru2success

    mentoru2success New Member

    Good ol' fashion marketing and determination should do it.
    AS well, properly training your partners so that you could get residuals.
  15. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    No reason for him to lie about it, Kim. I have trusted friends that say he is a good man.
  16. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    you have brought back this thread and one on the WAHM forum that had moved WAY down the line. Things between Mor and GRN have calmed down quite a bit. Why did you dig these threads back up? It looks like you just want to argue.[​IMG]
  17. kim_ward

    kim_ward New Member

    Hi Haold, the reason was because I just found the thread and wanted to comment on it. [​IMG]

    I had just seen this post from Oct, but wanted to respond to
    your question. I may be slow getting back to certain sites, but
    does not mean I'm looking to argue, there is no need to.

    Happy New Year!

    Kim Ward
  18. grnwealth

    grnwealth New Member

    I hope everyone is having a great 2009 so far. It is amazing how many more people are contacting me about my home based businesses this year than in years past. The economy and the layoffs are killing people and they realize the only security that one has is not in a paycheck but in creating cash flow and opportunity for oneself. I have been making money from home for over 5 years now and the best part about it is the fact it is recession proof. There is NEVER a shortage of people out there looking for a way to make more money and in these times it just gets magnified. I love being in lead prosperity.

    Global Resorts Network is still going strong. It is by far the BEST big ticket item business out there. The product is rock solid and backed by a 23 year old company. Everything GRN does is on the up and up. They have a corporate office in Arizona. They pay you each and every week. If you have a problem you call them up and they handle it. No hiding behind support tickets, they actually answer the phones. The product is allowing customers to save so much money on their travel. I love marketing to timeshare buyers who either paid or looked to pay $30-50k for a typical timeshare. When I show them what GRN can offer it is a no brainer for them to spend $3k on a lifetime membership and not $30k on a timeshare with yearly maintenance fees. I have a downline member who is going to save $5k for a week going to Brazil for Carnival. It is crazy.

    Marketing GRN is so simple. I keep it simple. Forget about the Reverse Funnel System and all the hype. I use the GRN priceless possibility website. I also use voice broadcasting to help me create leads and drive traffic to my website. I also do direct mail to timeshare lists directing people to my website. I use the voice broadcasting to call generic business oppty leads. For anyone that joins my team I give them access to wholesale rates and use of voicebroadcasting tools. Online marketing is also very effective. It is great business to make videos and testimonials and then drive people to those videos via either email or voice broadcasting.

    Dont get caught up in the hype of these small time businesses out there. You get what you pay for. With GRN you get more than what you pay for and that is why I have been here for almost two years. It is the best big ticket business out there and if done right can lead to huge results. I hope everyone is kicking butt in 2009. If your still doing your due diligence stick with the top quality businesses that market top quality products that have global demand. That is simple. Just stay away from potions, ebooks, or any nonsense that promises huge riches by joining a business for 99 dollars. GRN has it all, and if you are commited, consistent, and hungry the money here is great. Success to all in 2009!
  19. bestbusiness

    bestbusiness New Member

    I agree that GRN is the best business going. Keep it simple as grnwealth says. People are searching for a business with good value and great earning potential. GRN is the real deal and having a good sales system to attract new members is critical. In this economy, people are more interested in a great business, than great travel savings. However, once people realize the great earning potential the business generates, they come to love the travel value that GRN provides as well.
  20. topleadersonly

    topleadersonly New Member

    Yes GRN is still the leader in the big ticket industry. I love the re invention with the new marketing director. In this economy though you must be creative in marketing a big ticket program. The generic biz oppty route is sometimes not the best way to go when marketing big ticket items. It is about a targeted message to a targeted list when making big ticket sales.

    That is why its smart for heavy hitters like myself to add a smaller ticket program that everyone gets to their portfolio, that way you arent leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table with leads that just arent going big ticket now.

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