Be careful who you listen to...!

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    Words are extremely powerful and carry power with them when spoken and that's why it's so important to be careful who you listen to.

    For example, a lot of people have had a lot of negative words spoken to them by their parents at a young age and then grow up trying to get rid of the image they have of themselves all based upon what someone else has said.

    Once we start believing everything that has been said to us you run into trouble because a lot of the stuff said just wasn't true! But if you believe it was then that's where the trouble starts because we carry around with us of a certain image that we think is true when in fact, it's not!

    All the time you hear, 'my parents said this to me when i was growing up' and ok it might not be nice but you don't have to believe that if you don't want to, it's your choice. The way i get around any nasty or negative things others have said about me is by telling myself, 'it's just their opinion'!

    Why do i want to spend all my energy and sapping myself of strength and end up feeling depressed not because of what someone else has said but because i choose to think that they are right? If i change my opinion, i change my future instantly!

    There's a quote i like from a philosopher called Epictecus and this man said this statement that just blows me away! 'Men are disturbed not because of what happens to them, because of their opinion of what happens to them'! Wow!

    So it's my opinion that keeps me frustrated and unhappy about what someone else may have said about me and what's the point of trying and waiting for the other person to change or to apologise for what they said about me or you. The secret to getting free is to change oursleves because let's face it, if you are waiting for someone or something else to change, you could be waiting the rest of your life!

    So be careful who you listen to, even yourself! Don't believe every single word that comes into your head because it's not all true. Release yourself from the past by just changing your thoughts and if you read that and said, 'that's easier said then done' then that's exactly the kind of thinking that needs to change first!

    Stop thinking that everything is so difficult, that can be a product of the mind because over all the years you've told yourself it's going to be hard and it will take the rest of your life to get over this problem but hopefully you might make it through...That kind of talk puts you on a downer even to start trying to take the next step to improve your circumstances so its no wonder we get all revved up about a positive change then 2 days later back to square one.

    Don't add your opinion to what has happened in your life, accept what happened because you or i can't go back and change that no point in being angry or frustrated about what went on, look at where you are now and say to yourself on a daily basis, 'it's only someone's opinion' that's all it is.

    What people said doesn't define you or declare your future that's your choice and that can start today.

    All the best...:)
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    Kingsway, your post is very well expressed.

    I would take that statement a step further and add that...

    words also generate awesome power even when written and thought.

    That's why writing down goals and being mindful of the internal dialogue in one's head is so important, because it all contributes directly to the materialization of the subject matter.

    The mind is our own super computer. It functions on the same principles that order our desktops and laptops; garbage in, garbage out!

    If only we would recognize and accept that we have much more control over what happens in our lives by being discriminate about what we think and choose to believe, we would enjoy greater accomplishment, satisfaction and an overall improved quality of life much more consistently.

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    I agree with you! Words are powerful: death and life is in the power of the tongue. I believe in speaking positive words in the lives of others.
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    That's right, above all else, LISTEN TO YOURSELF, and follow your own dreams and intuiton, and you'll definitely succeed!
  6. Anders J

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    You are mostly a product of the people that surround you.

    You are the creator of your own world and if you don't then it will be created for you. Do what you want to do and listen to your inner voice. Also study you were born rich on either my personal site or youtube.
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    Glad! That i came across such an enlightening post.
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    Awesome post! When I decided to question those beliefs and opinions that were drilled into my head, my life turned completely around! I have written many many articles on this topic as this attitude can truly set you free!
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    I agree, we do spend a lot of time trying to overcome the ideas that are instilled in us when we are young. Their words start to become our words and it takes a lot of effort to change that negative mindset. But once you change the way your mind thinks from negative to positive, there is no limit to what you can achieve. It took me forever to figure this out!
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    Wow. This is a great post. I will be tweeting this. I am currently gathering a collection of different motivational audios and videos for my DropBox folder and came across this. AMAZING!
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    It is very important to watch the words you allow to stay in your head. I'm a huge fan of affirmations and positive visualization. It can change your life. I realize that some people see it as psycho-somatic....that's okay. They can think whatever they want. It works for me and that's what matters. :)
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    Very good article ! I feel the best thing you can do in your life at this point of time is work on yourself! you can not change what has happened in the past but rather work on yourself for the future. I attending breakfast with 10-15 people each monday AM for one hour with a company I work with and we have FUN being in each others presents. Besides that we share small bits of information that up lifts you . Yes there are times that a negative comment comes in but during that time we work with each other to overcome that problem and get on the right track with positive ways of looking at the problem. Reading positive books etc can also help you > Yes I work form home but I talk with people in other venues with my work to make a living. Making your work fun is a big part of my home work experience.
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    Very well said, kingsway. :) Don't listen to anything that will not help you achieve your goals in life.

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