Beggining of the end @ C*T*

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by suni315, Sep 18, 2009.

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    just have gotten word that I need to login as service not sales I am doing a wonderful job but I need to polish my sales skills so until further notice dont sell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess 6 sales in the last 2 days and 10 for the month "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" I obviously dont know how to really push people over the edge and badger them enough to buy. But thats okay they are gonna teach me how to be a good little sales person next week. Just cant wait for next week to arrive I am soooooo excited NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably the introduction to GOODBYE
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    So, I was terminated a couple of weeks ago...not for my performance, but , well, I will just spill it..I had a misdameaner years ago...and I mean I didnt tell them, and they, well, I am assuming because of all of the fraud stuff going on, they are going back thru all agents backrounds and they found my litttle YEARS AGO charge. So, they fired me. I was so scared because it was my only egg...well, I have another egg, but it is based on projects, and I have been waiting on one for the 10 months i was with c*t* anyway, even though I was so depressed for a few hair is starting to grow back from pulling it all out, trying to make a sale, and just never being good enough for them! NO MATTER WHAT I DID, AND I DID A GREAT JOB SAVING THEYRE CLIENTS, and apologising for c*t*'s mess, it was never good enough. My family was worried about me, because I was always so stressed, and always scared to lose my job. Well, a couple of days later, I get word, my project with the other job is ready to go live...NO SELLING, just research interviewing for healthcare. WOOHOO.. all those times i wanted to quit cit*, I was too scared, but i got fired, and what a blessing! NO MORE STRESS FOR ME...I AM FREE!!!!!! Yeah, times will be tight for a little bit, but, Jeez, I guess you wont know the feeling till you take the plunge, it is great, I have seen you on here for a long time, you hate it like i did, and prob everyone else, I feel for you GOOD LUCK.

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